Saturday, July 14, 2012

C.A.N.T.I.K dan ertinya~

Semua orang pon suke tgk benda yg cantek kan? and for guys and girls of course...1st thing 1st yg dia tgk is luaran. Sape x nk girlfwen cun, hot, fabualous and seangkatan ngan nyer kan..and it goes the same wt all the girls..klo bley smua nk yg Hot...idung terletak...badan perghh cam tough or berketaq2. well.. if i were to chose.. i'll chose Rafael Nadal  la..tak pon Brandon Boyd..or...uhh! pls.....there's such a long lists...but yg benarnya...i passed my time to chose all that in that sense~ cam ala2 did that done that la~ 

this is my fav tennis playa yaww~ sweet!;)           all time fav band-brandon from incubus

Okay~ aku pelik la some girls would want to go for a hottie guy...u know its like a trend back then this group of girls dok cakap2 among them about their kinda bf ..."bf u hensem u cute nyer bf u" erkkk....i mean i used to hang out with this group..ntah camne ntah dulu tetibe can be close with them....seriously they are all really nice people indeed but klo bercakap tu...aish.. nausubillah~ sakit telinga nk mendengar nyer all the gossips2 liar ni taw...huhu..

smalam tetibe terserempak la ngan one of this groupies...(still being them as usual la..) and she was like...hey hey....u loookkkk sooo gojaz now la linda~ (ok...i can smell the sarcasticsm....***haacchhOoooo*** sorry i'm bit allergic to sarcasticsm) huhu~.... and the conversation begin...asking lots of questions to me and yeah the fact that she actually asked a question yg nampakkan dia is soOooooo B.I.M.BO! like helloooo....

she mentioned that she just browsed thro my fb couple of days before~ and noticed i'm so "gojaz' with my new personality...i mean being a hijabster...hehe ..that word "Hijabster' got it from my 'golfer' friend! haha..well it sounds cool to me,thou~...nway..cant believes this girl really checkin me out! lol...then poyo2 tanya..."i bet ur happily married"~ and all i gave to her is my "WTF face" and pronounced softly...blum lagi la...insyAllah kalu ada rezeki and jodoh ada lah~ hehe....and this part yg seriously buat i rasa..OMG!! ur sooOOoOo pathetic ! this girl tot i'm wearing a Hijab now cos i'm married??? aiyooo~ what in the world la u been thinking...masyAllah~ ........and i smile...nothing more i can say...all i did was pray for Allah to give her more hidayah perhaps. Doa sebagai seorang kawan je ni~ she wants to catch up with me..but i'm kinda in da hurry.....

on my way back my mind flew to those days~ it was fun...people luv to hang out with hottie girls and those girls pon suka la ..normal la tu...socializing i think x salah..we gotta know how to control it...and dont la extremely do it without boundaries kan!I bet every girl pon mmg suke dipuji...klo pakai baju lawa skit..dh kena puji cantik..lawa la...smua yg girly2 stuffs la ... Ya ampun~ dulu pon aku suke je org puji2 ni..nak2 byk dtg from now..masyAllah...tu la benda plg aku takot!!! like seriously takot....

I discover ..1 of the thing yang bley naikkan ego kite is the pujian yg kite terima...i felt that way recently and i think my alter ego starts to shine back again! oh noooo.....u know what? Ego easily can attract negative is a key to call those mahluk bertanduk 2 tu to come near us..(Saitan) hehehe.... i asked my so called ustazah peribadi la kan..actually my close fwen la...she said i learn to know myself and to improve every lil things inside me and make it really look beautiful....the Nur will eventually raise up to ya personality. And not be afraid, its a good thing cos according to her  i will attract more positive vibes to inspired others~ pfft! tenang nyer my fwen ni ckp think back what she said ada yg btul nyer~ jgn salah guna dh la kan...Cantik yang ada pada all individu  ni is not ours.....its a thing that dipinjamkan to us for while....all we need is bersyukur and appreciate it selagi boley la kan~ i heard lots of things and i learned from it...smua jatuh in slip second je...from berpangkat jd worst than a normal human being, from yang kaya jadi miskin....from berpengaruh jd yg paling di benci masyarakat.....hmmm~

 i mean in my kind of work field..i met lotsa people wt different approach...alhamdulillah...the fact that every tindak tanduk aku all this while and i still practice it until today is to be firm and strong to myself...and every lil steps i'm bout to do i always think of Him.

So...nak dapat yang chantek luaran ke nk try tgk dalaman dulu? huhu...Inner beauty will last long...luaran u guys figure out la sendri k :) enjoy my forever fav rapper - The Altimet yawww!! hee

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