Sunday, April 1, 2012

Love and Responsibility *pt3* - The Conflicts

We actually have to end our Tawaf and hurry to the hotel as the bus to Madinah was waiting for us. We need to do it really fast cos its one of The Rukun Umrah whereby all jemaah after did their final tawaf need to be out from Tanah haram(Mekkah) soon or else our Umrah is Void plus kena Dam plak kan. Nausubillah~ this is totally dugaan...we gotta think wisely in proceed with Rukun Umrah or we sendri kena pk wisely as a Khalifah in this world. I sebut Khalifah cos we are the most perfect invention kurniaan Tuhan with brains ye!~ Astagfirullahazim~ Tuhan je la tau what beneath my feelings towards this kinda situation. Trus ada penyesalan skit cos all this while this old lady always wt me..behind me holding my telekong doing our tawaf together but at the last day could i possibly let her go wt mama kan. arghhhh...*jiwa kacau* :(

Each one of us facing a true conflict whereby we as jemaah pegang with the Rukun. Fezal was at the bus already waiting for us three. Mama actually called him up, saying that Kak Odah went missing. And all he aswered was just want us back at the hotel. Aiyoo....and mama actually followed what he said. Mama told me that we should just go back to the hotel as the bus and others are waiting for us. Nooo mama nooooo...plss....dont leave that old lady all alone. and i cried............................ T_T

Sumpah i dont really understand at that particular moment. No i dont! I know is one of the Umrah nyer Rukun for us to follow and get our Umrah Makbulah!but at the same time as i think positively, Islam x pernah mengajar kite to be Jahil and angkuh to other human being..nak nak to our own relatives. People that close to us kan. I'm stucked between love and Responsibility~ Nausubillah..Buntu aku di buat nyer. Sebab aku ni mmg dilahirkan degil, i always want what i want...and i told mama that i'm going inside back to Baitullah(kaabah) to seek for kak odah. Pls mama pls...let me go in firasat said Kak Odah is now searching for us. She is so naive, all this while i'm always with her and i know how gelabah she will be without us. She not nuts about this kinda place and she's not a kinda person who can communicate with others....i know her mama ever since we got here...pls....pls.....and so i cried my lung out begging mama to let me go in Baitullah once again. and so we both end up crying infront of masjidil Haram....ternyata mama bought my drama~ ;) and tak sangka sbb degil aku la bring goods to others~ ahaks!

On the other hand, Fezal was waiting for me and mama to get back to Hotel. Mama proceed to hotel without me and meet ustaz and fezal. To my surprised, Fezal actually told mama to bring me back to hotel and leave kak Odah there and expected for our tour agent to look for her. OMG!!! what were he thinking?? u wanna let a person that grow u up just like that. Aww come~ Ur not thinking wisely and straight enuff my dear bro...the lady that we were talking about here is Kak Odah. She's so naive,bro! how could u just wanna let somebody yg x kenal dia to look after her. I know we all in such a messed but in every situation u gotta put ya mind 1st then emotions. Smua pon nak dapat Umrah yg pernah kite ketepikan kebajikan kite sebagai Khalifah di dunia ni. To think back, This kinda dugaan is the perfect answer for us all. I gotta think beyond the imperfections. Whereby we take things really lightly about our loves one. Like My bro, ever since we got there, he only did tawaf with Us once on our 1st day...its not about how independent we are over there is how much we care about others, though. Mmg betul kite kat sana buat amalan sendiri2 smua, but if we take a lil care on our surrounding and people who on our right and left, everything will come into a nice piece of amalan and kebajikan~

so, i keep searching all over the place in Masjidil Haram yg Besarrrrr sgt tu and on Baitullah Area packed with people~  till fezal came down to help me at last.........and after usaha dah terlaksana...we gave up and tawakal...berserah je la~ :(

We give up in searching for Kak Odah after crowd getting more during Asar Prayer~

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