Monday, August 31, 2009

My fate turns to be my destiny....

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice but falling in love with you I had no control over....I remembered the first day when i saw him at Cinema where we planned to watch premiere movie together. He was wearing green bluish t-shirt and and jeans. I just looked at him and was impressed by his personality with his big afro hair style that i think really looks cute on him. He such a small guy with BIG hai.hehe..i remembered 1st thing i did to him was pulled his hair..just wanna check whether it’s a real hair..yeah it is.. days passed........... and just a hang out to watch movie and conversation continued. In October he sent me an SMS. I messaged him and asked " who are you". He called me and informed. Then we used to send forwarded messages to each other. Sometimes he used to comment on those messages and i felt very nice.

One day he added me on MSN. Daily i used to look at his pics for hours. I dont know why i used to look but i felt something for him. Then we started chatting and there was a sort of excitement. I even check him out on Facebook to know more about him..what kind of life he has..who’s his friends and yada yada..We even started talking on phones. The whole day i used to wait for the night so that we can chat. We became friends but my feelings for him grew more and more after he always invited me out for premiere movie. Then one evening he called and asked ‘ would u be free this weekend? Thought of inviting you to accompany me to Hip hop Fest’ . It was an unexpected surprise for me which changed my whole life. I said yes!!!!!!!!!! and he picked me up. It was cold out there when his friends started to asking about me and him. He stood there and just heart started beating at full speed. We started walking and enjoy the hip hop fest together. He was always around me..and always asked me whether i’m allright or not..i can feel he gave his full attention and concern towards me. I became speechless. I wanted to look into his eyes but i looked here and fact on everything except him.^_^ I know i’m a bit denial..trying so hard not to show my feelings. We came back to parking area, make that small area for both of us and he sat on my kinetic ................and i sat next to him and enjoying the mini hip hop fest from far together. That was soooooooooo romantic but i was pretending to be normal. We took lots of pictures, making funny faces and stuffs and have lil conversation. Well..its like our hearts speak more that we actually talk. It’s an amazing feeling,thou^_^

We went back to our homes ............And i recalled every moment spent together again and again. Next morning he called me and told me that he dream about me. We met again and again. Going out for movies and dinner. Just both of us. For about 3 to 4 months we got to know each other more and more. The nite i wanna spend my time with my girls, he offer to accompany me. There he was with my girl friends talking and cracked jokes and i just look from far how well he mingling around with my friends. We partying at the 1st club he brought me last time and my hands started shivering though i was warm enough....... he jumped and told my friends...........i felt shy as if i did something wrong. My friends smile at me and wanted our photo to be captured together.....The wheather never seemed to me so beautiful as i felt that Nite. After spending time with my girls we went out to my favourite place. We both were sitting closely..... I wanted to say You are what I never knew I always wanted....but....i kept it save in me till now. And i can feel the aura of him also wanted to tell the same thing. We were enjoying our ‘Shisha’ nite together. I know that very nite gonna have a beautiful ending..That was a nite i got a 1st very kiss from a guy i had been went out with for about 3 months. Later before he dropped me off at the car he hold my hand tightly. Playing with my lil fingers..and i look closely at him. Our eyes been looked together. He asked me suddenly " What is going on between us". I became confused ......I smiled and didn’t gave any replied. He asked me once again..but different kind of question this time..’would u be my Girl?’ but i stayed silent for a while..Gave him a sharp look..but i’m still thinking..i closed my eyes...All i can see are those sweet time i had spend with him and when i open my eyes his eyes is still on me..wide open. Waiting eagerly for my answer. And there goes a YES from me!! When i said yes..i donno its a Difinetely a Yes to consider him part of my life or otherwise. I'm not really sure. And he felt really glad. I couldnt sleep that night..........! I was CARAZY in love! And so we are in LOVE......:)

After 2 months i felt something wrong berween us but he persuade me to not just give up..he gained my love back like we used to hold on when we 1st met. Time passed by and its been 6 months we are together and we figure out that something is wrong somewhere. His been silent for a week and so do i as if our chemistry starting to lose. Deep in my heart i knew the time will come. It was dark all around ...and i received a SMS from him.... He said that nothing left from him to me..I felt emptiness. The heart and love are slowly faded. All our hopes were shattered. That nite at my room i cried a lot. I felt as if i am worthless.............not good for anything. Every time i used to open my MSN account i could see him. So i thought i wanna delete him so that i can forget him. But i didn't. He used to message me and i used to replied. I always felt nice whenever he used to send me a message.

