Sunday, July 29, 2012

Die or Live??

At this particular time..if i were to chose between die and live..i chose DIE!! yes DIE! Let me feel da happiness in another world..let me be near my Abah~ :( how i wish for him to be next to me when everything seems so down and depressing. The guidance and touch from a father is truly that i miss~

Am i so cruel for me to have this kinda life? Or am i to fragile and people take advantage on me? Ya Allah~ y is so hard for me to face life nowdays....people tend to miss understand on what im trying to do...i cant do much bout it as i always pray to Allah to give more hidayah and good guidance to me and others. still......praying for God to send someone that are meant to be with. im a lil bit to tired to face typical process of knowing just tired...

if i'M that bad...why are we still together? y always i gotta hide my feelings when things doesn't going so well? And the most thing...y people keep on judging us? If only we are in a same minded, things will work out pretty well....gimme chance to create more understanding path in me...gimme the whole picture on what u think...insyallah i will understand.

too many stories i heard randomly...and still alhamdulillah im standing strong. one fine day, with all the strenght and guts from Allah i will speak to all what beneath my heart. nothing more i look out in a guy nowdays except a true guidance to be dedicated wife and we bow in a same direction. generally....i've come to a stage where i've found myself....and now i think is a time to find someone as a whole to complete my happy ever after puzzle. that lil puzzle is still somewhere in the air ~ i know....i truly understand that hidayah is the one we should seek for and jodoh the next best surprise to every human in this world. i shall no worry bout long as i found a person that are meant to be my husband...i wil accept it with an open arms.

at the age i'm pretty sure im looking for a real responsibility...been a daughter, a sister and an aunt....yet still preparing myself for more responsibility....a wife and a mother perhaps~ 2moro im officially 27 yrs old.....and im still crying alone indeed. my wish doesnt    heard yet but i shall keep on wishing and believing.....

The Yatims at YBK

Ape yang best kat bulan Ramadhan selain dari ibadat2 yang normal dalam buku pafa u ols dulu2 tu kan ; solat terakhwih, berzikir, baca Quran, solat witir, solat tasbih...and pelbagai lagi solat sunat la klo buat dlm month of Ramadhan berkat and rahmat dia lagi Tinggi..InsyaAllah :)

Memang bagus pon perbanyakkan solat smua tu in Ramadhan but it is also a month of SEDEKAH! well, as we see in a big picture the meaning of SEDEKAH ni is so wide! berzikir itu pon sedekah...but to the world of marketing and businesses is more than giving Money!

So, i put myself in The Yatim's (unfortunated kids) shoes....i mean all this while pon aku di besarkan in their world pon but the different between me and those yang kat rumah2 anak yatim tu is that Mama doesn't send all of her children to Rumah2 kebajikkan ni...being so family oriented we manage to go thro our life and accept what faith has been given.

One fine day (i think few weeks before Ramdhan), as normal the siblings always chit chat among each others...and suddenly my Abg told me that somewhere during Ramadhan he wanna do some Raya mock up program with the kids at our house. Well my Abg is a Director for his own prog called "TV3 VOICE OUT" he asked me if my client ada  tak rumah2 kebajikan ni and some other sponsorships..knowing i'm in marketing line kan~ ( we used to help each other in  making our job is a success..normal la tu..nk credit~) Haha...on my mind trus came out a name called "Yayasan Pembasmi Kemiskinan, YBK" ...huhu. im like WHY NOT?? since i've a contact wt the owner sendri kan....i mean im a fwen with both of the owner kids.

Asrama Kasih YBK..this is the place yaw we gonna hype out on Raya Program!

Told my bro that we make it as CSR program during Ramadhan..the trus la buat mock Raya prog with celebrities and artist! i convinced my bro saying that the yatims would really appreciate if we as outsiders came and entertain their kinda world..u know la kan they all duduk dalam asrama with rules and regulations place on the top of their mind ...this is a time we come there and make them loose a bit of their stressed..! haha..(bkn la aku maksud nk merosakkan the innocent kids...we will come to hype up on their kinda life)...i know cos all this while pon time aku kecik2 i remembered i play and explore lots of things with my siblings...we just NEED TIME AND ATTENTION...mama was bz cari duit alone to built the family after the lost of our guess is time to giving back to unfortunate kids the time and the connection with the outside world that we have just nak tunjuk kat dorank la.."look the world is HUGE and FUN..dont be sad upon ya life...ur da one who have the power to make ya LIFE even better..we only be the source" ....  

myself believes in the power of looking at great people and things we can become One..yeah..probably one sweet day. haha! So, malam td la shooting raya tu dibuat kat YBK..punya la sonok budak2 ni....cos we make a rules that 'KENA PAKAI BAJU RAYA WARNA WARNI'....and every one of them wore baju melayu and baju kurung lain2 color u ols..and sgt meriah!! we scrapped of the rules yg sedia ada sbb derank nyer baju raya slaloo smua sepesen and sama color! thats kinda 1st thing we scrapped..we want anak2 ni be themselves for a day in our Program Raya TV3 ni. trus ceria muke budak2 ni... :) huhu!

The truth we doesn't want them to asingkan themselve from the world. they might not seems big as they are now but they gotta believes that one day the world we acknowledge the existence of them being part of the society. By looking at those eyes, they seems enjoy, friendly and very welcoming. Cos all i know that some said anak2 kat YBK ni susah nk bercakap sgt, pemalu and not really friendly. Alhamdulillah..i didnt happen to see that last nite..every one having their own good times. A value that they gave us and we pay back with such a wonderful memories to them ;) all da best to u ols!

Product YBK 1: this is the 1st girl came up to me and really nice to talked and asked for my autograph...
i end up lukis kalikator pic dia..hahaha...

Product YBK 2: form 5 girl..told me she likes the way i bring myself...ehem* Personality? lol ^_^'

tadaa!! photo session with clients and YBK units..alhamdulillah client aku (JM Bariani) was so happy and satisfied on the whole CSR event collaboration with YBK.  

Offical photo with anak2 teruna product YBK...yg tengah baju biru tu Amran Ismail being so OVER.haha..but he kinda cool with those kiddos~

sesi blur...nk tulis ke nk sign ke nk draw...haha..i felt so touched with those kids so welcoming me~

Alhamdulillah~ i did what i supposed to do during Ramdhan. InsyALlah for those yg terlibat..may Allah grant you with more blessing and barakah~ peace!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Perempuan dan Air Mata

*close eyes and start thinking when is the last time u shred tears like gile2 nangis??*
its been awhile for me..sebab i think crying is just too tiring..cos it plays with emotion and the day after effect dia of course MATA BENGKAK.

first thing first...why do Perempuan ni suka nangis? 
aku, Perempuan....gadis..wanita and kaun Hawa....
The last time i remembered i cried it was 2 weeks ago...erk....thats cos of i missed my lil whitey cat, Fosty..
the tears belong for the creature that help me went thro my gloomy days..but now he's gone~
to rewind a lil further tears always belong to Allah swt...the only God i always praise for His guidance and barakah...

for that i would like to stress out that women tears are not to show that they are weak or what so ever but it symbolize the emotion that are running thro veins and transform it into tear drops. 
When women cry, that is the most feelings to show her sincerity~ Her teardrop resembles honesty, joy sadness, acceptance, fear, trust, loyalty, strength and purity and most of all tears is to show that there are not lying ye wahai kaum Adam~ A woman would not be crying if she doesn't feel hurt or touched on a certain circumstances. Tears will fall in line with her feelings. ...

