Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dunia Digital ku~

Today i realized that my kinda life is depending on those digital devices! As u know, bdk2 nowdays usually update and upgrade them selves with super cool digital stuffs. For instants, once upon a time Nokia hit the consumer market with its superb monotone ringtone then upgrade it wt camera and such..and now every brand as it owns unique selling point.

the fact here i just wanna stress out, those upgraded issues just to embark consumer in purchasing latest model. huh! ok...i cant "huh" like really "huh" cos i'm the one who actually support and depending on this devices. Rite from phone, laptops, tab...say it..i've it. But my fav rite now is always be BLACKBERRY 


Blackberry (BB) is much more used for Business (i’m a business women in da making $$$ ) hehe.. oh yeah!! IM INTERESTED IN MAKING MONEY and don’t have time for useless apps that make fart noices...BB is the answer~

  • BB is simple ( i’m simple...i believes) and tiny enuff too fit in my handbag gedabak. lol
  • My sibings, my man, clients, friends and everybody i’m about to know in da future i think they owns a BB. Well actually i just Love this apps called BBM...haha...the best part i can check out my man every single seconds... (but i didn’t actually)... BBM is just convenience platform for interaction ..thats all :)
  • And my choice rite  now is the new BB Torch 9860 (bought it just to get feel of iPhone..haha) pesen je sama..and it touchy2 screen~ huhu
this is my digital baby yaww~ simple.... :)

Today, out of sudden this baby of mine making a joke out of my serious and super bz life! i kept it on silent cos gotta attend a big meeting wt Ministry..involving round high management levels people...ala..high2 pon takat Timbalan Ketua Setiausaha Unit, TKSU...i'm made a rite decision la to kept my baby on silent. 

but once in a while curi2 gak tgk...1st i got 6 missed calls...(no putrajya)...then i look at it another time it ups to 22 Missed called...and some messages. had a quick to check out messages from TV3 producer...my bro and YBK! oh oh.....guess something is wrong sumwhere i think~ 

the meeting ended at 3pm...gues what time is started?? i've been in a meeting for 4 hours!! serious cam stok tgk movie bollywood! aishh...what to do...byk sgt agenda2 kerajaan ni. Suddenly, i unlocked my bb its all WHITE SCREEN..and written JVM ERROR 545... wtf!! whats going onnn????? helloooo....ur just bape bula je with me...and i jaga u just like i jaga my..........my..........my boyfriend...handle with 170% care taw...what happen :(

there i went fixing it by my own at 1st...but how creative am i to just try and error je kan...so i end up in my shop where i bought it last time. all the man said my software CRASH!! whatttttttt??? NoooOoOOoOOooo........ *cried but siap tahan air mata supaya x jatuh* malu kot depan cina kedai nangis....(in my mind runs all data i save under my bb..my planner...my schedules...my clients.....what else..there are so many stuffs iin it) and all the man said...

"if u mintak sama tuhan slamat kan all data pon saya gelenti x lak boley punya"

aiyooo..apekk!! (wahh..trus apek kan..klo x nk je panggil  lengcai..) haha...."lu jgn nk cakap itu macam la..kasi try fix dulu woo"...and so i left my bb there .....over nite..:(

i left without a thing in my mind for tomorrow...the day after...all i pray is for my lil digital device to comes back alive ~ *praying* ternyata ada skit sesal..sbb x buat back up...sebaik aku ni jenis yg suke menulis and mencatat notes..so i keep my important things into my daily organizer! (tp details smua dlm BB) ....hmmm.....

itulah dunia dgitalku....masih berharap untuk dunia itu kembali pulih seperti sedia kala~

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