Monday, October 27, 2014

I am living in the moment ....he turn 30!!

As i begin each day, by looking at the mirror, i always remind myself, " Linda, stay where your feet are!"
If i keep my attention on the place where my feet reside, I have a better chance remaining in the here and now...Lately, I'm becoming aware much sooner and quicker when things happen. Last weekend my family was having some sort like a small gathering & baby shower as myself turning 8 months pregnancy... calling up my mom mosque's friends, uncles, aunties, few of my friends and of course my in laws. Well Alhamdulillah all turn out as per planning...maybe cos i got help from mama and sister~ huhu. 
When I live in the past or future, I tend to miss out on the freedom and peace in the now....u condition rite now make me can't really moves a lot and i'm not as hyper energetic as before. all cos i'm in caring 2 genders in one go...which is FEMALE & MALE! why is so?? I'm a female and another person inside my womb ^_^ To think I'm having 2 hearts beating at the same time. So better enjoy the whole process as it is because its soooOoOo wonderful and i can barely say it a whole new experience to me and my husband. And of course we get extra closer, wiser and caring to each other ;) 
This week i've another major things to look at....well is my other half's birthday. But this kind of condition with lack of energy to moves around and to do something special on his 30th birthday.. still my mind always came out with something interesting and believes that it can be done *cross finger* This time around i need to tag team with my mother in law...jeng jeng jeng....
Since me and hubby living quite a distance...he work in Melaka and will come back every weekend. Yeah...people will always wonder how could the two lovely birds been separated. Trust me...this is LIFE...face it..less complain and we get used to it! LoL. I created such drama to get my hubby attention..knowing him and my pregnancy (pregnant lady always get tip top service from our loved ones *_^) , hubby will always respect and say yes to what i want. So, i told him that before I'm on my confinement, I would love to dine at our fav place and order our fav menu - Lamb Sizzling Hot plate at The Ship Restaurant! And so he decided to go on Saturday, 26th ! ok...i these case i gotta celebrate his birthday 1 day earlier. here...
At the same time, I called my mother in law...wanted to a small surprise celebration for him at my mother's in law. Told her she don't need to do anything cos i ordered food to cater for all invitees. She was all happy to team up with me! haha~
And so...the plan goes really well. He got surprised while we both are having our lunch at The Ship Restaurant. Someone came towards out table with balloons, bouquet of chocolates and birthday card all beautifully done by Sugar Surprise team! He asked me why did i do all this? knowing him does't even like surprises...I've been doing this kinda things 3 years in a row with different treatment..that's why he can't even guess it! To be truth....i did all of this surprise thingy because i always living in the moment....and this particular moment when you actually reach your 3 series life (30th) you will remember it for the rest of ya life.. regardless what kinda future holds you, these very moment would never come cherish it and be thankful as always~ ^_^ 

Then, told him that for desert we will take his birthday ice-creamcake at Baskin Robbin and go to his parent's house. Once again....he got SURPRISED! we plan with mom in law to called up all siblings knowing that all of them are married and have kids it will light up the whole celebration~ 

If i may captured a photo using my eyes, it would be the best moment so far to see everyone turn out and most importantly both my mom and dad in law was so cool and glad they both are happy with the effort from everyone. We end up our small celebration with solat Maghreb together lead my dad in law .  

Last but not my dearest husband, may this small celebration bring big joy and let us live our life in every moment as possible. May Allah always bless us with more wonderful things ahead! There is a great freedom, wonder and mystery in the present...just take a look around, ask, seek and discover that which is waiting to be discovered by us and expressed within us~

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meaningless Wife's Gossip~

First of all, Alhamdulillah. This is my 1st new post this very year. New life to venture. It has been 9 months I'm been married....and counting.. Still i'm looking at the puzzle that i choose to end my life with. Yes, i'm so thankful i found someone to share my life with. How can i put what i feel in such words which will give a glimpse of my marriage life…It was scared yet excited to get marry and now i'm in it.

SubahannAllah. It is all truth what been said by my elderly. This chapter of my life may be the most challenging and memorable ones as me and spouse juggling with time to fit to this new situation as husband & wife. Of course this is all just to make our marriage a wonderful and successful experience that will last as long as we live together in this life and by the grace of Allah, after death when they reunite in Jannah, Insya’Allah.

Let me share my little experience which I believes it is the best ingredients to spice up my marriage life. I see it as a whole while im practising each and every moment to be the best wife and devoted partner to my husband~

Time pass by really fast..and now I'm his Mrs and his my Mr. We started to figure out on The SEVEN essential Cs -(COMMITMENT, COURTESY, COMUNICATIONS, CARE, CONTENTMENT, CONTRIBUTION and COMPROMISE).