Kalau nk ikutkan myself sendri mmg jarang la nak nangis...cos to think back its just waste of time but when i think far straight it actually a good thing. I think byk je pompuan kan luar sana just like me who is hold up tight with a man EGO but at the end her ego change to tears. 
rasa yang seorang pompuan pendam kian lama ni somehow join venture plak ngan ego diri sendri at the end sure burst into tears.. ( confirm2 la heavy flow kan~) 
and at that particular moment...i just wanna ask u ols girls kan..worth it ke air mata mutiara seorang pompuan ni jatuh sbb kena tengking ngan lelaki yg digelar Boyfriend?? *masyAllah*

Well..i used to think that way klau dah sayang if a girl shred tears it doesn't mean that dia keluarkan senjata teampuhnya but most probably the girl wanna show her last weapon..senjata terakhir..kire cam last s kopek la towards making the decision...
not to say that girls cant control over her own tears flow..tau2 la..klo air mata dah start kluar its always resolve around feelings...EMOtions.. all the miss and love comes into picture mmg tak cam air terjun plak kluar dari mata..
( bayangkan cite katun jepun ..hee)

mungkin sebab ape yang di pendam slama ni dh x dpt di bentung lagi maka tukar la pada teardrop~
Just a lil reminder for those who dont know...especially those kaun adam yg mmg la sgt di kasihi kaum hawa ni...when a girl cry bukan nyer girls tu nk soh pujuk cepat or a sign nk manja..its actually a sign for u and her to take one step behind...look for the answer of solving what ever circumstances arise between both part... in another words beri extra perhatian pada feelings and both soul. (ye la..kita smua ni kan hamba yang lemah...and harap maklum ye..x der manusia yg perfect dalam dunia ni melain kan kite accept pe je kekurangan org tu..insyAllah ngan izin-Nya everything will be a perfect picture at the end)

Makanya....wahai kaum adam, hargailah perempuan, gadis, wanita, kaum hawa ini
 cos obviously mereka semua ni tercipta untuk DIKASAHI bukan DILUKAI~ 

p/s: layan je la pompuan smua cam u ols layan mak sendri pernuh hormat and kasih. tu je actully most girls wanted...(klo nk bg benda tu its a bonus la~ kerna u guys sure tau whats the value of ya own girls kann~ )  hehe. Assalamualaikum. Peace!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dunia Digital ku~

Today i realized that my kinda life is depending on those digital devices! As u know, bdk2 nowdays usually update and upgrade them selves with super cool digital stuffs. For instants, once upon a time Nokia hit the consumer market with its superb monotone ringtone then upgrade it wt camera and such..and now every brand as it owns unique selling point.

the fact here i just wanna stress out, those upgraded issues just to embark consumer in purchasing latest model. huh! ok...i cant "huh" like really "huh" cos i'm the one who actually support and depending on this devices. Rite from phone, laptops, tab...say it..i've it. But my fav rite now is always be BLACKBERRY 


Blackberry (BB) is much more used for Business (i’m a business women in da making $$$ ) hehe.. oh yeah!! IM INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY and don’t have time for useless apps that make fart noices...BB is the answer~

  • BB is simple ( i’m simple...i believes) and tiny enuff too fit in my handbag gedabak. lol
  • My sibings, my man, clients, friends and everybody i’m about to know in da future i think they owns a BB. Well actually i just Love this apps called BBM...haha...the best part i can check out my man every single seconds... (but i didn’t actually)... BBM is just convenience platform for interaction ..thats all :)
  • And my choice rite  now is the new BB Torch 9860 (bought it just to get feel of iPhone..haha) pesen je sama..and it touchy2 screen~ huhu
this is my digital baby yaww~ simple.... :)

Today, out of sudden this baby of mine making a joke out of my serious and super bz life! i kept it on silent cos gotta attend a big meeting wt Ministry..involving round high management levels people...ala..high2 pon takat Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha Unit, TKSU...i'm made a rite decision la to kept my baby on silent. 

but once in a while curi2 gak tgk...1st i got 6 missed calls...(no putrajya)...then i look at it another time it ups to 22 Missed called...and some messages. had a quick to check out messages from TV3 bro and YBK! oh oh.....guess something is wrong sumwhere i think~ 

the meeting ended at 3pm...gues what time is started?? i've been in a meeting for 4 hours!! serious cam stok tgk movie bollywood! aishh...what to do...byk sgt agenda2 kerajaan ni. Suddenly, i unlocked my bb its all WHITE SCREEN..and written JVM ERROR 545... wtf!! whats going onnn????? helloooo....ur just bape bula je with me...and i jaga u just like i jaga boyfriend...handle with 170% care taw...what happen :(

there i went fixing it by my own at 1st...but how creative am i to just try and error je i end up in my shop where i bought it last time. all the man said my software CRASH!! whatttttttt??? NoooOoOOoOOooo........ *cried but siap tahan air mata supaya x jatuh* malu kot depan cina kedai nangis....(in my mind runs all data i save under my clients.....what else..there are so many stuffs iin it) and all the man said...

"if u mintak sama tuhan slamat kan all data pon saya gelenti x lak boley punya"

aiyooo..apekk!! (wahh..trus apek kan..klo x nk je panggil  lengcai..) haha...."lu jgn nk cakap itu macam la..kasi try fix dulu woo"...and so i left my bb there .....over nite..:(

i left without a thing in my mind for tomorrow...the day after...all i pray is for my lil digital device to comes back alive ~ *praying* ternyata ada skit sesal..sbb x buat back up...sebaik aku ni jenis yg suke menulis and mencatat i keep my important things into my daily organizer! (tp details smua dlm BB) ....hmmm.....

itulah dunia dgitalku....masih berharap untuk dunia itu kembali pulih seperti sedia kala~

Monday, July 23, 2012

whats up with Biotechnology and our daily products.?

This morning i got message telling me to proceed to attend a.k.a joining the state government of  Melaka. i mean hell yeah...finally i get to attend a meeting with CM. ehem* let me rephrase back..I'm invited to attend a big meeting with Chief Minister of Melaka..huhu. *eyes blink2* seriously x caya..well after my presentation on my previous proposal on 'Melaka My 2nd Home'..i know this kinda prog is still ding dong ding dong einternally and yet to disclose the whole ideas into an implementation...u know what..its ok..cos the next project im about to get brief soon is all about HALAL-BIOTECHNOLOGY. 

Obviously i donno what is that terms got to do with my kinda job...i know i'm sort of ay consultant a.k.a media planner/advisoyr ,,hmm.., what ever la u guys wanna name it~ haha...asalkan i know what exactly i'm doing..and of course people to appreciate it. kehkehkeh~  oh ya....Alhamdulillah..Amin 8000x for the call up meeting to Melaka next week. Eh chup! guess ..this is one of the biggest surprise as for now...(my birthday is next week!!krook krook krook)

so....what is halal-biotech? yang aku, LR, tau it is a core project our Mantan PM dulu, DS Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ni la yg menaikan industri Halal-Biotech. Padan la LR rasa benda tu x menyeluruh sgt cos after DS x jd, info and what so ever about Biotech cam went down kejap. NOW....i mean since last year it came back into our world. I remembered watching TV3 was all CUSTOMIZE and SPONSORED (as in Branded content) heavy branding on Bio-Tech....ok..i know my innocent readers will not understand the media terms i try to tell about here...but hellooo....BIO-CORP spend millions ok on TV3..oppsssss! did i just spell it out~ huhu... (x_x)

well...terwujud nyer alam biotech2 ni sbb umat islam ada kemusykilan la kot tentang food, end products rite from beauty products till our medicines. Zaman dh berubah...i mean i can bet ; out of our own population in Malaysia, 30% just la yg btul2 into perkara halal haram ni....asal ada lambang 'halal' je mmg confirm2 la benda tu halal... nk jd kan case...some of Muslims masok kedai cina jual mee hun2 cam tu x de tanda halal..but tgk sekeliling ada customer yg bertudung so kedai tu kire halal la~ (ok ni tru story..cos my sista always does that..haha)

