Sunday, January 13, 2013

my looner weekend

this weekend i have a top mission to be accomplish..1st i've to kemas2 my room..get rid of old items that i think useable and non useable guess it belong to the dusbin. so, on saturday ive been doing the wardrobe clearence.huhu. The whole day till my mom called me to teman her to her kilang sofa.

so there i went with her. blk tu i asked my mom to teman me buying a TV Led..hehe. since im decorating my own room..guess i throw out some items and i definitely gonna add on few stuffs. lol. smart TV Led brand phillip soon come into my room.yehhaaa~ btul ckp the time umur nk dekat late twenty ni if not marry yet, we tend to distant our selve from hectic person im to be soon. hiks! (not much of a thing to do nowdays) tv is my toy to play around with.hehe. sampai demam2 la smalam dok kemas bilik...rearranged tables and drawers and decorate itu ini..

and this morning i went out jogging round my house park just to get a lil sweat. Alhamdulillah...fever gone lil bit. then, i did my breakfast at my sista's yawww before hit to IKEA~

waiting for my bro to teman is taking ages..let me do it and settle things by my own..sebaik la tulang 4 kerat aku ni still allergic to benda2 lembab..whats on my mind i always put it into real action....

tu dia...trying to be "iron lady" searching for my tv cabinet and i gotta panjat ...angkat...and do all sort of heavy duty works ALONE. *pengsan* but to think back...i juat smile~ hoping one day my hero will be there to help me out with men's stuffs....aiyakk~ penat woo..dh cam main reality game kena cari barang2 kat gudang ikea :(

today mission completed! Alhamdulillah..smua in order..and on time! both item will be deliver to my house 2moro..meanwhile...ehem* touch up bilik skit. 2013 ..told ya..its my freaking year~ more success story to be tell bout soon..insyallah.xx
peaxe yaww~

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