Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fashionable yet decent Muslimah~

First of all, just wanna let the whole know that youtube is actually my favorite 
search engine!
rite from drama, sitcoms, cooking tutorial up to fashion-hijab all there!!
could u our life become soooo easy now days..
i always did some viewing on youtube before i go to sleep...u know la kan..lappy on my bed(sambil baring and layan videoclips and such...but no prono ye :p ) 
then last nite i accidentally viewed this cute fashion turban video...
and today....tadaaaaaa~ i'm all trubanized! haha(what a word la kan...)


well...thanks to DINATOKIO 

this amazing lady inspired me with her sense of fashion! its just awesome and its so ME..indeed;)
 i actually subscribed her  on her latest trendy fashion world!
how i wish i'm staying in UK...cos she actually mentioned on couple of her video she hv lots of RIVER ISLAND brand items...and the brand is sOooO my kinda shop which  i used to shop those days back in LONDON!~
i donno whether above picture which i'm wearing the TURBAN buat sendri looks good as DINATOKIO kelakar pon ada....

we shall see........

haaa...sama kan kan kan???erkk...pls say it atleast 6/10...well yg generous can up till 8/10 ;p
she have a long face and i'm slightly a heart shape.of course long shape much more prettier~ huhu..
Obviously, this trendsetter is much more look nicer than me..come on guys...she is super Creative rite from her way of styling up, her video...the way she act...gosh!! she's an art. hahaha..~ 
oh ya btw...just wanna let u guys know that..who said being all covered a.k.a muslimah these days we(as in kami2 la yg dah berhijab ni)...couldn't get into latest fashion line. 
Basically, i believes fashion always work with our on personality...if u know ya own personality..try to adapt with suitable way of styling...baru la benda x nampak so awkward..rite??
like me i try2 je belit2 jadikan turban...its simple..kind of smart casual daily fashion to go to work and tak guna byk pin2...huhu...BUT....i end up hearing this buzzing noise telling me
" linda, u look like Singh but a Mualaf version" 
haha...well..thanks mama..its really inspired me to try more~ *sigh*
(pastu she kantoi...dia dlm bilik pon try2 nk gak belajar to do turban wrap) LoL

so girls out there, this is my promise...ecyeh! well actually berangan je...wait till i hv my line of trendy fashion wear...soon to be launch! InsyALlah~ and pray for me to get a nice and a good spot for boutique! the brand is yet to be confirm! till then....happy watching utube~  ^_^'

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