>>>>Sneak Preview skit pasal biotech ni selain daripada it was a course yg kwn LR amik time Uni dulu and i dont even know what kinda work he gonna end up with some day....haha...<<<<

There is a wide role of biotechnology in food industry as it is a source of synthetic materials, and innovations. The current issues are the status of genetically modified organism (GMO) or vegetables and plants, use of food additives, enzymes, emulsifiers, hormones are of main subject of concern for Muslims. The Muslim consumers should be particular and sensitive to the products they use for the Halal or haram issue. The recent advancements and impact of these advancements upon status of divine dietary law is very important. Genetic modifications (Use of gene): Reconfiguration of genetic material of an organism (may be plants, vegetables or animals) by taking gene from specie and inserting it into another distinct specie which are not evolutionary related, results in organism  called Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). Genetically modified foods are beneficial as productive yield is increased, added nutritional values, as well as environmental benefits.
© Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2011

Seriously??OMG! am i really did my research on this?? Yes...i am...i dont wanna be a BIMBOOo attending the meeting next week wtout any biasa la...i will do some minor research...and later on will give it to me "skill goreng sendri"  haha...Basically..biotech ni in Food industry which ia menitik beratkan kandungan dalam memprocess sesuatu food / product ni.. nak2 yg ada gelatin haiwan..mmg la kite si pemakan ni yg just tgk luar packaging (the powerful of advertising attraction ) will definitely buy the product la without seeing halal ke haram kan.... i know cos i always did that! oopppss..those days je dat i work in advertising world..ceyhh~ ley kawtim

So dgn ada nyer biotech ni..process dari guna haiwan they actually transform to plants~ Awesome kan u oLs~ (now i know perkejaan kawan aku tu actually mulia rupe nyer...) applicable to any other end make ups, facial wash, lotion....smua product daily use la kire nyer. So...i guess if the brief later been given to me insyAllah i know how to deal with this kinda project! (pls doa kan i go through it successfuly..together we stand!) lol huhuuuuu....seyess x sabarr....x sabar dia cam rasa ibu ngandung nak dpt anak kembar! ;)  LoL!

alrite. think gotta end my session and start masak for sahur~ Assalamualaikum :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Madly in L. O.V.E

The prob with me i always on youtube while im doing my work (proposal)...but i always end up watch youtube more than doing my kinda work! and there i found my fav single who just launch his 4 lettters word album..who else...abg Jason la kan ^_^' but the video which im gonna share really caught my ears feat. Dira (an indonesian artist...well she much more like our Dayang Nurfaezah la) and there i go watch it over and over again....

Enjoy people~ My 1st Ramadhan Alhamdulillah blessed with L.O.V.E~

A perfect combination of  Ricky Lionardi and Dira back in Java Jazz last March~ 

*sgt Suke * ^_^'

Ramdhan comes again~

confirm 2moro is officially a month of Ramadhan..(duhh)..hehe usual the whole family will start our ramadhan by doing Terakwih~ Alhamdulillah...smua seems so excited this very ramadhan...sonok je taw ^_^'
so...we meet again Jubah Hitamku...celak mata from Mekkah and not forgetting perfume HajarulAswat..
OMG!! somehow i truly miss Mekkah la plak..... ;( 

my face look so sakit la without make up....or maybe cos wearing black from top to toe..huhu
well...not that im trying hard to be arabs...but i tend to like myself being kinda mysterious la
nway...i did my terakwih and as usual mama mmg x nk miss Moreh...
and i gotta wait for her depan pagar..(dah la tempat warga lelaki kuar... ^_^)
and dtg la sorank hamba Allah ni sapa i from behind...
"tunggu Suami ke?"...cis..kwn2 my abg rupe nyer....
then one of them saying "linda tunggu fezal la, bro"..haha..funny la those guys~
and i simply replied.."tunggu 'Calon' Suami la' (roll eyes :p)  hehe..
those guys were like..." la nk gittau fezal ni" 
(they all think im still fezal lil tiny sister)
and suddenly mama pon sampai...and of course..mama always be mom to everybody..
ada la 3-5mins those guys talked to mama...and i were like..tick tock tick tock...*sleepy head*

Thats about it for my very 1st Terakwih..huhu
till then peeps~ let get ready for Sahur later...we shall off to bed,thou..
will soon tell my mission on this Ramadhan..;)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fashionable yet decent Muslimah~

First of all, just wanna let the whole know that youtube is actually my favorite 
search engine!
rite from drama, sitcoms, cooking tutorial up to fashion-hijab all there!!
could u our life become soooo easy now days..
i always did some viewing on youtube before i go to sleep...u know la kan..lappy on my bed(sambil baring and layan videoclips and such...but no prono ye :p ) 
then last nite i accidentally viewed this cute fashion turban video...
and today....tadaaaaaa~ i'm all trubanized! haha(what a word la kan...)


well...thanks to DINATOKIO 

this amazing lady inspired me with her sense of fashion! its just awesome and its so ME..indeed;)
 i actually subscribed her  on her latest trendy fashion world!
how i wish i'm staying in UK...cos she actually mentioned on couple of her video she hv lots of RIVER ISLAND brand items...and the brand is sOooO my kinda shop which  i used to shop those days back in LONDON!~
i donno whether above picture which i'm wearing the TURBAN buat sendri looks good as DINATOKIO kelakar pon ada....

we shall see........

haaa...sama kan kan kan???erkk...pls say it atleast 6/10...well yg generous can up till 8/10 ;p
she have a long face and i'm slightly a heart shape.of course long shape much more prettier~ huhu..
Obviously, this trendsetter is much more look nicer than me..come on guys...she is super Creative rite from her way of styling up, her video...the way she act...gosh!! she's an art. hahaha..~ 
oh ya btw...just wanna let u guys know that..who said being all covered a.k.a muslimah these days we(as in kami2 la yg dah berhijab ni)...couldn't get into latest fashion line. 
Basically, i believes fashion always work with our on personality...if u know ya own personality..try to adapt with suitable way of styling...baru la benda x nampak so awkward..rite??
like me i try2 je belit2 jadikan turban...its simple..kind of smart casual daily fashion to go to work and tak guna byk pin2...huhu...BUT....i end up hearing this buzzing noise telling me
" linda, u look like Singh but a Mualaf version" 
haha...well..thanks mama..its really inspired me to try more~ *sigh*
(pastu she kantoi...dia dlm bilik pon try2 nk gak belajar to do turban wrap) LoL

so girls out there, this is my promise...ecyeh! well actually berangan je...wait till i hv my line of trendy fashion wear...soon to be launch! InsyALlah~ and pray for me to get a nice and a good spot for boutique! the brand is yet to be confirm! till then....happy watching utube~  ^_^'

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Welcoming my blissful Ramadhan...

Here comes again Ramadhan after a year of missing~ 1 graceful year have pass by with such a truthful un forgettable memories. The most I remembered wasthe lost of my Good Fwen, Arwah Shakira, rite before we started our fasting month last year. Of course la u ols, deep in my heart i always have lil miss towards her and us. bile tgk blk myself a year ago, im totally not the same person anymore. Keceriaan dalam diri each day cam dh berkurang je....i think la....i mean in sense of friendship and chilling out. i can say, pretty much of what happen over the years, i've learned out of everything.