It's just not getting something right every time just to satisfied each other, it's the journey that we went through together and the mistakes that we made its the key for us to consider for better. Of course myself and i bet my husband as well is facing kind of hard time to fit ourselves with commitment. But we taking it lightly and willing to compromise with things. For now being TWO with no kids yet it is just fine. InsyAllah…

One thing that i always look up in a husband is that he's being an Imam to me and a leader to the family institution. I've met several cases among my friends who faced divorce and separated. Ya Allah….now i eventually know the answer why women are created to be really strong emotionally. Every of my sujud nowadays will always end up with a long prayer for God to bless me as a good wife and to grant my small family with His best blessing.

Yes in the 1st 3months i can say it was a bit know that all this while I'm sleeping alone and nowadays seeing with husband. But Alhamdulillah we passed our 3 months process to work things out in a very understanding ways...i guess. And the NEXT BEST thing after 3 months of spending time and get the bond between us even stronger, God really knows how committed and responsible we are and so Allah S.W.T give us our 1st CHILD! And tadaaaa....pejam celik pejamm celik now I'm in my 8 months pregnancy.

Out of my business as a carrier woman, a wife and soon to be mother....i believes God grant us both with a beautiful path in welcoming our 1st child. be continue......ehee

Thursday, December 12, 2013

He stole my heart…and..refuse to give it back ~

I said YES!!! #engaged on 27 October 2013. As i search for the words to say, I smile with thoughts and vision of this day. Approximately a month ago, he decided to put a RING on my finger. And I'm all BOOKED!

Our journey hasn't been easy but we've always treated our relationship like a marriage. 3 years of hard work, loyalty, honesty and love and now we left another 37 days to embark on the next step of our journey….#bride2be I Love my fiancĂ© and i will always treat him like a KING…of course cos i really wanna be his devoted QUEEN. lol. The one who I will be with until the end. InsyAllah.

I am so happy yet nervous to think that another few days is my big day. The day in which of every girl looking up for.  I am truly glad that i found him in my life journey. God has made us for one another and i believes there are thousands of beautiful reasons behind all the set up. A love we never shared with no other. Thru good, thru bad..happy and sad… One thing will always remain true is he steal my heart everyday and i just like it to be that way now…and forever! Oh God, Pls just don't make this feeling fade away~ ^_^

So again I said YES!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

my new status...soon...

This coming Oct 27, 2013...its gonna be my BF's Birthday and at the same time OUR ENGAGEMENT DAY. wallahh~ to think back over the years we went thro...last year and last 2 years i've always surprised him on his birthday. Its just me the one who always ada je la benda nk buat kezutann kan~ 

Towards our engagement day, ya Robbi..byk nyer benda2 nak kena siapkan. I gotta tell you ols one thing ..its so inspired me so much. Dalam diam2 kalau dah kata MAMA tu kan...she whould the VERY BEST on her daughter big day. I'm always had this argument with her....I dont one it to be SO MAHA GRAND bagai....cos it just an engagement. But i guess she did it all her way. She prepare rite from my hantaran decoration (tiap mlm la ada je dia nak abiskan masa depan mesin jahit dia tu), my mini so called "paladin" home made of course planning on the vent flows skua. Fuhhh~ im like SERIOUSLY, ma.....hmmmmm. That's my mom and because of that EVERYNITE I always thank God to give such MOM. x pernah kenal penat janji she wants her daughter looks pretty and happy on her big day...(event thou event pagi and obviously myself lena bgn pagi and siap2 dalam keadaan separa sadar mata sepet) huhu!

actually we both just came back from Jakarta ...taking all our tempahan baju for engagement and weddings items there. jeng3x....i will upload soon some of the photos of me on my engagement day la kan. another 1 week je lagi ni...
Of course dalam pada sonok2 smua nak kawin ni..i always have this lil concern in me on getting ready to be really devoted princess to my prince chraming..wahh gitukan! bkn nyer alam Disney world where always have an HAPPY ENDING...reality order to get to the happy ending kena la cekalkan hati tu go ups and down together..and i always stated that in mind! mana latau...pompuan ni kan sometimes bile emo and hormones is everywhere..suami pon dis ingatkan cam kawan2 je kan. dah ilang rasa hormat tu smua...mintak2 la im always sable kan...insyAllah..
For me saat bahagia seorang wanita tu bile ada org yang dtg pinang la kan...and the best responsibility to a woman is when she be a MOM! and seriously...if my faith is with him...after marry i wish to have children straight away..kalau di izin kan tuhan la ye~
Memandangkan la lagi 3 bln je aku ni bergelar isteri...i did some of the reading about marriage life and such. saje bg pendedahan awal....and i came out with this quotes.."mencintai pasangan apa adanya dan sabar dengan kekurangan dia..."hmm....insyAllah things will run smoothy between us. Pompuan mana je tak takut kan tetibe gonna be with a man for the rest of her life...if the girl used to sleep alone..skali bgn pagi2 ada org kat sebelah kan..what if we fight yet gotta sleep on the same bed..haaa...thats the thriller part la kan. ^_^. 