He called me on my 24th birthday but i wasn’t answered. Not cos i didn’t want’s because i was praying that time.. and I received his wishes on SMS. I again started thinking about him.. Now it’s officially been 3 months we are not attached. I always welcome him as my friend but as far as i’m concern he putting me back as a stranger instead. I was hoping it’s not gonna be an absolutely goodbye from him..The most eloquent silence.........where only love existed. Whenever i think about how we started at the very beginning of our friendship it will make me fallin in love with him back even though its not gonna happen. Too bad..i guess he is my fate that at the end turn out to be my destiny. It is time for me to be back to reality world..forget the past, enjoy present and plan for the future:)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sua Rasa TV9 EDISI RAMADAN at Klang;)

yeah! I'm back at Sua Rasa TV9. Been there for couples of time since i got into TV9. Well, basically Sua Rasa is one of our groud events for our beloved viewers. Its one of TV9 CSR initiative where we bring whats on air LIVE to you all on ground. There was our very own TV personalities, casts and of course TV9 staffs gather 2gether and make it such a happening events just for our audience. With support of our main sponsor, Celcom and we welcome other vendors to be part of Sua Rasa, what can i say, It is such a GOOD and INTERESTING event from us, TV9 to you guys out there:)

Sua Rasa Brought to you by Celcom Blue

This time its lil bit different cos usually the event will starts in da morning and end up at nite. But at Kampung Sungai Pinang,Klang, its started at 3pm and end up at 3 in the morning. Its bcos this Sua Rasa happen in the holy month of Ramadan:) Well, i feel that life gets lil bit mellow and the celebration wasn't so happening like usually. Of course lah..cos its Ramadan month! lets get rooted yaw!~The schedules been changed to more islamic activities such as Berbuka puasa with local people including the orphans, Solat terakwih and Qiamulai. And i can see that lots of vendors sells 'Kuih Raya'..i'm soo gonna but KUIH TAT and BAHULU! :) And yeah... the place and food was the BOMB! The main dishes been served such as 'bubur lambuk' sponsored by Celcom and 'kambing panggang' to be cater to 300 people for buka puasa:) I bought 3kg of FRESH Mango for RM10!!! i got round 15 mangoes all together! and i gave 5 to my interns, Ina as part of my thankfulness to her for her time to accompany me to Sua Rasa or else i'll be driving alone to Klang^_^ hehe. Bur she's pretty cool, braught along her sister to actually feel our on ground events;) well..i'm more than happy=)

Lets check out some photos..

The BD & Brand Team- Shirin, Me, Rona;)

Kambing Panggang...YuMmyy!!

Ceplos in action..'orait Ok!'

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

TV9 Notebook Design

Its been so freaking long time i left all my graphic design works. Now I'm back to my old same route where i welcome freelance graphic design works. As for now i came out with TV9 notebook design. I completed 5 designs and now need u guys to help me choose for the FINAL ones;)

Check this out!

- Design 1 - - Design 2-

- Design 3- - Design 4-

- Design 5-


Sunday, August 23, 2009

This is me..

Do i believes in Horoscope or astrology? Well..sometimes in some ways i find it more or less correct.

Sun Signs: Leo

Leos are generally larger than those around them, even if only through charisma. They are usually taller than average and lean in youth, although they tend to put on weight later in life. Their hair is usually blonde and they have wide, prominent eyes. Leo reigns over the upper back, forearms, heart, and spine. They are therefore subject to ailments like carpal tunnel, heart disease, and scoliosis. Leos should take extra care to eat a heart-healthy diet, and work off some of that excess weight if they have it.

