Monday, July 23, 2012

whats up with Biotechnology and our daily products.?

This morning i got message telling me to proceed to attend a.k.a joining the state government of  Melaka. i mean hell yeah...finally i get to attend a meeting with CM. ehem* let me rephrase back..I'm invited to attend a big meeting with Chief Minister of Melaka..huhu. *eyes blink2* seriously x caya..well after my presentation on my previous proposal on 'Melaka My 2nd Home'..i know this kinda prog is still ding dong ding dong einternally and yet to disclose the whole ideas into an implementation...u know what..its ok..cos the next project im about to get brief soon is all about HALAL-BIOTECHNOLOGY. 

Obviously i donno what is that terms got to do with my kinda job...i know i'm sort of ay consultant a.k.a media planner/advisoyr ,,hmm.., what ever la u guys wanna name it~ haha...asalkan i know what exactly i'm doing..and of course people to appreciate it. kehkehkeh~  oh ya....Alhamdulillah..Amin 8000x for the call up meeting to Melaka next week. Eh chup! guess ..this is one of the biggest surprise as for now...(my birthday is next week!!krook krook krook)

so....what is halal-biotech? yang aku, LR, tau it is a core project our Mantan PM dulu, DS Abdullah Ahmad Badawi ni la yg menaikan industri Halal-Biotech. Padan la LR rasa benda tu x menyeluruh sgt cos after DS x jd, info and what so ever about Biotech cam went down kejap. NOW....i mean since last year it came back into our world. I remembered watching TV3 was all CUSTOMIZE and SPONSORED (as in Branded content) heavy branding on Bio-Tech....ok..i know my innocent readers will not understand the media terms i try to tell about here...but hellooo....BIO-CORP spend millions ok on TV3..oppsssss! did i just spell it out~ huhu... (x_x)

well...terwujud nyer alam biotech2 ni sbb umat islam ada kemusykilan la kot tentang food, end products rite from beauty products till our medicines. Zaman dh berubah...i mean i can bet ; out of our own population in Malaysia, 30% just la yg btul2 into perkara halal haram ni....asal ada lambang 'halal' je mmg confirm2 la benda tu halal... nk jd kan case...some of Muslims masok kedai cina jual mee hun2 cam tu x de tanda halal..but tgk sekeliling ada customer yg bertudung so kedai tu kire halal la~ (ok ni tru story..cos my sista always does that..haha)

>>>>Sneak Preview skit pasal biotech ni selain daripada it was a course yg kwn LR amik time Uni dulu and i dont even know what kinda work he gonna end up with some day....haha...<<<<

There is a wide role of biotechnology in food industry as it is a source of synthetic materials, and innovations. The current issues are the status of genetically modified organism (GMO) or vegetables and plants, use of food additives, enzymes, emulsifiers, hormones are of main subject of concern for Muslims. The Muslim consumers should be particular and sensitive to the products they use for the Halal or haram issue. The recent advancements and impact of these advancements upon status of divine dietary law is very important. Genetic modifications (Use of gene): Reconfiguration of genetic material of an organism (may be plants, vegetables or animals) by taking gene from specie and inserting it into another distinct specie which are not evolutionary related, results in organism  called Genetically Modified Organism (GMO). Genetically modified foods are beneficial as productive yield is increased, added nutritional values, as well as environmental benefits.
© Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2011

Seriously??OMG! am i really did my research on this?? Yes...i am...i dont wanna be a BIMBOOo attending the meeting next week wtout any biasa la...i will do some minor research...and later on will give it to me "skill goreng sendri"  haha...Basically..biotech ni in Food industry which ia menitik beratkan kandungan dalam memprocess sesuatu food / product ni.. nak2 yg ada gelatin haiwan..mmg la kite si pemakan ni yg just tgk luar packaging (the powerful of advertising attraction ) will definitely buy the product la without seeing halal ke haram kan.... i know cos i always did that! oopppss..those days je dat i work in advertising world..ceyhh~ ley kawtim

So dgn ada nyer biotech ni..process dari guna haiwan they actually transform to plants~ Awesome kan u oLs~ (now i know perkejaan kawan aku tu actually mulia rupe nyer...) applicable to any other end make ups, facial wash, lotion....smua product daily use la kire nyer. So...i guess if the brief later been given to me insyAllah i know how to deal with this kinda project! (pls doa kan i go through it successfuly..together we stand!) lol huhuuuuu....seyess x sabarr....x sabar dia cam rasa ibu ngandung nak dpt anak kembar! ;)  LoL!

alrite. think gotta end my session and start masak for sahur~ Assalamualaikum :)

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