Just a tips to share la kan and also as a reminder to me and others~

 1. Saling memberi hadiah. Bukan Mahalnya harga sebuah pemberian tersebut tapi RASA KASIH sayang kitalah yg MELEBIHKAN NILAInya. 2. Mengkhususkan waktu untuk duduk bersama..Jangan sampai antara suami isteri sibuk dengan urusan masing-masing dan tidak ada waktu untuk duduk bersama. Yang menjadi penyebabnya, kerana dia sibuk menghabiskan waktunya untuk pelbagai pekerjaan yang berhubungan dengan pelajaran dan lainnya, sehingga meninggalkan isteri dan anak-anaknya dalam waktu lama. 3. Menampakkan wajah yang ceria. Di antara cara untuk mempererat cinta kasih, hendaklah menampakkan wajah yang ceria. Ungkapan dengan bahasa wajah, mempunyai pengaruh yang besar dalam kegembiraan dan kesedihan seseorang. Seorang isteri akan senang jika suaminya berwajah ceria, tidak cemberut.4. Memberikan penghormatan dengan hangat kepada pasangannya, baik ketika hendak pergi keluar rumah ataupun ketika pulang. Penghormatan itu hendaklah dilakukan dengan mesra. Dalam beberapa hadis diriwayatkan, ketika hendak pergi solat, Rasulullah Shalallahu ‘Alaihi Wassalam mencium isterinya tanpa berwudhu lagi dan terus solat. Ini menunjukkan, bahawa mencium isteri dapat mempererat hubungan antara suami isteri, meluluhkan kebekuan ataupun kekakuan antara suami isteri. 5. Hendaklah memuji pasangannya. Di antara keperluan manusia adalah keinginan untuk di puji- dalam batas- yang wajar. Dalam masalah pujian ini, para ulama telah menjelaskan, bahawa pujian diperbolehkan atau bahkan dianjurkan dengan syarat-syarat: untuk memberikan motivasi, pujian itu diungkapkan dengan jujur dan ikhlas, dan pujian itu tidak menyebabkan orang yang dipuji menjadi sombong atau lupa diri. 6. Bersama-sama melakukan tugas yang ringan. Di antara kesalahan sebahagian suami ialah, mereka menolak untuk melakukan sebahagian tugas di rumah. Mereka mempunyai anggapan, jika melakukan tugas di rumah, bererti merendahkan kedudukannya, menurunkan atau menjatuhkan kewibawaannya di hadapan isteri. Pendapat ini tidak benar. 7. Perlu berekreasi berdua tanpa membawa anak. Rutin pekerjaan suami di luar rumah dan pekerjaan isteri di rumah membuat suasana menjadi keruh. Sekali-kali diperlukan suasana lain dengan cara pergi berdua tanpa membawa anak. Hal ini sangat penting, kerana dapat memperbaharui cinta suami isteri. Kita mempunyai anak, lantas bagaimana caranya? Ini memang sebuah problem. Kita cari solusinya, jangan menyerah begitu saja. Bukan bererti setelah mempunyai anak banyak tidak boleh pergi berdua. 8. Perlu adanya keterbukaan. Keterbukaan antara suami dan isteri sangat penting. Di antara problem yang timbul di keluarga, lantaran antara suami dan isteri masing-masing menutup diri, tidak terbuka menyampaikan ‘problem’nya kepada pasangannya. Yang akhirnya kian menumpuk, sampai akhirnya meledak.

