Sunday, June 6, 2010

Moment of truth of 2 lovey dovey couple..Faizal&Ailanee

What is a brother's place in a family? To a younger brother or sister, he may be a guide to help traverse the complicated path of growing up. To an older brother, a little brother may be seen as a tag along and pain in the neck. As much as siblings squabble when they are young, this is not a sign that they do not love each other. Most siblings would lay down their life for each other. As children grow up they usually find it easier to get along and relate to each other in rewarding ways.

Today is my brother's wedding day. This very day i will remember through out my life. He's the 1st brother and a 1st son to get married. I'm so glad that he proved himself as a wise and responsible man to me and the family. He might be small in size but knowing him personally he's much more bigger and wiser. I always look up on him and envy him in every bit of my life. Now, he been pronounce as a husband to his beloveed wife, Nur Ailanee who been sharing their lives together since their Uni days. They both are some sort like a Uni sweetheart...falling in love and went through their hard and fun study life. And at last, God brings Ailanee together into our happy family. Of course i am glad and happy but deep inside me i'm kind of sad in letting go my brother to someone else. Even my mom cried during his wedding. I heard she mentioned to my brother to take care of him and his family for the days to come. He is now a leader and my mom believes that he has the gut to managed his own family. After all, he's matured enuff to carry out such a HUGE responsibility.

The receptions at both, Ailanee and our home went pretty well. All relatives who came all the way from Johor, Singapore and Terengganu are so supportive to make this occasions such a wonderfull ones. I'm feeling so gratefull to see all the faces that rarely i met. Somehow in my happiness, I'm feeling lil bit ackward when i see his wife downstairs wearing her panjamas. Well, she usually hang out at my place back when she was my brother's gf...but now she actually his WIFE. oh! how time pass really brother always lying down at living room watching tv alone and there comes me who always start to chit chat about work stuffs..telling him my funny stories and sharing thought about some issues but now most probably there wouldn't be time for me to interupt him and his wife i guess... People meet someone and starting their life together so they tend to concentrate with their responsibility and spend most of their time doing things with their partner. There's only lil time left for unimportant stuffs such as chit chatting and sharing some funny stories...;( oh well...thats now aboout it....the main thing is I'm so GLAD THAT HE HAD FOUND SOMEONE THAT REALLY MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM...=)

For that brother, wishing u nothing but the best through out ya marriage life together. CONGRATS!!!!!! Love u, both;)

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