Sunday, April 1, 2012

Love and Responsibility *pt2* - Missing

My Dear kak Odah finally owns a smile in Mekkah~                                         

Kak Odah went missing on our Final Tawaf!!!!! how could it possibly is the truth story and nothing but the truth. All this while went we were there in Mekkah, I'm the one who always been with her..everywhere i go she wanna follow me. If i x gi masjid solat pon dia pon x gi..oppss ..kantoi i x gi masjid solat kan...hehe. but what to do, she not been exposed this kinda situation before...with massive crowd from over the world, talking totally different languages. Really chaotics!~ Even though sometimes i felt she being a lil childish, smua la nak ikut i sampai i acually feeling uncomfortable at all time...but yeah to think back..i gotta psycho myself and stay positives at all time..she an old lady and she needs attention as what i needed before when i was a lil kid,thou. Eat That, Linda! so, i treat her good till she became dependable on me~

she went missing on our 2nd last round of tawaf. u know, tawaf should be completed up till 7th round. All of the round she was rite beside Mama and i was quite in front from them both but my eyes are always on them. I noticed Kak Odah wasn't near Mama and i slowdown my walked...i asked mama where was Kak Odah. Mama gave me signal a bit in front of her. But suddenly she made quite a fast turn towards Hajarul Haswad, a stone from heaven which been placed near at the corner before Pintu Kaabah. Mama and I was a lil bit shocked! she wouldn't do such thing without telling us. U know, mama even dont want me to go near Hajarul haswat again cos of pack with people who is so aggressively wanna kiss that stoine.  And now Kak Odah wanna try her luck. I'm like Hellooooo.....why dont you think of your condition la..ur old and lack of energy to force yaself towards all the Big2 arabs Men!! What mama asked me to do is to end my tawaf for another final round and meet her infornt of Pintu Kaabah. I did what i've been told.

After i'm done i waited for mama and kak odah at the place where mama told me to. Sad thing is went i saw mama, she came towards me without Kak odah~ T_T *clueless look*

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