Monday, August 12, 2013

154 days to go...

Talking about forever makes me so happy but talking about forever with my love ones make me so ecstatic. Thinking about the future gives me butterflies ^_^.
Talking with you today and telling you everything that is been going on with my friends, works and myself was so easy. Telling you about the things that are happening made a weight get lifted off my  chest. Now, i guess is the time for us to focus on US, OUR MAJOR PLAN for these next few months together and the rest of our lives.
Yes, its time for us to proceed about the big "M" word. yeah..marriage! obviously it made my face light up a lil bit from the stressness of works that stuck in my mind plus the whole Raya celebration thingy. We both know that the big "M" word is at least 5months more or less down the line, and of course has a girl will always dream about a PERFECT one..well at least closest to perfect. hee:).
i love you to the ends of this world and will always continue to love you till the day i die. InsyAllah   

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