Mmg la setahun tu nampak in my world, everything went thro a fast phase. Not forgetting some major prob arised and of course wonderful things happen. This Ramadhan and probably Raya as well, one of our new family member dah out from our family tree...i think so la~ ntahlah...Aku rasa family aku ni family org bebaik kot...macam2 dah org2 lain buat but we all still stand strong and unite. Nape la ada manusia cam ni kat dunia..paling2 pon in every of our prayers still punya doa tuk org2 cam ni...mudah-mudahan diberikanhidayah smua bagai la~

Nway...dont la judge me on my appearance dulu2 and skang....mmg smua welcome the new me with pretty good respond.hee..alhamdulillah. Sampai saat ni aku x caya..klo dulu org nak soh aku bergambar skali i'm ok je.....(tak yah tanya i'll definitely join)..but now..i donno what happen...i'm kind of camera shy~tibe2 kan...

Yesterday, i went to lepak at my designer boutique, ada la photographer ni nk amik my pic with all the crews smua..ya ampunnn....1st time in my life i actually said...x mohhhh!!! hahaha,,,and the designer offered me and to take pic wt tu segan2 gak tu~ (maybe x rapat lagi kot....) huhu... Nway...moga this Ramadhan going to be more and more blessed and Barakah for me and my family~ InsyAllah....* cant wait* (besides jadual aku penuh dah tuk berbuka puasa with ministry clients and all..hehe) kena beringat gak...bulan Ramadhan bkn tuk mengemukkan kan badan ngan gi function2 buka posa smua ni...its all about how we absorb those pahala during Ramadhan  :)


Exactly a year go...celebrating my birthday!   tadaaaa....soon celebrating my kinda birthday!

Apa2 pon....sempena nk welcome Ramadhan... few words from myself to all readers out there..hehe

Dua hari lagi NAFAS menjadi TASBIH,
Dua hari lagi TIDUR menjadi IBADAH,
Dua hari lagi DOA di IJABAH,
Dua hari lagi BULAN PENGAMPUNAN akan tiba,
tetapi....itu semua akan terjadi dengan izin Allah SWT sebelum semua saling memaafkan dalam keikhlasan...

Mohon Maaf atas segala Kekhilafan selama ini
Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


gosh~ Nape jiwa aku ni sejak dua menjak ni cam x tenteram...i mean...dh couple of nites i always hear cat meowinggg...and it sounds like my frosty which i officially stated on my mind he's gone forever dh....~ but after i did that.....klo memlm i tersadar time sleep cos of this meowingg sounds sure i will end up...'frostyyyy......frostyyy.....hmmp' :( felt like something bad happen to him.....and he try to find me T_T

im so sorrryyyyy....but mama said definitely i will meet u in another world..for sure u will wait for me...and we both actually can be really close more than before... u understand me and i can understand what u say as well.

but my abg said...nowdays mmg process kucing mengawan pon...nak2 time musim2 ujan ni kan...male cat mmg extra gataiii skit~ so he asked me to keep away my mistical story tu to myself... cisss!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

1M4U dan Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswazah (YSS) ape kaitan?

Begini Cerita nyer...i just came back from the launching of 1M4U or more specifically 1 Malaysia For Youth...basically event for para remaja..youth and our Next Generation(my generation actually)hehe...(another government initiative ..biasa la...lepas satu2 la government kita ni kan...)
to be frank its actually a program under Kementerian Belia dan Sukan and segala kementerian and agensi2 kementerian lain kena la beri support and participate la..(kata nk election..huhu)
I kind of malas je nak attend this massive event...i mean did those days...and of course its always about work..x der makna nyer nk gi sbb suka2. I think in my eyes...every youth should consider this healthy social activity something for them to ponder and discover the value in oneself. This launching took place at KLCC park..mmg kena la sgt..cos i remembered time aku muda remaja dulu pon that was the kinda place i intentionally hang out~ i mean dulu tu la tempat adanyer Asian X-games yg pertama...heh! hang out wt skaters all around da world...woww...really bring back cool memories yaww~ haha (budget hippie la plak)huhu..
 ..but this time around lain la see the different..

hehe..belia yg join program YSS ni kena brief la before the official launch..perghh...gigih tul belia we ols ni...bwh panas terik taw ni~

Official booth for KPT and YSS program!! syabas~

        1. Kerjasama dengan pelbagai kementerian and agensi kementerian lain
        2. pelbagai agenda disedia kan kepada belia
        3. exposure to all youth is just beyond wonders
        4. penglibatan mak bapaq remaja juga di alu-allukan
        5. platform for youth to feel their needs been appreciated by the government
        6. ni paling best...our GENEROUS PM actually launch the whole event..(kire ye bapaq trasformasi kite yg always la bz ni still ada masa tuk our next generation.BRAVO!)
        7. jangan ckp remaja and mak bapqa derank je ada....this is impressive..i saw lots of NGOs yg di bawah belia nyer independent association pon participate..serious its amazed me somehow...(reminds me of UK street get together events)
        8. I believes yang sanggup la turun ke 1M4U event ni yg serius menyokong agenda kerajaan
        9. tak lupa gak...some artistes also came down just to memeriahkan the whole majlis!
        10. enjoy2 gak...tetibe td time nnk kluar from the sesakness tu a young boy kantoi MENCURI ye~ dah kena soal2 Jawab with abg2 Rela yg muke stok  nk belasah org je kan... 

Actually there a lot of positiveness about this kinda event. The one i would like to highlight here is Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswazah (YSS)...well..not because Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)is my client, but the whole initiative yg dibuat oleh program YSS ini sendri antaras pendedahan yang terbaik bagi golongan remaja...well...the whole ideas of MOHE invented this YSS program is to get all uni students involve in Volunteers Service. Serious best wooo.....i mean if MOHE kembangkan skit je lagi idea ni secara mendalam lagi..its going to be a BOOMMM for those Uni peeps. U know...myself actually been doing this kinda shitz..opps...i mean...generous works since im in my primary! kan dulu2 ada kelab tunas puteri...pandu puteri...pengangkap...ape lagi...u ols x ingat ke?? dulu of course masuk kelab2 ni sbb ada activiti yang best salah satu daripada nyer yang boleh join activity time sekolah so kite dapat la ponteng klas kan kan??haha .. cuba bygkan dulu kite buat atas dasar pihak sekolah....tu pon sbb i think la mmg dah jd suatu prog untuk mendedahkan kepada kite smua time kecik2 dulu....and now if u guys join the YSS program..sure it will remind u time muda2...aww~ look at the big picture im trying to say here...
Life is just like a circle...if u did it now and later on u'll teach ya children to resolve round the generosity program as well...and it will go on and on and on...sampai la bebile...dont u think it is a good thing after all! and hopefully...there's a place for us all to make the world more better place!!! wheee :) insyaAllah~ 

Happy sungguh kakak YSS ni invite those belia to join the good program ni!

ok..if u ols nak tau....this is the 2nd last page belia yg dah register nk join the prog..i think bout 48pages la..fUhhh yOooo! (ini bkn fakta ini auta) :p

Thats the spirit we want in our Youth!! berebut2 to be part of the volunteers...u know what...its not about money is about making different to the nation and to yaself as well.. u join u add more value to ya kinda life! *awesome*

the Veteren ..ahaks~ no la...actually this all kakak2 and abg yg dibelakang program YSS pleh MOHE ni...and yg si baju belang tu is the mAster mind ;p (tak register pon to be one of the volunteers but gaya je lebih) lol

i shall give a big THANK you for my lil bro ni...sanggup la teman me on my weekend job~ u know he said its dangerous if i go there alone...let him accompany me! (gosh! since when he became so manly ni...??? ^_^' ) *grateful and blessed* masih ada lagi yg sayang rupe nyer~ hihi

next agenda for YSS...let me think of my own Proposition to The ministry~ nway..totally a great Sunday for me besides pagi td bgn terkejut sbb tgk pic ULAR on my BBM! sebaik x jatuh katil..aishh~ 


new Tailor for Raya 2012

truly blessed and feeling so grateful to spend the whole Saturday with such useful plans! well..not to say that before this i aint got no be specific weekend plan always done in da middle of the week...its just me like to plan everything in advance! huhu...

