Friday, July 13, 2012

Priceless Gift...

I'm not gonna talk about harta karun here...or harta Jacksparoww ~ hehe... well...what do u think the most priceless gift ever to yaself?? some said their super luxurious car , their happening career, not forgetting their own big mansion...and some have tanah pesaka or what so ever. Well, i come across this lil finest thing in seeing others i got this lil value.

I've to say the PRICELESS GIFT the one i have and the one i would like to built is THE FAMILY! yesterday was the da day everything seems to be the answer of all that i want and most needed at this particular of time..Out of sudden i realized what i actually pursue all this while starts to develop in such a  beautiful picture. career growth is just amazing. Alhamdulillah...i couldn't agree more in seeing myself doing the most interesting and fun job after all~

I'm actually in a middle of resigning and wanna create my own path in business sector with government and my close clients. being in client servicing line somehow create such a good networking. Pretty much so far Alhamdulillah...i met a lot of people who stand in a same direction~ my own hasrat to venture into more wider business scope..handling partnership with dedicated businessman and entrepreneur seems is wtill unworkable...first because my CEO actually countered  offer with me to stay and working with them in a bigger platform in media industry. Well, i tot i was smart enuff to just came out with reasons and more reasons...he asked me to give a good reason why i want to resign from my current job...(well..he assume i got more better offer ..and tot im gonna go back to Media Prima) huhu...all da way i said NO...No...and NO......

*my life Drama 1*...this is what i told him...well....actually i wanna end up my single life! Opppss...its just slipped out of sudden~ (muke tetap maintain as in its gonna be real)..and my CEO eyes getting bigger! then trus ckp CONGRATS!! i dont see why u wanna resign if u getting marry...and serious i tot that kinda answer will stop him from elaborate it to some other issues...DANG!! there i go kena dgr ceramah "MANLY....FATHERLY and SENIOR advice" from him....i can say he looks from a big angle where if we want to built up a FAMILY with wealthiness it always starts with dedication and works! So, there i go stuck wt his kinda offer. Senang je dia ckp....

"i'll transfer u to in charge of Government and GLC sectors since u have a strong based client! u jaga ya MOHE u and ya future childrens also senang"  

(he totally dont get my point...which i'm still working under people..hellooo...!.and at this kinda kind of can manage my own time schedules and works loads pretty much by myself...if i were to work under people wt reporting as such....i mean i can do that..but if i happen to meet and work to under good LEADER not boss ye...sbb good leader will create another good leader perhaps!) *%^@*#&$&(Q)&((0*&$1!! 0_o -----> buat muke not interested.......then he add on..

"and i'm putting u in the company share holder" BINGGO!!! noww...he got my kinda POINT!! lol...well...its a tough job and great responsibility to hands on to me rite now....and he leave the answer for me to come back to him soon. and i heard i will be place overseas?? are u serius??? (at this point i gotta keep really firm saying i'm getting marry next year so how come he wanna place me overseas kan,...) well, its pretty good offer,thou...but yeah....i believes and stay strong with my OWN FAMILY!~

klo la offer ni dtg 3 yrs ago..i will definitely say YES..Yess...YESS!! but now....x yah pk pon i will say NO THANKS!


*My life Drama 2* After settle with my CEO, clients called me up saying 2moro going to be a real important meeting to me and her....Whats up?? sbb nk approve budget for her kinda program and i'm the one who actually the master mind for the whole media campaign. huhu....nk tak nak dia called soh dtg umah dia buat keja with her ...compiling details on budgeting~ erkk......cos of service i came down...sebaik aku x kaawin lagi...klo dh kawin sorry leww nk turun memlm mmg tak la~

I gotta go to her family house cos her daughter sakit....and of course her parent la kena look after. As i went inside her house...i feel so peace and harmony~ eceyh! dah cam disney land je kan bunyi nyer kan....hehe..mana tak nyer...meriah with all the kuntuts..budak2..and ada baby baru lahir lagi.. sebenarnya..aku ni langkah kanan...they all was celebrating her sis's birthday! huhu..free2 dpt mkn ice cream cake u ols~ huhu...i couldn't concentrate cos seeing all the kids and cara my client yg kecik je ni cam baya2 aku dah jadi mommy and i guess she happen to have such a happy and adorable family~ u know when u see such a PERFECT PICTURE...ya Allah...alhamdulillah sgt tgk that kinda m o m  e n t ...truly blessed and grateful!

Rupe client ni dh bercerita kat the whole family bout me....aikk...lain macam je...cos akak, adik..mak and ayah..suami dia smua la..sambut my kehadiran cam lew anak sendri blk taw~ (agak sbb aku ni cam the one yg suke layan tetamu kot....rexeki aku jumpe org yg pandai greet  tetamu juga...*suke*) . To add on the miracle...her adik ipar actually was my ex-colleague @ Media Prima under news desk division..and he happen to be on my bro's wedding as the leader for Silat team! ya Allah....kecik je dunia ni~ no wonder la dr aku masok pintu dia dok la...i dont easily remember names...maybe by the look it will familiar to my eyes..huhu

time nk blk my client ni ckp la....thank you..and tell me that i am so nice to come mlm2 cam ni to help her out to settle her kinda paper work. ..ntah la..aku clueless to answer back..all i said...i'm at ya service~ haha...i just enjoy doing my work and will try to help others who really needs my help..simple as that...she add on saying...." best je u ni rajin keja and sbb tu have a nice car"....and my mind think to a different angle....and my heart speak....and i smile....

To compare what i have and what u have...i think my life is not complete yet..but i guess ya life is like a perfect picture..truly complete in my eyes. U have such a pretty loving family with ya own kid and ur a one working woman at the same time a Mom! thats AMAZING value a woman could ever have, be honest... how i paint my life with colors is always back to Responsibility. Cos responsibility challenge oneself...and where ever has challenges, it always create colors in our life's graft! To me, i think i'm ready to go on to another stage of life...and welcome responsibility!~ come on...responsibility and commitment grows people to be more matured and wiser person indeed. dont u think so? conclude my longgggggggg ever post ni.... FAMILY IS THE BEST ASSET after all~ cam ne kaya org pon kat dunia...think twice people...u should think and remind yaself that u have two world to take care of...dunia nyata and dunia akhirat! cukup yg nyata and akhirat tu....u'll be leaving in such happiness and bliss moment. Amin!

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