Friday, April 13, 2012

my stress out pill~

ok..i've a lil guest with me on my post this time....hehe...he's the one who always shine my gloomy day after facing a hard time at work..usually he'll be around in my house when i got back. if i happen to be back late,hmm..guess i miss to see him...he actually my new born nephew~ hehe..

i dont really like if someone disturb me when i'm in front of my lappy doing my work..but this lil baby really caught my attention. and so...he is on my web cam!! yay!~...ehem...for the 1st time...guess ur lucky baby cios im in such a good mood rite now...else definitely u'll be my LUNCH! hahaha.

nak geget2* dia ni taw...gewammmmmm!!

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