The Leo is a natural born leader, and will be a manager or senior executive if they do not own a business outright. Leo does not make an excellent employee unless you are prepared to give them complete power and control over their department - anything less will rankle the Leo's need to be complete master of their domain.
They will be successful as long as they can harness their true potential, and not get sidetracked by pet causes or projects. Leo has the rare ability to inspire his workforce to prosperous acts of teamwork

Challenges & Weaknesses
The Leo can be a bit of a show-off. There is no other sign that will talk endlessly about themselves to anyone, if there is any chance of anyone even remotely listening. They'll twist any tale to make it so that they are the best and the most important of all. While Leos can do many impressive things - all of this showing off can get to be a bit of a big bore.

Men & Romance
A Leo woman truly wants a man who acts a bit like a king. You see, secretly the Leo thinks that he is royalty, so he will be attracted to the woman who knows that she is a queen. This does not mean to behave like a spoiled pop star, but to dress glamorously and to treat people royally will get the attention of this man. That is the direct line to this man's heart. When you do something with or for the Leo man, make it a bit of a production. His birthday every year should be celebrated with a big party.

My Financial Future:

Leo Lovers of luxury, and sometimes obsessed by social status, Leos surround themselves with unique and expensive things. They are the most likely of the signs to buy designer clothing and live an extravagant lifestyle. In all aspects of life, it is important for Leos to be the center of attention, and Leos will use their money and any other means to achieve and maintain this position. Yet Leos are also strongly resourceful, and aren't likely to go bankrupt, provided they are kept away from spending money on pure trivialities or gambling. Leos are likely to command attention and do well in positions that allow them to lead others. Becoming a leader is normally key to a Leo's wealth; they do well to delegate and accomplish work through others.
The holy month of Ramadan
For all Muslims has begun.
Praising Allah through the day,
From dawn to dusk we fast and pray.
We pay zakah (charity) for those in need,
Trying hard to do good deeds.
When the sun has set,
and day is done-I'll break this chain,
but only one.By the end of Ramadan,
this whole chain will be all gone!
It's time for Eid and lots of fun!!!
This Video was taken back then a week after my birthday. I asked my mom to do 'Kenduri Doa Selamat' for me and for the upcoming Ramadan at our lovely home. And Alhamdulillah in turn out great and guess mom did invited The Orphanage from Klang to deliver their very own Nasyid as entertaiment that day. I'm glad my mom had sucg initiative. And one more thing..on that particular day, my mom been announced as a 'Ketua Wanita Masjid' for Kampung Tunku. Congrats mama. U deserve it and of course we proud of you..we always do.:)
Enjoy the clip;)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

WHEE..what an Experience..

Finally i went thro 'colonorogyscopy' cos doc said there is a blockage inside my colon. Some minor surgery been done and yeah..i'm back like a normal Linda! On time..instead its a perfect time to start all over for now gettin lil bit mellow cos its Ramadhan month=) I'm happy and so excited to go through Ramadan Month...I dont know why..but i guess its the only month i feel i'm near to Him..

What i've been thro this year its enuff...i dont ever want to go thro it again.let me welcome another challenge in life...a good one perhaps.InsyAllah....Well, I wanna thank my fwens for coming down to see me in hospital. Last time u guys came..but i wasn't realy talk to, sampai x terlarat nak layan kan...hahaha. And of course, Dura, my most Bestie...i know u always be there..1st phase..2nd phase...and probably 3rd phase u'll just come as a visitor not the one who look and take care of me.cos i believe the 3rd phase...someone...that very someone will do that=) heeee

I was left alone in the ward. Kind of make this stupid video of my own=) LoL

....and this another stupid video of mine. I dont wanna eat the food forced to..;(

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm scared!!!..i really am...

Well..where do i start..hmmm..I've to go thro a minor surgery. Hopefully its a minor just like what doctor told me. I've been hospitalised 2 years ago and now here i come through it agian. And i hate that so freaking much....all i know is i'm the only one making so much trouble...i'm always the one who gets people worried about and most of all i'm a trouble maker. Although that i'm hyper enuff to stands on my 2 feets but at the end of the day..when grey clouds coming my way..i definetely turn to my only mom and family....

