Sunday, April 22, 2012

its about time.....

people change...feelings fade. lover drift...friends leave. friends become enemies....lovers become stranger. And i will be judged but u know what...Life definetely goes on! Eat that~

Sometimes i just chose to distance myself from people purposely just wanna know myself a lil bit more. in terms of my strength and weaknesses...its really good to hv our own time..take a step behing and look upon ourself in a mirror. appreciate the best moment of ourself simply by talking to ourself. maybe its sounds a lil bit psycho and wierd to do so..but trust me its a natural kind of healing part in oneself. besides going to the gym la....for girls..comfort yaself by going to spa for relaxation...u know celebrate ya own time its soooo damn awesome:)

Here comes an interesting part of my super bz week where rite now i gotta work my ass out a lil extra just to get more sales as our financial year will end this June. i consider myself to be focus for this 2months. but at the same time im working on my own kinda project wt wani, hafiz, ron and my dear Amal. insyallah it will run smoothly.

despite my bzness, i still have time to hv lunch wt my friend. well its 'by the way' kind of things....hee. so,we hadd our thurday lunch @ bangsar as i hv an appointment sumwhere thee rite after lunch. it was a quick catch up and everybody pon in da hurry. i settle da bill and ran off to te wash room after saying bye2 muahh muahhh smua la...

Sunddenly, as i walked to my car, someone approached me from behind by saying.... 'i think i macam kenal u'. The voice sounds so familiar to my ears. and turn around....Nausubillah....ya barakallah~ i'M stunted! Stunted for few seconds to looked at the soooo familiar face rite in front of me and with a lil girl holding his hand~ slowly i looked at that cute lil girl. and i said... 'cute nye'..and he replied...she's Jasmine...i looked at him saying that this lil girl is sooo cute. he pronounced, she's my daughter. DANG! out of sudden automtically my mouth responded..'ya...i can see that. she got ya eyes' (sambil usap2 herr soft hair)...

Thats basically the truth awkward  moment of me...there's no much feelings left inside me. i couldn't really discover what sort of feelings runs through me at that particular moment. How could i ever imagine to see someone that i used to fall in love with disappear out of my sight and life and then suddenly appeared out of sudden~ phewww~ After 2 years of moving on and always keep that spirit running thro me.....i built up my life love life with someone new~   Maybe that is why i feel really 'kosong'..empty feelings when i saw him and his daughter~

Seriously..i'm happy to see him going to another stage of life. I bet he is a good father now~ remember those days we both have those fairy tale promises..when i think back it is clichr and funny,thou. But yeah...mmg btul kata org....kite merancang tuhan menentukan. I actually have a chance to hold and dukung his daughter...she just adorable that i couldnt take my eyes on her. we actually update about things and such but in such hurry...all because i've appt to attend. And i end up the conversation by saying...'i gotta go..insyAllah we will catch up soon'....and he smile...he know me well and know my fav sentences...and he replied short, "that would be forever to catch u back~" ...(hahaha..he knows me well! damn! thats most probably my kinda words to just run away for situation..pfft~)

the end-

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