Cos of super bz week i had on my weekdays, I actually plan to stay and to sleep through out my weekend! (i always plan that....x pernah pon jadi) ...i always have sumthing to do...ALWAYS ye~ i missed to attend my good fwen's wedding today cos i came out with a sudden plan. Called up Ronal my ever close buddy to teman me to do tailoring for my Baju Raya at Azura Couture. I heard about kak zura long time ago but didn't happen to meet her real life. hmm...and so..i asked ainul to gimme contact so i'll go and do my naju Raya wt her....hehe

Kak zura was so surprised to see me...u know i've lots of pictures wt Ainul last time without my hijab and now hijab on babyy~ huhu. Her own boutique is so fantastic! i mean the set up....the dresses and everything is so FAME! i showed her my kain that i bought in Vietnam for her to do a good and stylo outfit for my Raya. then i started to draw la sesuka ati contoh of my DREAM BAJU RAYA for year 2012.haha...all she said that..she have slightly a good sample as per what i wanted la~ then 2 3 pasang la kluar bagi tunjuk ...and ronal were like asing me to try it think back actually i'm kinda of malas cos nk unbutton my baju and the major thing is to take out my Hijab. but kak zura said i can just try it on and its pretty easy cos i just hv to sarung je cite dia...

So, i took the white modern and stylish baju kurung....very decent and nice and i wore it. kak zura zipped it up for me and she asked me to walk to the mirror at the corner of the boutique! i can feel the kain is so flowy.. u know la kain shifon~ then i end my self in front of the mirror and was so STUNT and SURPRISED to see me in those white flowy outfit! OMG!!! is that really me??? woww...woww....and i looked at kak zura...and she was like....yeah...u look absolutely stunning and gorgeous, my dear!...and i was like..."aww~ kak zura..this is just perfect! its soOooo me" and she smile....and pronouced .." that baju i sewed for my client... tempah for her nikah soon 2 weeks of hari raya" ....lagi la aku x caya sbb i'm actually wearing people baju nikah and it look so perfectly on me...she told me the person is about same size as me..very petite! haha....Ronal, kak zura and her stuffs was stunt ye tgk i'm wearing the baju fit perfectly. lol

knowing the one that i wearing is a baju nikah...and i trus pronounced to kak Zura..."where's my RING???mana mana???" haha.....then kak zura was saying.."nnt bile time linda sampai...i'll design more better for you, my dear" heh! such a drama queen i am~ :p

tadaaa~ this is my new designer for my baju raya collection year 2012
seriously i cant wait to see and go fitting my baju! this amazing Kak Zura just sealed me by her work and her own personality....very humble and funny indeed! u rocks~ 
so girls out there...try la do some tailoring with her....her work is very fine and really nice...especially for ya own big day costume! she made her name quite big in our fashion of MUST CHOSEN designer in our entertainment industry! BravOo...who ever wanna looks good as ya fav celebrtities...or berangan la nk jd artist...starts ya so called fairy tale with Azura Couture aite ;)
its just AMAZING!! 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

C.A.N.T.I.K dan ertinya~

Semua orang pon suke tgk benda yg cantek kan? and for guys and girls of course...1st thing 1st yg dia tgk is luaran. Sape x nk girlfwen cun, hot, fabualous and seangkatan ngan nyer kan..and it goes the same wt all the girls..klo bley smua nk yg Hot...idung terletak...badan perghh cam tough or berketaq2. well.. if i were to chose.. i'll chose Rafael Nadal  la..tak pon Brandon Boyd..or...uhh! pls.....there's such a long lists...but yg benarnya...i passed my time to chose all that in that sense~ cam ala2 did that done that la~ 

this is my fav tennis playa yaww~ sweet!;)           all time fav band-brandon from incubus

Okay~ aku pelik la some girls would want to go for a hottie guy...u know its like a trend back then this group of girls dok cakap2 among them about their kinda bf ..."bf u hensem u cute nyer bf u" erkkk....i mean i used to hang out with this group..ntah camne ntah dulu tetibe can be close with them....seriously they are all really nice people indeed but klo bercakap tu...aish.. nausubillah~ sakit telinga nk mendengar nyer all the gossips2 liar ni taw...huhu..

smalam tetibe terserempak la ngan one of this groupies...(still being them as usual la..) and she was like...hey hey....u loookkkk sooo gojaz now la linda~ (ok...i can smell the sarcasticsm....***haacchhOoooo*** sorry i'm bit allergic to sarcasticsm) huhu~.... and the conversation begin...asking lots of questions to me and yeah the fact that she actually asked a question yg nampakkan dia is soOooooo B.I.M.BO! like helloooo....

she mentioned that she just browsed thro my fb couple of days before~ and noticed i'm so "gojaz' with my new personality...i mean being a hijabster...hehe ..that word "Hijabster' got it from my 'golfer' friend! haha..well it sounds cool to me,thou~...nway..cant believes this girl really checkin me out! lol...then poyo2 tanya..."i bet ur happily married"~ and all i gave to her is my "WTF face" and pronounced softly...blum lagi la...insyAllah kalu ada rezeki and jodoh ada lah~ hehe....and this part yg seriously buat i rasa..OMG!! ur sooOOoOo pathetic ! this girl tot i'm wearing a Hijab now cos i'm married??? aiyooo~ what in the world la u been thinking...masyAllah~ ........and i smile...nothing more i can say...all i did was pray for Allah to give her more hidayah perhaps. Doa sebagai seorang kawan je ni~ she wants to catch up with me..but i'm kinda in da hurry.....

on my way back my mind flew to those days~ it was fun...people luv to hang out with hottie girls and those girls pon suka la ..normal la tu...socializing i think x salah..we gotta know how to control it...and dont la extremely do it without boundaries kan!I bet every girl pon mmg suke dipuji...klo pakai baju lawa skit..dh kena puji cantik..lawa la...smua yg girly2 stuffs la ... Ya ampun~ dulu pon aku suke je org puji2 ni..nak2 byk dtg from now..masyAllah...tu la benda plg aku takot!!! like seriously takot....

I discover ..1 of the thing yang bley naikkan ego kite is the pujian yg kite terima...i felt that way recently and i think my alter ego starts to shine back again! oh noooo.....u know what? Ego easily can attract negative is a key to call those mahluk bertanduk 2 tu to come near us..(Saitan) hehehe.... i asked my so called ustazah peribadi la kan..actually my close fwen la...she said i learn to know myself and to improve every lil things inside me and make it really look beautiful....the Nur will eventually raise up to ya personality. And not be afraid, its a good thing cos according to her  i will attract more positive vibes to inspired others~ pfft! tenang nyer my fwen ni ckp think back what she said ada yg btul nyer~ jgn salah guna dh la kan...Cantik yang ada pada all individu  ni is not ours.....its a thing that dipinjamkan to us for while....all we need is bersyukur and appreciate it selagi boley la kan~ i heard lots of things and i learned from it...smua jatuh in slip second je...from berpangkat jd worst than a normal human being, from yang kaya jadi miskin....from berpengaruh jd yg paling di benci masyarakat.....hmmm~

 i mean in my kind of work field..i met lotsa people wt different approach...alhamdulillah...the fact that every tindak tanduk aku all this while and i still practice it until today is to be firm and strong to myself...and every lil steps i'm bout to do i always think of Him.

