Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 is my year~

Bismillahirahmanirahim~ Alhamdulillah..another year for me to venture. Of course..those past things that happen leave such a wonderful remark to me..either the bad or the good ones. I've literally made myself to a satisfied level which i would always thabk God and peopke round me. Syukur this year i end up and begin my year with my own Family.

2weeks plus me and my family went to a loooooooonggggggg europe holiday yaw!! inniatially was me travelling alone then my mom wanna join me...and end up 2 of my brothers also tag along. Awesome!! and it became a FAMiLY HOLiDAY. the best part a week before we pushed off, my sista from 1st family buzz and said that she will coming down to LONdOn!

ok..whats next? kekok plak rasa gi holiday wt family while at this age i gotta bring my kids and family rite...but hey still and always be my mom lil girl ^_^ hiks! ....London was awesome...its like shopping heaven! i touched down in London on christmas day....the city was quite empty..but hell yeah..the next day i witness 'the Boxing' day yaw!!

there goes half of my time in london..busy shopping and side seeing..not much of ay side seeing cos this is not my 1st time be in London city! basically, i enjoy much of my time wt my family. thats more important :)

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