Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Surrendered in Assunta Hospital....again...

Today, my life is decidedly different. I feel like i've been reborn for the 3rd time. Quite an experience to me to went through some minor operation on my colons. It all started 2 weeks ago..well..its been few years back but i didn't even make it has a big deal for me. I always take things for granted but this time around i told mama about some complexity i went through when i pass my motion out for the pass 2 weeks. I had an internal bleeding....

As usual, mama was the one who eagerly drag me to see My own Personal Specialist. Told her to bring me to a clinic but i end up in the hospital. Oh God! on my mind, I always have the pass images of myself when i got surrendered at Assunta hospital. So, there I was, got admitted at the same floor but a few rooms away from my previous one.

After made a quick check ups on me, My doctor told me he will give me some medicine for a night and I gotta go for a minor surgery the next day. The nurse push me on the wheel chair towards Wad Fatimah room num 5105. I got a single room all by myself again...Mama just accompany me for a while and then she went back home....

Nothing much i can say being alone in the hospital room. I guess hospital is my second home. I dont know that i'm the only one among my siblings who always go in and out from hospital. Guess i'm not the lucky one....But to think back, who am i to complain about such things. Its faith that God gimme me to be this way and all i can do is to thank Him for what been planned in my Life journey...Being thankful wasnt that hard for me as i've been through more worst that ever before...sigh*

This is what i do to fill in my free and boring time at hospital....doodles and drawings:p

Well, to conclude on why am i've been admitted it is because i've piles stuck inside my colons. According to Doctor, he cant chop off the piles yet and gotta put a rubber band on it just to make my pass motion run smoothly without any bleeding . That i guess one of key solving for my case. He added, the piles couldn't be chop off yet till i get my 1st child or so on...well as long as i can breathe i'm all good and happy:)

Nervous before the operation team came and brought me to Operation Theater(OT)

I'm all looking good but slightly drowsy after been put down to 2 hours sleep for operation
*still smiling:o)


  1. i hope u be fine soon... and no more sick in your life... take care linda

  2. thanks Ismail....pray for a better health for the days to come... :)

  3. this morning, i see u with ur smile and i feel u are getting better... jom lari2 nak... :)

  4. the man on ur drawing look just like mr.takuya :p

  5. ismail: a'ah i dah leh lari2 dah....and back to work as normal. TARGET I IS SOOOO HIGH....tido pon x tenang and i'm still on medication...:(

    Nizam: Takuya is it? cool is that!it is a ppic of me and!;)