Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Week :)

last nite on my dinner date with my love at The Ship Restaurant having our fav steak and lamb, my handsome boyfriend now started to talk and showed his seriousness in marrying me. *blush* chup!!! is he proposing me?? suddently i felt really nervous but muke tetap maintain sambil kunyah2 the yummy steak..hehe. It has been stressful after the nite before i've this lil feeling call 'merajuk sakan'...i really meant it...i mean i never been hard before but that nite i just couldn't take it anymore. how ever i can say that it is such a growing experience and i definitely know he will be by my side thro thick and thin. in syaa Allah... therefore last nite..he taking another .....serious steps for both of us. Ya Rob, ternyata doa aku dikabulkan....and sesungguhnya Engkau la yang mengetahui isi hatiku yg terdalam^_^
there r no words can be explain how i felt in that particular moment. it's as if everything has changed but it hasn't to much..erk..i mean...we will adapt sooner or later with each other respinsibility kann~aww~ ♥♥
But i am sooooo happy now...he even asked me whether im excited or not for our wedding?? fuhh...sumpah inside my heart dah dubdap*dubdap ....and to be truth i feel like im gonna jump up on the dining table and jumping round and shouttt "yayyy!!!! this man....the man that i love would be my husband soon!!!" ***snapped it*** its just an exaggeration imagination of my happy inner the real thing was...ehem...muke maintain je jawab... (-_-) "well..i bet i will be extra exicted after i share this good news wt mama and obviously after both of our parents meet" and i give him my happy smile but ada skit malu2 kucing~ hee♡
then..i was spechless. couldn't form words, thoughts, ideas or anything. i knew i was happy. i knew the shaking was from overwhelming joy from inner me, but i still can make my brain works ...a little~ hee.
he had a nite wt me alone, just to relish in the moment of what his and his family was discussing during the day . No wonder he buzzed me and wanted me to go out wt him for a dinner..seriously i tot it was just a make it up dinner cos of the day before he accidentally put me down. But it was a dinner just talking bout simple things that it clicked. it was a slow click but its one forward. huhu~
It was a COMMITMENT over the 3 yrs of relationship..and Alhamdulillah we took serious in what we have. This was a sign of progression of us making a step forward. For everyone else it was a sign of seriousness. Now eat that people...i know im a person who hv a lil bit koo koo in da head...but committed. hee. we both take our love seriously and that we want to be there for each other forever. In syaa Allah~
this proposition will lead to a formal merisik2 thingy..just to make a formality in our adat Melayu ye~ but wowww~~ i have no words to describe what i feel. Perhaps this progression brings peace to my worried mind that we will get there one sweet day. it gives them sight to see fraction of how him and i see each other...their happiness in syaa Allah will bring joy to me as well...hmmm..if that possible to have more (im just being an ordinary person..mmg sentiasa mahukan
hope dari saat ini...segala yang bakal dirancang and ditempuh will always run smoothly and dirahmati Nya. In syaa Allah...doa kalian smua untuk segala dipermudahkan bg jalan jodoh kami berdua amatlah dihargai and let Allah swt bless us with wonderful things to happen. i'm just a bit overwhelming and happy beyond belief~♥♡♥
Thank you. peace.xoxo

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