Tanggungjawab utama seorang isteri ialah isteri perlulah taat dan patuh kepada suaminya. Kesetiaan isteri kepada suaminya perlu diutamakan terlebih dahulu lebih dari keluarga terdekatnya sendiri. Hari ini admin nak berkongsi tentang Kelebihan-kelebihan seorang isteri. beruntungnya kaum hawa ini :D


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rain Check!

approximately another 115 days to go...OMG! the numbers is truly going smaller each day! fuhh~ oh hello people...its been awhile kan since i update my blog. Life just extremely busy. Never in my life i've been this super bz with job, life, family and yeah....preparation on my big day. **tarikk nafassss* .....fuhhhhh.....*hembusss*

Engagement dress {CHECKED!} soon gonna pick up from jakarta yaw! its gonna be absolutely my fav cos i design it myself. Put a lil art on the design..and tadaaa..its zoo me indeed! will surprise u ols with my own creation very soon :)

i get a pair of new shoe from my indonesian designer as my engagement present :) 

 OK for my hantaran i leave it to my mom. She is an EXPERT on this i can say. Not to worry too much about it cos i wanted is the engagement ceremony to be simple and memorable to me and family. Nothing more i could ask for ..just to see all smiling happily on my engagement day..and plus its a day of MY FUTURE HUSBAND birthday as well. Awesome date to be remember! 

shall update soon on the belum kelam kabut lg ni...sbb we ols still chillax je. On top of our mind keep saying...lamaa lg...LoLz!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A month before i get engage!

hmm..siapa cakap getting marry is easy? people for in love..doing sweet things and bell starts to ring and hoth merpati dua sejoli ni pon masing2 la x sabar wanna leave together! oh pls....the whole preparation is just menakotkann...yet syok! uishh....donno la how to discribe it but i guess its just once amd for all.huhu
I've been toooooo busy to do much more than to worry about the whole wedding with only approximately a month to go for my engagement, i do feel a sort of calm settling over me, so im thinking just a moment to write about it.

I'm coming up on a trasistion in my life, lately i feel like we both are so much matured in handling "relationship" stuffs. we talked about how we met...the non-stop fighting at the beginning of our relationship..its just chaotic and to think and talked about it made us both laugh and thank God..we actually went thro all that! bravoo to us..and i always remind 'lil devil' inside me...MORE TO COME my dear! ehem! well atleast maybe next round we will face it with wiser solution..hopefully!

i've to admit at this point, cant really believes that my heart is slowly open in welcoming him into my world. the transformation are all seems amazing..we both looks like we take it lightly but the fact is we both are SERIoUs in making things happens as per what we plan.insyaAllah.  I felt a lot of stressed and shed a tear or two(or five thousand maybe...) over the course of our engagement and wedding, but it looks like it's all coming together. the word is of course..CONSIDERATION! pretty much i can say im finally starting to feel excited.  Plus...he started to asked me on OUR honeymoon!!! yayyy! despite of getting gonna have a loooooooong honeymoon wt him ...i mean..we want to be there for each other thro thick and thin. (sounds like everybody does hv this tot before married rite..hee..will see about it..)

With all the planning out of the way, im able to think about what this actually is...a marriage. I am getting married to Muhd Mahdhirul Amal Bin Zainal Abidin, and that thought actually calms me. I suspect that there are some brides out there who start panicking about now, because they start to realize what they are about to do. But when i think about whats about to happen, i feel certain that this is the best desicion i ever made. i know this is the right thing for me and he is the rite man. ..and spending the rest of my life with him is what i want more than anything. Seriously,i do a lot of reading on marriage and love...being wife and mother. I've to say Married life is an adventure i cant wait to embark upon, and with him i feel well equipped for the journey..insyAllah. This is absolutely a smart move...perhaps good idea and its pretty romantic ...hmmm...*dreamy smile*. With the stress out of the way, a deep happiness is settling upon me and im pretty sure Amal feels much the same~ ♥♥
ok Linda...pls control your excitement!! focus back to work! lolz  ;p

Monday, August 12, 2013

154 days to go...

Talking about forever makes me so happy but talking about forever with my love ones make me so ecstatic. Thinking about the future gives me butterflies ^_^.
Talking with you today and telling you everything that is been going on with my friends, works and myself was so easy. Telling you about the things that are happening made a weight get lifted off my  chest. Now, i guess is the time for us to focus on US, OUR MAJOR PLAN for these next few months together and the rest of our lives.
Yes, its time for us to proceed about the big "M" word. yeah..marriage! obviously it made my face light up a lil bit from the stressness of works that stuck in my mind plus the whole Raya celebration thingy. We both know that the big "M" word is at least 5months more or less down the line, and of course has a girl will always dream about a PERFECT one..well at least closest to perfect. hee:).
i love you to the ends of this world and will always continue to love you till the day i die. InsyAllah