Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Abah's Day

When I was a child and you were just the guy who periodically spent time with my mom, I always remember the time we spent our Raya Festive at mamas home town where we playing and watching the fireworks together, and hanging out. That was such a fun day that I have thought about it every year. Time past by really fast the next thing I knew were you always fallen sick yet still eager to work and always stay with your cheerful faces at all time. Telling jokes and teasing me and others while waiting for mama in the car...Mama always make us wait in the car while she keep on talking as if she cant stop chit chatting with our relatives even when we were about to leaves their crib. How typical a woman can be but my Dad always stayed calm and cool with it. He even created some jokes that makes us feel proud having her as our mom! He don’t want us find waiting is something sickening in fact he twist it to another angle whereby he told us a good fairy tales stories that have values in it.

I remember when, Abg ayul, faizal, adik and I watched Bujang Lapok with Abah, and Abah actually remembered every single sentences of the movie scripts and Abah did sang along while the movie played. And there we were so called angry with Abah cos what we want to hear was the actors not our talented father. That was so funny and we all made fun of Abah, but Abah were a sport and didn't get mad.

I always took for granted that Abah would be there, you and Mom to see me growing up turn to be a fine lady that Abah surely proud of.
And now that Abah are gone from us things will never be the same.
I wonder if Abah ever knew how much you would be missed.
I wonder if Abah ever realized how much you meant to all of us.
You were such a great guy and I will always remember you.
I will always tell people that even though you never got a joke, you made me laugh.
I will always tell people that even through all the hard times we went through you were always there and never abandoned us.
And I will always tell people you were my GREAT Dad, and that a child couldn't ask for a better one.
I love yo, Abah and I always will, I will never forget you and the way you touched my life.
And I will take you with me where ever I go.
The best part is, I'm so glad that I had your funny and bubbly character in myself that everyone tend to be easily connected to me:)

Happy Father’s Day, my dear ABAH!

With love and respect,
Your Puteri Bongsu, Linda

* how i wish to celebrate this father's day with you..... T_T God knows what it feels to be left with so much lack of a father's love....Gosh! stop crying....T_T

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