So...nak dapat yang chantek luaran ke nk try tgk dalaman dulu? huhu...Inner beauty will last long...luaran u guys figure out la sendri k :) enjoy my forever fav rapper - The Altimet yawww!! hee

the day i stop crying

i  remember once i was a lil cry baby...pantang di usik skit sure cepat je menangis. And everyone in my family know that. They called me "budak Kememeh"! huh? what in da world do that word stand for? But time to time i wonder by myself..till when la nk nangis kan. Practically i grew up really fast as i learn and discover every lil things that happen around me~

Yesterday i welcome my senior, my mentor and my future business partner to my house. I bring along my mom and brother to sit down and discuss on our BIG AGENDA...huhu...sounds really big is! if it happen....i guess we really BOOMM BIG TIME!insyAllah...And of course as an opening story, mama always...and forever la highlight my kinda story kan~ not forgetting my mentor also highlight some good things about me in front of mama and abg. well..thats not a point actually... the point was mama ckp she doesn't know linda as in a working field...but for her I'm such a cry baby...gosH! she actually said that in front of my future business partner and co. Worst case...abg added on mama's phrase~ serious Ppotonggg!! (there goes my credibility) huhu....

well..basicaly they know me pretty fine...they know my work and i can say they know me to the limits of dedication and hardcore working spirit! la..dapat one campaign that i guess i can manage i'm soo semangat la kan! ;) Besides mama mentioning i'm a cry baby all this years...hey look at me..i'm a big girl now...perhaps at this age i can be a mommy,thou.

to be honest i figure to just hide my tears from everybody..tak kire la my family ke tak, it is when i discover i need to move and stand on my 2 feet. Tiada rasa sedey sgt2 lagi dah cos i really feel the real sadness after  i lost my dad at the young age. I remember at that moment i look and i think deeply..where should i turn to? whose gonna be the leader of all...who? who? whoOo? and so.....i pronounced to built a deepest believes in me that no matter what happen me, myself have to be strong to face the world. Family is Family....but pegangan idup diri sendri tu ikat kuat2 to ourself.

Many people doesn't really think like me. Some said i'm weird...and others always tot im the bad onc. huh..pls...if i were to stand on what people say all these while i think i would be dead by now! ye la mana tak nyer...cam2 org dah try buat lots of things to me...u know..i've been used and lied before..all i would say is...its a leaning process in life anyway....the pain isn't so strong like i used to feel when i know i'd lost my father~ oh..God only knows how miserable i was at that particular moment. I guess that's why not just myself  yang independent ...i can see that in my siblings. i mean...both family. We got our late Dad's gen i i mean the good one....;) to add on...we are all the LEADER to ourself.

i guess..pompuan mmg senonim ngan tangisan2 ni....its been awhile thou i didn't feel that kinda value it me...think that all this while im pathetically transform myself and trying so hard to be like a boy! cos oh yeahh....boys dont cry. be truth...girls always be girls. my heart senang sgt tersentuh..and mulalah those air mata bergenang..aiiyakkkk!! cliche la plak jd gegurl ni...oh ya! i guessthe last time i really really2 cried was when i'm in Mekkah!! seeing the wonderful Kaabah in front of my eyes..oh my God!! airmata cam air terjun je turun...i cant control feels benda yg slama ni simpan plg dalammmm la dlm ati ni transform into air mata T_T.....thats was the best moment ~ i mean crying moment la.. lol..
oh ya....dlm flight i cried gak...sbb pasang mp3 skali kluar my dad's fav karaoke song....kopratasa ke ape nama kumpulan ni...and he always sang this song to mama...

Friday, July 13, 2012

Priceless Gift...

I'm not gonna talk about harta karun here...or harta Jacksparoww ~ hehe... well...what do u think the most priceless gift ever to yaself?? some said their super luxurious car , their happening career, not forgetting their own big mansion...and some have tanah pesaka or what so ever. Well, i come across this lil finest thing in seeing others i got this lil value.

I've to say the PRICELESS GIFT the one i have and the one i would like to built is THE FAMILY! yesterday was the da day everything seems to be the answer of all that i want and most needed at this particular of time..Out of sudden i realized what i actually pursue all this while starts to develop in such a  beautiful picture. career growth is just amazing. Alhamdulillah...i couldn't agree more in seeing myself doing the most interesting and fun job after all~

I'm actually in a middle of resigning and wanna create my own path in business sector with government and my close clients. being in client servicing line somehow create such a good networking. Pretty much so far Alhamdulillah...i met a lot of people who stand in a same direction~ my own hasrat to venture into more wider business scope..handling partnership with dedicated businessman and entrepreneur seems is wtill unworkable...first because my CEO actually countered  offer with me to stay and working with them in a bigger platform in media industry. Well, i tot i was smart enuff to just came out with reasons and more reasons...he asked me to give a good reason why i want to resign from my current job...(well..he assume i got more better offer ..and tot im gonna go back to Media Prima) huhu...all da way i said NO...No...and NO......

*my life Drama 1*...this is what i told him...well....actually i wanna end up my single life! Opppss...its just slipped out of sudden~ (muke tetap maintain as in its gonna be real)..and my CEO eyes getting bigger! then trus ckp CONGRATS!! i dont see why u wanna resign if u getting marry...and serious i tot that kinda answer will stop him from elaborate it to some other issues...DANG!! there i go kena dgr ceramah "MANLY....FATHERLY and SENIOR advice" from him....i can say he looks from a big angle where if we want to built up a FAMILY with wealthiness it always starts with dedication and works! So, there i go stuck wt his kinda offer. Senang je dia ckp....

"i'll transfer u to in charge of Government and GLC sectors since u have a strong based client! u jaga ya MOHE u and ya future childrens also senang"  

(he totally dont get my point...which i'm still working under people..hellooo...!.and at this kinda kind of can manage my own time schedules and works loads pretty much by myself...if i were to work under people wt reporting as such....i mean i can do that..but if i happen to meet and work to under good LEADER not boss ye...sbb good leader will create another good leader perhaps!) *%^@*#&$&(Q)&((0*&$1!! 0_o -----> buat muke not interested.......then he add on..

"and i'm putting u in the company share holder" BINGGO!!! noww...he got my kinda POINT!! lol...well...its a tough job and great responsibility to hands on to me rite now....and he leave the answer for me to come back to him soon. and i heard i will be place overseas?? are u serius??? (at this point i gotta keep really firm saying i'm getting marry next year so how come he wanna place me overseas kan,...) well, its pretty good offer,thou...but yeah....i believes and stay strong with my OWN FAMILY!~

klo la offer ni dtg 3 yrs ago..i will definitely say YES..Yess...YESS!! but now....x yah pk pon i will say NO THANKS!


*My life Drama 2* After settle with my CEO, clients called me up saying 2moro going to be a real important meeting to me and her....Whats up?? sbb nk approve budget for her kinda program and i'm the one who actually the master mind for the whole media campaign. huhu....nk tak nak dia called soh dtg umah dia buat keja with her ...compiling details on budgeting~ erkk......cos of service i came down...sebaik aku x kaawin lagi...klo dh kawin sorry leww nk turun memlm mmg tak la~

I gotta go to her family house cos her daughter sakit....and of course her parent la kena look after. As i went inside her house...i feel so peace and harmony~ eceyh! dah cam disney land je kan bunyi nyer kan....hehe..mana tak nyer...meriah with all the kuntuts..budak2..and ada baby baru lahir lagi.. sebenarnya..aku ni langkah kanan...they all was celebrating her sis's birthday! huhu..free2 dpt mkn ice cream cake u ols~ huhu...i couldn't concentrate cos seeing all the kids and cara my client yg kecik je ni cam baya2 aku dah jadi mommy and i guess she happen to have such a happy and adorable family~ u know when u see such a PERFECT PICTURE...ya Allah...alhamdulillah sgt tgk that kinda m o m  e n t ...truly blessed and grateful!