I scared....and obviously sorry to make u guys felt worries and all. I didn't even wanted this sickness...well, things happen for a reason. Maybe God send me another sign* for just do what i supposed to do in life...I did far as i'm concern la..Hope everything turn out great for me..another 2days we gonna celebrate Ramadan.Gosh! another year of Ramadan...and then time flies really fast. What did i do on Last Year Ramadan?? as always with works, life and meeting someone new! LoL....

ok..i'm trying hard here to keep on bubbly like normal as i'm really wanna forgot about my surgery which will happen 2moro MORNING!! hope the doctor will put me on sleep 2nite..and 2moro noon when i wake up..everythings done! back to normal...........the happy,bubbly,hyper Linda Roos....:) and i can EAT ANYTHING that i want...find new love and stay forever....InsyAllah....^_^

OK!! LETS GET IT DONE@ and I'LL BE LINDA ROOS AGAIN!!!!!wheeeeeeeeeee...........
(doain tuk saya ya...)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Simple Life

This is something My beloved Erlene send to me..and seriously, its brighten up my day=) Thanks darling 4 a lovely inspired poem ^_^

A Simple Life

Since time flies by terribly fast,

take a moment, to recall your past.

When you were young and really free,

is this the way you would rather be?

Too often we take our lives for granted,

forgetting about the seeds we planted.

Becoming caught in the routine of living,

and forgetting about the art of just giving.

If you stop for a moment and think back,

then you didn't worry about figures or facts.

To a time you could skate on a frozen lake,

or just lay under the sunlight to bake.

Remember times when you went fishing,

and spent the afternoon just wishing.

that you would catch one for dinner,

big or small, you'd still be a winner!

Do you remember the dream you once had,

for a simple life - happy not sad?

So what on earth happened to this,

where is this life of utter bliss?

Well, it's still waiting to be discovered,

which you have a chance to still uncover.

So take some time to stop and relax, then just let go and really detach.

As stress and worries are fully released,

your pain and discomfort will soon cease.

Then as you enter a more peaceful state,

just remember that it's never too late!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enjoyment week.....

Last 2 weeks, on Saturday nite, me and my friends gather 2gether at one of my Friend's House. Well, they said its for sure gonna be a surprise on my 24th birthday. But as i got into that House..there wasn't any surprise.haha... what a high expectaction i had. Well, no biggie bout that..i had many kind celebrations for the past 23 years in this lovely world. So, there was 3 of us....Me, my 'partner in crime', and the owner of the house. and 1 of us in still on his way..

So, 2 of my fwens start getting ready what they had planned. I didn't know anything all i know is they all started to prepared food..Spagetti, nuggets, fries and drinks. And i'm do what ever i can do at his living room..hehe. Then come another friend of mine...i can tell that the party just bout to start...yehuuuuu....then another couple and tadaaa...there was 8 of us all together. There 2 guys i dont even know..but well...minggling around is sooo my thang;) so, everybody got to know each other. Yay! haha....

We really had lots of stories..jokes threw out while we dine 2gether that nite.. until the lights went off out of sudden! I was like..ok..the party bout to start yaww!~.........and everybody looking at me..and there goes a light from kitchen and it moving towards me...tadaaaaa..ITS A BLOODY CHOC CAKE u o'lls!~ hahaha.. i was like... MY GOSH!! U guyss...aww man.....and they all starts to sang a birthday song for me:) told ya! there will be a surprised for me..i just knew it!!! Thanks darlings for all this.....and most of all i enjiy the party till the sun raised up,thou...and i never slept while others fallen asleep...

Seriously it was such a hectic weekend..full of fun,laughters, and loved. After i had that kinda surprised celebration...the next day i've another 'date' with my besties back in CYBERJAYA!!! ladies are growns up!! i went to catch up with them, got to see her cute lil baby Iris. There was Nana, Fiena and of course my lovely twin, Leen=) When i look at them, it brings me back to our old memories back when we were a group of dancers for MMU. It was such a FUN back then...and 2 of them got married last year..both of them keep asking me and leen..when is our time?? I looked at leen...and i said..of COurse its gonna be turn..i donno.....i just dont...;( but yeah! meeting them bring tears and fun in me=) Me and Leen looking forward to see Fiena baby instead....i've a long way to go....aftr the started back to raise up as usual....;)

Thanks So MUCH to have your kinda time with Me. Love each and everyone of u.........^_^