Saturday, August 22, 2009

WHEE..what an Experience..

Finally i went thro 'colonorogyscopy' cos doc said there is a blockage inside my colon. Some minor surgery been done and yeah..i'm back like a normal Linda! On time..instead its a perfect time to start all over for now gettin lil bit mellow cos its Ramadhan month=) I'm happy and so excited to go through Ramadan Month...I dont know why..but i guess its the only month i feel i'm near to Him..

What i've been thro this year its enuff...i dont ever want to go thro it again.let me welcome another challenge in life...a good one perhaps.InsyAllah....Well, I wanna thank my fwens for coming down to see me in hospital. Last time u guys came..but i wasn't realy talk to, sampai x terlarat nak layan kan...hahaha. And of course, Dura, my most Bestie...i know u always be there..1st phase..2nd phase...and probably 3rd phase u'll just come as a visitor not the one who look and take care of me.cos i believe the 3rd phase...someone...that very someone will do that=) heeee

I was left alone in the ward. Kind of make this stupid video of my own=) LoL

....and this another stupid video of mine. I dont wanna eat the food forced to..;(

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