Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Yatims at YBK

Ape yang best kat bulan Ramadhan selain dari ibadat2 yang normal dalam buku pafa u ols dulu2 tu kan ; solat terakhwih, berzikir, baca Quran, solat witir, solat tasbih...and pelbagai lagi solat sunat la klo buat dlm month of Ramadhan berkat and rahmat dia lagi Tinggi..InsyaAllah :)

Memang bagus pon perbanyakkan solat smua tu in Ramadhan but it is also a month of SEDEKAH! well, as we see in a big picture the meaning of SEDEKAH ni is so wide! berzikir itu pon sedekah...but to the world of marketing and businesses is more than giving Money!

So, i put myself in The Yatim's (unfortunated kids) shoes....i mean all this while pon aku di besarkan in their world pon but the different between me and those yang kat rumah2 anak yatim tu is that Mama doesn't send all of her children to Rumah2 kebajikkan ni...being so family oriented we manage to go thro our life and accept what faith has been given.

One fine day (i think few weeks before Ramdhan), as normal the siblings always chit chat among each others...and suddenly my Abg told me that somewhere during Ramadhan he wanna do some Raya mock up program with the kids at our house. Well my Abg is a Director for his own prog called "TV3 VOICE OUT" he asked me if my client ada  tak rumah2 kebajikan ni and some other sponsorships..knowing i'm in marketing line kan~ ( we used to help each other in  making our job is a success..normal la tu..nk credit~) Haha...on my mind trus came out a name called "Yayasan Pembasmi Kemiskinan, YBK" ...huhu. im like WHY NOT?? since i've a contact wt the owner sendri kan....i mean im a fwen with both of the owner kids.

Asrama Kasih YBK..this is the place yaw we gonna hype out on Raya Program!

Told my bro that we make it as CSR program during Ramadhan..the trus la buat mock Raya prog with celebrities and artist! i convinced my bro saying that the yatims would really appreciate if we as outsiders came and entertain their kinda world..u know la kan they all duduk dalam asrama with rules and regulations place on the top of their mind ...this is a time we come there and make them loose a bit of their stressed..! haha..(bkn la aku maksud nk merosakkan the innocent kids...we will come to hype up on their kinda life)...i know cos all this while pon time aku kecik2 i remembered i play and explore lots of things with my siblings...we just NEED TIME AND ATTENTION...mama was bz cari duit alone to built the family after the lost of our guess is time to giving back to unfortunate kids the time and the connection with the outside world that we have just nak tunjuk kat dorank la.."look the world is HUGE and FUN..dont be sad upon ya life...ur da one who have the power to make ya LIFE even better..we only be the source" ....  

myself believes in the power of looking at great people and things we can become One..yeah..probably one sweet day. haha! So, malam td la shooting raya tu dibuat kat YBK..punya la sonok budak2 ni....cos we make a rules that 'KENA PAKAI BAJU RAYA WARNA WARNI'....and every one of them wore baju melayu and baju kurung lain2 color u ols..and sgt meriah!! we scrapped of the rules yg sedia ada sbb derank nyer baju raya slaloo smua sepesen and sama color! thats kinda 1st thing we scrapped..we want anak2 ni be themselves for a day in our Program Raya TV3 ni. trus ceria muke budak2 ni... :) huhu!

The truth we doesn't want them to asingkan themselve from the world. they might not seems big as they are now but they gotta believes that one day the world we acknowledge the existence of them being part of the society. By looking at those eyes, they seems enjoy, friendly and very welcoming. Cos all i know that some said anak2 kat YBK ni susah nk bercakap sgt, pemalu and not really friendly. Alhamdulillah..i didnt happen to see that last nite..every one having their own good times. A value that they gave us and we pay back with such a wonderful memories to them ;) all da best to u ols!

Product YBK 1: this is the 1st girl came up to me and really nice to talked and asked for my autograph...
i end up lukis kalikator pic dia..hahaha...

Product YBK 2: form 5 girl..told me she likes the way i bring myself...ehem* Personality? lol ^_^'

tadaa!! photo session with clients and YBK units..alhamdulillah client aku (JM Bariani) was so happy and satisfied on the whole CSR event collaboration with YBK.  

Offical photo with anak2 teruna product YBK...yg tengah baju biru tu Amran Ismail being so OVER.haha..but he kinda cool with those kiddos~

sesi blur...nk tulis ke nk sign ke nk draw...haha..i felt so touched with those kids so welcoming me~

Alhamdulillah~ i did what i supposed to do during Ramdhan. InsyALlah for those yg terlibat..may Allah grant you with more blessing and barakah~ peace!

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