Friday, December 14, 2012

i hate to admit this......

y do the feeling and tots always arise in myself? aiyooo...tetibe plak kan..out of nowhere. Guess someone really knocking on my reality door. Kalau nk pk kan blk..its always be way to far beyond my thinking. I know i've been in my never ending entertainment world but pagi td suddenly i woke up and i felt soOOoOoo fucking fed up with all of it! gosh* sorry on my lidah yg sgt tajam ni... >_< 

Maybe i tune on my end of the year holiday mood cepat sgt kot...well, me and family will go for a trip next week but ntah la..hati ni cam berpaling. I guess, this kinda feeling if im not mistaken came when the time i was about to go for UMRAH..and now it comes again~~ phewww.... kenapa ek?? mmg i definitely rasa dah MUAK...OVER....ENUFF of all this media world which i hold all this while. To think back...mmg tu je jalan punca rezeki aku pon...designing and branding is part of media world which i literally love to do...communication obviously been part of mylife ever since...u know talking..planning tu smua mmg aku la punya keja. Tapi serious...why do i suddenly feels like this?? goshh!! so SHITTYZZ!! 

part of handling media..i've this Interior Job suddenly coming smoothly in my ways. Well, mulanya i've the intention just to help my mom diversify her own business...tu la..u know i stand by the quote saying.."MENYELAM SAMBIL MINUM AIR"~ sounds very greedy.. but hell no..pasang niat awal2 just to help mom...skali, Rezeki lebih murah di jalan ni..and x byk hustle. My mom was soooo supportive and guess what rite now she is sitting in front of me doing those ideas presentation for clients. Ya Allah~~ so far pelan2 la my heart are open to adapt with this new nature of business...its pretty easy and it just me indeed. 

In this world i believes that not everything we are good in this world will bring us far beyond success.It is actually the thing that we are passionate about and really focus that bring us to happiness and success in the future. I always make both of my parents as my Idol. I never ever sees them bz doing so much work those days cos i always feels there  both are around when ever the childrens need them. That what i see success in my eyes~ 

Time for me to find Him once again in order for me to find myself back again~  Gimme faith Ya Tuhan for me to gain back my semangat for me to move forward in creating more success ^_^ jommm gi cutiiiii~~~

Sunday, December 9, 2012

life changing in 2013


I know what it's like to be so mad that i go into this blind rage and dont event remember what i said or i did. I also know what it's like to be heartbroken that i cant even look at myself in the mirror without bursting into tears. I know what it's like to have so many bad things happen to myself that i start to lose faith in everything...i just know...
However i've also known times of pure joy and happiness and if i can just keep it through all of the hard times...and maybe, just maybe i will be able to find the faith I thought i had lost forever~

and i raise up even higher...~ I have a PLAN for 2013..its a HUGE one! I've already talked about this with the whole family and they've been really supportive. Alhamdulillah~

Them..they are even helping me with this one and that makes me really happy to the max!! THANK YOU~ u know..u all means a LOT TO MY LIL WORLD here. 
I'm going to plan and prepare for it. It has been 3 months down the road...went thro kinda a bumpy ride i mean..but hell yeah,it was nice and meaningful all together. This few months really tot me much to survive, enjoy and work my ass out....wouldn't be that easy without all the supports and blessings,thou~ 
And so now..i need to fully ready for this. I just really, really hope i get what we been plan all this while. Obviously i know the process wont be a walk in the park but I'll try and try until i get actually get it. *crossfingers* 

Well i dont wanna spill the full details yet, but if you're familiar wt the below photo, then this will give you a hint ;)

hee~ lets keep the faith with us^_^ xx

Monday, December 3, 2012

My Entertainment world~

It is true that what we seen and been exposed before is what we are today~
When i grow up i tend to get told the way it is and my life is just to live wonderful happy life inside this world.  Guess what? i make myself the best out of everything i do..i mean practically glued myself into the entertainment world. To look back, since im small i've this lil vision seeing myself resolve around this beautiful and happening world. The weird thing is that me never ever had this lil tots which i'm the one who be in front of camera...perhaps much more be the one who create beautiful things just to inspired others. heh~ dang! what a cliche vision i had. lol..

I donno what to do with my life if there is no entertainment world..where should i work? i know my best is doing sumthing good related to the media industry..and there i went again, resolve around my small fun world. It is tiring as a whole but when everything comes into a nice pieces, it is so satisfying!How could i ever end this lil world of mine....the life i've been so much blessed so far and Alhamdulillah i'm so enjoy it in every secs and mins. Maybe yeah, commitment will soon take over this world of mine as naturally as it is. So, for now myself have to walk down creating more wonderful colors and always thankful with all the wonderful blessings. 

ok..lets called it as CONSUMER FAIR 2012 je la..serious susah tul nk nyebut nyer..its to 'gohmen' kinda words. lol. what is this consumer fair all about?? well from my point of view, it actually one of a good platform as it is an INTERNATIONAL EVENT where by this event will bring the best and unique products from all the countries involve which is....MALAYSIA, BRUNEI, INDONESIA, PHILIPPINES and THAILAND. Awesome kan? ^_^

For me, cam biasa la...i gotta do the media promotion and advertising works. hiks;) rite from TVC, print and Radio...and this time round the ministry really seek my help in hype up the events by involving artistes and some games for the visitors. You know, what an ebent without ENTERTAINMENT value in it rite? i suggested them the artistes to perform at nite and calling up on ground team from Hotfm and TV3. I practically know how awesome they did their work in pulling out the all been done successfully. 

 event been held at MITC Melaka and targeted visitors are round 60K..huhu~ oh ya...there were about 300  booth open which the highest participation are from Brunei and Philippines..BRAVOO!!lets check out the picture taken during the 3 days event! huhu


part from being there for client's event..ehem* its actually been held at my guy kinda town yaw~ Melaka! so, this was my first nite out with him to the famous attraction place in melaka street..JONKER WALK!

hmm..used to handle this twins back when i was in TV9..hell yeah! this kid really a FOREVER

i enjoy the cultural dance pretty much as it always remind me back of my those days being on stage under the spotlight~ ahaks!err....*cliche* pfft!~

aww~ my baby robyn chan is all healthy and aggressive than before..guess she is super loved and adapt with her new home ..*SUPER LIKE*  

hiks~ 1st gift from ni sure sbb bola menang ari tu lawan indo. Thanks~

look at entertainer my emcee and the on ground rovers are...pantang dapat mic..ada je benda nk berhujah, teasing and merepek :p

Niceee!! she turned her very fuzzy and curly hair into a new hair style. Pretty NADIA AF6 :)

U might think..WHO is THIS GIRL??? hey hey..its ILA DAMIA..she used to be on MENTOR reality tv show..awesome voice and very pleasant appearance. ;) 

if i were to come across this dude, i probably doesn't know who is he? but as he sang his song and i went like...uhhhhhh..its AMIR from SOFAZ BAND!! haha. 

my guy~ just happily testing his new tele lens on my client's event. *suke la tu~*

Thanks Bro in helping me to hype up my client's event. U and ya team just rocking out well enuff!! BRAVO! us again~ lol

He end up the CONSUMER FAIR DAY wt an extra bonus song. THANK YOU wahai SOFAZ BAND. ur a really musician i can say~