Rupe client ni dh bercerita kat the whole family bout me....aikk...lain macam je...cos akak, adik..mak and ayah..suami dia smua la..sambut my kehadiran cam lew anak sendri blk taw~ (agak sbb aku ni cam the one yg suke layan tetamu kot....rexeki aku jumpe org yg pandai greet  tetamu juga...*suke*) . To add on the miracle...her adik ipar actually was my ex-colleague @ Media Prima under news desk division..and he happen to be on my bro's wedding as the leader for Silat team! ya Allah....kecik je dunia ni~ no wonder la dr aku masok pintu dia dok la...i dont easily remember names...maybe by the look it will familiar to my eyes..huhu

time nk blk my client ni ckp la....thank you..and tell me that i am so nice to come mlm2 cam ni to help her out to settle her kinda paper work. ..ntah la..aku clueless to answer back..all i said...i'm at ya service~ haha...i just enjoy doing my work and will try to help others who really needs my help..simple as that...she add on saying...." best je u ni rajin keja and sbb tu have a nice car"....and my mind think to a different angle....and my heart speak....and i smile....

To compare what i have and what u have...i think my life is not complete yet..but i guess ya life is like a perfect picture..truly complete in my eyes. U have such a pretty loving family with ya own kid and ur a one working woman at the same time a Mom! thats AMAZING value a woman could ever have, be honest... how i paint my life with colors is always back to Responsibility. Cos responsibility challenge oneself...and where ever has challenges, it always create colors in our life's graft! To me, i think i'm ready to go on to another stage of life...and welcome responsibility!~ come on...responsibility and commitment grows people to be more matured and wiser person indeed. dont u think so? conclude my longgggggggg ever post ni.... FAMILY IS THE BEST ASSET after all~ cam ne kaya org pon kat dunia...think twice people...u should think and remind yaself that u have two world to take care of...dunia nyata and dunia akhirat! cukup yg nyata and akhirat tu....u'll be leaving in such happiness and bliss moment. Amin!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Monday blues ke? 
Ya Allah~ y did i feel so there something bad gonna happen soon? 
i hate to face such wonder in myself...
its like looking for an answer without no question.hmmm...
its really hard for me to face my daily work cos of this feeling...
:( :( :(

like normal..i'll search for some positives quotes to make the feeling stable back as it is..
but....this is just useles rite now..
is it somebody close to me facing a bad situation rite now? Mama? Abg? sista?  
Astagfirullah...or is Myself?

I shall figure it out...lets start wt solat 1st................later u ols ~

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Akad dan tanggungjawab...

I think most of the people especially girls cant wait to get marry. That's gonna be the super ultimate moment of every girls dream...i do say so cos i'm a girl and i cant event wait for mt time to come~ hehe... Big and amazing celebration, a family gathering, nice couple theme and custom..say it all the positiveness of the celebration! Everyone is dying for one!

Well...this is my opinion after resolves round with weddings and such for quite a year. U know..i was a wedding photographer before..u can check out my link   and look at those pretty amazing pictures that i took and make all girls and guys like.."wuahHHh.....lets get marry,thou. " huh~ pls.....not that easy...

Yesterday was my closest fwen nikah and wedding reception. And guess what..i'm the one who really wanna get involve with her set up and such...and they also did used my experience in making such a wonderful wedding celebration. least i saw the FACE of SATISFACTION on them...and that kinda faces really released all my penat lelah and of course feeling great!

Akad Nikah was the  moment aku ni tak pernah la x menangis~ maybe i take every words of nikah kuthbah tu suatu perkara yg serious..(of la kan kena serious) and take it as a HUGE RESPONSIBILITY~ padan la ustaz2 ke tok kadi yg bacakan kutbah tu slaloo yg high in humor ..sbb x nak bg the whole majlis tense...i know at this particular moment laki sure the one yg plg nervous cos its the moment where officially pass a father's girl responsibility to him! mak aii.....serious berat tu! Well, i believes one man who said to be a husband to one woman is the man who can catty out the truth responsibility~ and yes he is ready in every senses....u know...guy is always be the Man, a leader, a and of course supporter. I experienced once before at this majlis akad nikah....the guy sampai berpeluh2 la nak akad nikah...and when he started to take the akad ..he fumbles~ i mean he did fumbles twice....and there goes the guests respond.....(start gelak2 and bercakap itu ini...aishh) Ustaz gak yg tenangkan dia..bagi dia minum air...and at that time i was the photographer...i was 22 i guess...i look at the person and said to him..."everything is gonna be alrite..." and pray for everything di permudahkan~ tp  mmg serius nampak lelaki tu cuak...hihi. akhirnya selamat juga akad :)

ok that is the boy part...mmg la u ols ckp boys nyer part paling susah. Well..actually sama je...come on la. Akad Nikah ni cam CONTRACT MATI tau tak....aku ni nangis la dlm ati( mata dah start berair) bile tok kadi baca satu2 and pelan2 kutbah nikah tu..cos i always see in different angle of life. well, to be truth, i always take whats lack in me from others...siapa kite klo nk di bandingkan dgn org lain?? for girls, who actually married and going to pon..Contract Mati yg kite take from akad tu is the most wonderful and painful contract. But yeah...take a step behind and think in that contract mmg la x de tulis ape pasangan kite suke or tak smua...its a contract to know more and more about our other half. Klo la perangai ni skit punya cantek before kawin...and masa dah kawin it change..Ya Allah...that is the MAIN POINT i would like to highlight...U DONT LA CANCEL  kan what u akad before but u should figure out the is just like a GAME! u choose to be in this path u gotta deal with it...u gotta know ya responsibility and believes.

ok..i cant say much on this cos i'm just a girl yg x experience to be in marriage world yet..but alhamdulillah pemahamam aku tentang marriage world is really wide. You know, i come from a big family which are so family oriented.  We believes that a good and well respectful human come from a good family attachment. Myself i can say x de la pandai sgt bout ilmu agama ni...but Alhamdulillah, aku di besarkan dlm keadaan serba cukup...cukup makan... cukup pakai... cukup ilmu...(cukup bergaya sejak dua menjak ni la..hahaa)..and segalanya cukup. And i always enjoy life as it is... walau x setinggi mana pon ilmu mom and dad always make sure our basic is strong enuff. Yg penting PEMAHAMAN Ilmu tu sendri kena ada dalam diri...and it somehow relate in real life. btul la dlm Islam...syarat kawin tu sendri ada tertulis pasal mencari calon kena tgk pd asal usul family dia...well its to ensure diri kita and si laki tu serasi la kan~ ada setengah org mmg la sembahyang x tinggal smua....which is good cos that are the 5 basic things we as Muslim have to do it each day. Tapi jgn pernah  anggap perkara2 lain dalam Islam ni remeh.... Tinggikan and luaskanlah pemahaman agama tu dalam semua perkara....i'm saying this cos when ever i look at people i always reflect back to myself..and to be truth.....byk lagi yg i'm lack in :( ~ hehee...but everyday pon is  a day for me to learn and learn....and i wont stop........ :)

apa2 pon...i would llike to say congrats to my BEAUTIFUL MARRIED BESTIE!!Alhamdulillah sempurna sudah ya wedding and you are now officially a WIFE~ :) such blessed and grateful feeling seeing you amazingly creating ya path into marriage life. Nothing more i would like to say cos i believes you going to be such a loving and great wife to ya husband. Play the cards well my dear Shazwani Rahman :)

Lil notes from the bottom of my heart~ What goes around certainly comes back around. The stars will definitely shine on every marriage life. A splendid time is guaranteed for those who enjoy and appreciate life as it is. For my girl, Wani, i believes in anticipation, ya eyes brighten and ya step develops a lil spring. U can just coast thro the rest of the day as long as you know you have something really great to look forward in marriage life and family future.  God bless the both of you, Wani & Hafiz - 070711. InsyAllah~

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

linda Si penjual cekodok~

hmm...2day i think i'd faced such a gloomy day. Rite from i woke up..dh bley rasa sumthing wrong just yet to happen. Client gave me such hustles through the day..i mean..yesterday ckp wanna get the job quotation done soon then today...keep on pass me round to Datin colleagues la..aiyakk....i've to eat all this as i'm serving the government sectors. "sabar itu pasti membuah hasil yg lumayan"....and i keep on repeating it on and on...

