Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'm in utter Bliss

yaw people!! I'm in completely Bless with all the people around me=) Firstly, aku mmg lah tersgt happy ok cos my mom just got back from Mekkah! she completed her Hj. Alhamdulillah....I god knows how muchhh i missed her since she left us all for about 1 month plus. To look back for the past 1 month, we, the 5 siblings, went through it really smoothly. Cos i believes we are really independent! and bviously my mom x der la risau sgt kat sana.. sbb dia tau anak2 dia smua cam WORKCAHOLICS. Bz sbb keja ok la tu kan..;) So, yesterday my mom safely landed. Me, my sis and hubby grak gi airport at 1 in da morning! oh ya.. Faizal and his si manis intan payong pon ikut gak...nama pon dorank dah nak kawin kan next year. 1st menantu pompuan mak aku sorank ni mmg la tersgt disayangi...sometimes aku rasa cam dia anak btul mak aku kot. What to mom seems so nice to everyone...and she always open some rooms to her heart for the one needed. Sebenarnya...before fecth my mom kat airport i went out to see live bands. sampai kul 1am..pas tu trus grak gi airport. Kantoi plak ngan mak aku kul 1 pagi still ader make up kat muka kan....well mama, actually i make myself presentable just to welcome u back=) heeee....

Yesterday was a FUN day for mee!!!! wa grak gi ROTW 9 kat bukit jalil sbb nak tgk my lovely girlfwen Ainul Aishah!! Minah sorank ni la satu2 nyer kwn aku yg sememangnyer di lahirkan tuk berkwn ngan aku ..sbb seriously she's one crazy girl! cos of that i love heer. nak jd kan cite plak...Ain bwk ROCKSTAR berambut purple... si Iznie!! mula nyer kennal Iznie ni thro ain je...pernah la chat ngan dia kat YM..and happen that we comment on FB! friendship with iznie started in FB the aiin bwk dia watched my performance that day! so...kenla la in real world minah ni! serious...we end up with a PERFECT 3!! serious bley thn gak la gile2 dia ni..sesuai sgt and obviously we speak the same language..senang la nak handle. we are rocking @ ROTW 9!!! memang best...tersgt la best...kat sana wa jumpe gak Ex wa...sape lagi klo bkn DJ SHAC ADELLIC tu! since broke serious x pernah jumpe..about 6 7 months gak la..but we always update ourselves throu SMS/FB/email...smua bend la klo bley...he's like my close fwen but rasa cam pelik la plak if nak bgtau and update smua kan..sbb ntah la..he just there and there...thats it! and of course deep inside i always missed him..god knows how much i did...;( eceh! nak sedey plak...but after all....dgn cara x sengaja..jeng jeng jeng....terserempak la plak ngan dia kat VIP TENT!!! and i didn't even mention to him that i'll be going to ROTW!haha....seriously klo dpt captured muke dia time tu.........mmg bley menang picture terbaik la!!! he was so shocked ..(^$^%&^#@!##!! cam nampak antu la plak kan...i as wondering ape aku x pakai bj ke sampai dia buat muke cam tu? hahahhaa. rupe nyer dia x sangka i attended that event! like duhhhh.....told him cos ainul is performing kot...and there goes lil chat with him...seriously..kind of weird la the feelings i went thro..i missed all words yg nak ckp ngan dia....hmmmm... Rindu sgt ni! ^_^ he always be da same shac i used to know...Slimmmm je..hahaha=) and there he intto me once again ngan Nazri boss ERA! He knew me with shac last time..but i guess he also knew that its over between us=) and then...i lost him...

ok! next tgk ain nyer performance!! perhh....dia punya excited naik Stage ok! tp cam tersipu2 malu..nyampah aku! haha. yg si iznie tetiba plak terasa nak mkn me and iznie gi la burger ramli dia to think that ain will perform another 15mins. ni smua kerna ally bg info salah!damn it! tengah2 tunggu burger...announce that ain will be performing..sebaik kedai burget tu x jauh mana arr.....aku rampas camera dr iznie ngan payong,neg ain and iznie smua la aku pegang lari ke depan stage....'coming thro' , coming thro, coming thro!!! hahhaha.....akhir nyer settle down rite infront! izni still tunggu burger dia....after few mins starts..iznie br muncul sebelah aku blk! hahhaa..klakar weii....but seriously sgt suke that moment! ain as really good on stage! i proud of her...she has a very nice voice that can melt everyone.......cuma sound system kat situ x der la bagus mana..ain nyer suara pon x dgr sgt..ain perform only 1 song butit was SUPERB!! satu je la x best...sbb UJAN!!! abis lari2 smua baju basah2....38% wet ok!tu pon sbb we all berjaya curi payong sape ntah..haha.

then we all lari to INDIE STAGE! cos promised aliff that i'LL watch his band perform! dah la hengat sama time ngan ain..sebaik dorank nyer delayed skit! wheee.... i'm so IMPRESSED ok tgk CCH PERFORM! their CROWD nowdays getting bigger and bigger!! They stared a year ago and now they all making it BIG!! sonok nyerr tgk dorank..i envy the efforts and the fun they all put 2gether in making CCH a big thing now in Indie scenes....way to go boys!!!i used to be with aliff back in Uni those days....and i even took CCH photos b4 they all famous and go for music scenes. They all really looks good on that freaking STAGE!!! the crowd went really wild that make us 3 blah dr tengah2 bwh stage tu...ader x pasal we all girls kena blasah kang...hehehe. so..i met Aliff after show..have a lil chit chat updating bout each others and i told him that they really ROCKS MY WORLD!! haha...

wa blah awal sbb................think i better save the stories for myself...not ready to tell here in my blog..cos its gonna be a big long thing to tell now....and i wanna peeeeeee rite now...gosh!!


  1. I LOVE YOU TOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!KAWAN SENANG SUSAH I IS YOU!!AND THANKS SBB PUJI2 I KAT SINI EHEHEHEHEHEHHE I MALU LA YOU.. :p hahaha lawak gila baca ur blog tergelak2 i kerana i tgh terbayangkan cara u cerita dgn ekpresi u sekali hahaha.dahla detail gile ok!!


  2. hahahhahahaa.....oopss..ur one of my follower now! sorry la..i buat blog ayat ada tunggang terbalik..byk plak tu kan. tp who cares! its MY FREAKING BLOG!!!hauhauahua...i bab cerita whats happening mmg detail..sbb takut lost my ind once bukti what i've been thro! Love u too...=)

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