Saturday, May 22, 2010

outdoor bersama teman

Last week dalam kesibukkan aku ni aku make my time to actually went out for ourdoor portraiture with my close friends. Teman aku sorank ni yang bernama Atiqah,who will get marry soon with Arip who happen to my close friend as well. Both of them actually teman yg aku kenal time study at MMU. Until now we close really2 close. stok yg menganjeng,pranked each other x der hal la...! Tiqah is the closest friend who 1st pronounced to get marry among all of us. yahooo....glad and soo bloody excited for her big day!!! nway, she requested me to take some of her pre-wedding pictures...with an open arms i'm so glad to!

I'm always with my own crazy and unique idea to came out with a classic gift for her wedding day. Instead buying her stuffs, i planned to just take one of her best shot with her future hubby and print it on CANVAS as big as MY WALL PICTURE in my room. probably u wont know bout that...its something like leonardo da vinci's painting on canvas. eceh! nak gempaq je kan...well.. Thats will be my major surprise for both of them...(hopefully menjadi la kan)... could i ever thank God to make me meet such a good and wonderful friends as them....they pratically know me inside and out and we shared all the joy and tears that one of us decided to go to another stage of life, we are so happy and will pray for both of them in smoothly going through such a wonderful path of marriage life. OMG! it makes me wanna get marry really soon,thou....but think that i've no one who really i'm into it..lupakan je la hasrat tu...huhu..

with love and heart, i made this piece of art work for us to remember in the days to come....

Saat itu....saat indah untuk aku,dia dan kami....

Friday, May 21, 2010

Adam the Musical

Last wednesday, i'd planned to watched this theater called Adam The Musical at actor's Studio. Its been awhile i did go and watch theater ever since i started working...oh maybe 2 3 times i think...I've been invited by Fairuz Tauhid a friend of mine who happen to be one of the cast. Happen to know Fairuz back then when we had joined Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical. It was quite an experience to me...The feeling to be back on the center stage to get involves in performaing arts once again is still and always there somewhere in me. well...i believes time change all of us aite..

I really wanted to see this Adam musical theater cos it has such an intresting storylines. The stories indirectly show the past, present and the future of Sylvia (main character) if she chooses to still marry the sleeping Adam cos he's not well.....

Sylvia spirals down an emotional roller coaster, as her inability to believe how lucky she been to find Adam now is confirmed. She moves through friends, family and strangers; their stories of life, death, and surviving provide comfort, horror and love. As for Adam, he is about the dangerous time we live in, of suspicion and fear of people and things we dont know. Its about compassion and strength and how these qualities can turn the bleakest days into one with light even if it is just a faint one.

Adam is about finding true love, and knowing that we can be very lucky after all....

A very great production team directed by Joe Hasham OAM, produced by Faridah Merican, written by Mark Beau De Silva and the wonderful casts. All the characters are so good from their own unique expression up to delivering the whole message of the play. Who ever watch this play i can say they are lying if they said that they didn't even cry atleast once through out the play. Its so touched and emorional yet there are slightly lil jokes here and there which will encounter back on the whole play for it not to be too heavily emotional.

The message is clearly delivered and i found it somehow had touch a lil bit on my life journey as well. It is a good play...and its still on till June 20th!! hurry! or u'll missed it.

Oh ya...the best part of dearie Shaz is the one accompanied me to this play even though she wasn't feeling well that time. She was on MC actually..but i persuade her to follow me...and she's enjoyed it so MUCH! she baught the play's CD and programme book. I told he that i used to did my pratical in actor's studio as assist graphic designer and i was so eager to meet Farida Merican, my ex-employer! Guess what?? she did remembered was in 2006 i did my practical there...another interesting experience to me,thou=)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Murni Discovery

Who doesn't know about this Restaurant called MURNI? well..whenever we mention Murni what comes in mind is ss2, PJ. Actually, they have a new place..well set up to cater for their customer who loves the food so very much. Today after work i rang Ata, just to invite him to accompany me to go to the bank at Kelana Jaya. As usual he'll come and fetch me together with faisal. So, faisal dropped me off at the bank and before i got down from car i asked them to start think one place for us to have dinner. They both came out with MURNI BARU which known as MURNI DISCOVERY.....

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa.............we finally find this DISCOVERY MURNI! Actually, Si faisal ni la google bout this restaurant. Then got the address from one of the blog and he started to used his GPS using his Iphone. Not that hard pon to find this place..its somewhere Aman Suria, Petaling Jaya!..still we choose to used GPS else for sure we gonna end in up in some Kedai Kopi Cina. well..its located in chinese area. I'm not pretty sure whats the address is but i know its somewhere PJU near Aman Sunway( if i'm not mistaken la)

The place at last properly been set up. Kinda chill place to hang out..And we 3 enjoy our dinner 2hether while watching Thomas Cup!

Burger Special, Chicken Cabonara

Mee Maryland and Lily ice blended...Superb!
One thing I am certain is that Murni is a great crowd puller and the owner is definitely making tons of dough!
Jalan PJU 1/3B
Sunway Mas Commercial Centre
Petaling Jaya, Selangor