Friday, December 14, 2012

i hate to admit this......

y do the feeling and tots always arise in myself? aiyooo...tetibe plak kan..out of nowhere. Guess someone really knocking on my reality door. Kalau nk pk kan blk..its always be way to far beyond my thinking. I know i've been in my never ending entertainment world but pagi td suddenly i woke up and i felt soOOoOoo fucking fed up with all of it! gosh* sorry on my lidah yg sgt tajam ni... >_< 

Maybe i tune on my end of the year holiday mood cepat sgt kot...well, me and family will go for a trip next week but ntah la..hati ni cam berpaling. I guess, this kinda feeling if im not mistaken came when the time i was about to go for UMRAH..and now it comes again~~ phewww.... kenapa ek?? mmg i definitely rasa dah MUAK...OVER....ENUFF of all this media world which i hold all this while. To think back...mmg tu je jalan punca rezeki aku pon...designing and branding is part of media world which i literally love to do...communication obviously been part of mylife ever since...u know talking..planning tu smua mmg aku la punya keja. Tapi serious...why do i suddenly feels like this?? goshh!! so SHITTYZZ!! 

part of handling media..i've this Interior Job suddenly coming smoothly in my ways. Well, mulanya i've the intention just to help my mom diversify her own business...tu la..u know i stand by the quote saying.."MENYELAM SAMBIL MINUM AIR"~ sounds very greedy.. but hell no..pasang niat awal2 just to help mom...skali, Rezeki lebih murah di jalan ni..and x byk hustle. My mom was soooo supportive and guess what rite now she is sitting in front of me doing those ideas presentation for clients. Ya Allah~~ so far pelan2 la my heart are open to adapt with this new nature of business...its pretty easy and it just me indeed. 

In this world i believes that not everything we are good in this world will bring us far beyond success.It is actually the thing that we are passionate about and really focus that bring us to happiness and success in the future. I always make both of my parents as my Idol. I never ever sees them bz doing so much work those days cos i always feels there  both are around when ever the childrens need them. That what i see success in my eyes~ 

Time for me to find Him once again in order for me to find myself back again~  Gimme faith Ya Tuhan for me to gain back my semangat for me to move forward in creating more success ^_^ jommm gi cutiiiii~~~

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