At the end of the day...i'm stuck in traffic...and mind sway into a deep imagination~ and i tweet...
."Terasa cam nk jadi penjual cekodok je...I'm tired selling medias #justsaying" 

skali ramai plak yang membalas...haha. funny la! i know my tweet all this while inspired others in someways but end up today totally different. tu kot sbb yg rajin membalas ni....
not to say i give up..but im actually want a simple life...
(i always say that...but my action doing the other way round) *sigh*
penat arr my mind been pressure getting all the big ideas...and the implementation part tu lagi la..Nausubillah~

Actually duk tgk kakak tepi jln jual kuih pisang tu yg dpt idea nk jd penjual cekodok je...
happy je i tgk kakak tu borak2 wt fwens sambil goreng2..(sure bergosip)
anak dia plak buat keja sekolah....hmm...LIFE is just amazing :)
in every situation pon klo kite appreciate life sure things org yang pandang remeh actually benda tu la happiness bg kite...
Klo nk ikutkan....kakak tu jual goreng pisang je...abis yg dia pk is minyak masak nyer stok~
sempoi je...jual pakai kain batik and tshirt...heee...
if la dunia aku cam tu...****still trying to imagine****
uhh! x dpt bayangkan arr.....jual cekodok i guess x payah pk dasyat2...paling jauh pk pon pk target bape byk cekodok nk dijual..huhu..,,(and bape byk yg nk dimakan) haha...

oh ya! this is only my imagination on my way back from a super tiring day!~ 
keep on wishing for simple life indeed ^_^'

b.L.A.n.K - T.H.i.n.King~

**** MEDITATE**** 
why am i feeling this way?
losses energy...negative thinking...feeling uncertainty...
i shall give up on sumthing that i hold a lil too long....but what is it?
oh pls~ i just dont like when my alter ego starts to speak..

I was too close with my alter ego last time and i definitely know what the consequences...
lantas aku selalu mohon..
"ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku bersyukur atas segala hidayah yg telah dikurniakan ke atas diri kerdil ku yang lemah lagi memohon simpati ni....jangan pernah Engkau mengambil ia semula and tetapkan la hati ini untuk selalu bergerak menuju kejayaan~ amin"

I know that if we attach ourselves with our on Ego and it will manipulate us to become someone who is totally beyond ourselves. Ego is a NEGATIVE AURA..
and it attracts the evil sources and lead us to become more proud of  ourselves while the one we should proud of is hte ONLY Allah SWT. 

(just a reminder to myself ) peace ;)

Monday, July 2, 2012

oH! HeLLooo Juli JuLy~

yeap! it is a totally a new HeLLo after a brave goodbye on JuNe Juni :) 
why do i look up on this very MONTH??
ehem~ it is my own superb month....its the month i'm born in..and yes i'm a LEONIST~ roaarr!
This month i gotta walk boldly into the very thing i wants to achieve but i think i just can't. 
oh Pls~ i always say this to myself...
" do it afraid! and amazed your own self, bravee soul "
(and i keep repeating it again and again till i actually doing it) lol
there i go..a lil simba trying to be the King of the Jungle..huahaua

that's me..hehehhee...meoww~

2ndly I'm expecting this month gonna be a Month of true blessing..
well..its because this is a month where Ramadhan gonna falls in..
I am sooOoo glad that these very year my birthday falls on Ramadhan month..
exactly 8 days all Muslims start fasting :) 
well.. gotta plant my seeds from make my time devoted to welcome the Holy Month of Ramadhan...less works to ensure la kan and more in beribadah and such.hee ;) 

way to proceed people~ eceyh~ hope yg kat luar sana x patuh undang2 jalan raya..but atleast we bond ourselves with the do and don'ts in Islam . ahaks! ;) all have a blessing month and to me..happy future birthday, big girl! ;p

- xoxo

Sunday, July 1, 2012

bye2 June Juni~ :)

I closed my June with tremendously presentation to Malacca state of government and tourism. Alhamdulillah~ i did it...ALONE as for now...well, i believes soon i'll be having my own team in putting those bit and pieces of ideas into a big interesting master piece and let us make a different in out advertising line..i'm expecting it for it to happen among all the government sectors...( it is been my deeepest ever wish ever since i'm handling the government sectors..) ..
ada la gak cam nk separuh mati to open up their mind and eyes into a real and current trend of campaign advertising..oh ya! i'm still doing it...

tu dia~ this kinda cherios bebenar la sgt kan proposal ni took me 1 week in putting my ideas into black white....i mean colorful master piece.huhu~ when i open the clients were like..wuAhAAaa~ and i was saying to them..
" releks la...blum mula lagi..the excited part kejappp lg to be reveal k" is my thing to make an 1st impression....and alhamdulillah i kinda grab their attention towards my 1 hour presentation..and then..kuih2 smua kuar and we do the kinda Q&A 
(but aku enjoy bedal kuih2 kat melaka ni....Sodapp woo~)

standard la my 1st experience travel and present alone i can say it pretty amazing and interesting. 
I like when i kinda of automatically react like I'm deadly an Innocent girl~ BooYahh!
i'm telling all of them that it was my 1st time jejak Melaka...alone. 
then cam2 la suggest itu ini...(padahal my bf work in Melaka..bley je turun naik sini) ;)
and yeah..i terslipped in the meeting saying my fav dish is Asam Pedas'..
to my surprised they did offer me to stay till noon and have the bestttt asam pedas in town!!
**** Drooooliiiiiinnnnngggggg****
(part ni la the most i excited doing deal outstation ni..we gotta eat their best local food)

But guess what?? i didn't happen to eat pon asam pedas kat melaka tu :( 
but i got to meet my most asam..masham and hot boyfriend insteeed..haha..
Yes! i did surprised him at his kinda office. well the one got surprised!
mana tak nyer...i never been to his office ever since he moved to Melaka to
but at last i did! Ya ols gotta see what i actually see through out my way to to his office...
This is what exactly i see...sanggup la benti tepi jalan and nikmati the best refreshing nature surrounding for 15mins *amazed* o_O..totally!
and according to his adik i gotta trus jeeeee and ikut je jln npk ladang kelapa sawit and such..kampung2 then i'll see the side that he been working on.
and so..i trusss...and truss...till....

tadaaa....i end up in Ladang Kelapa sawit. *sesat la woii*
sebaik ada pak cik baru abis keja ladang and was about to balik rumah i guess...
he asked me to follow him from behind. He looks pretty convincing and i just ok je la~
and there i was...parked in front of his picture to share how surprise to see his office in site compound! pheww~ he look pretty amazing with his works and stuffs ;)
**%#@%** S. U. R. P. R. I. S. E **^$@#**
 :P :D ^_^