Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Being a good girlfriend is a excellent art

I just died a little and it is in a bad not good at this particular time :( same shitz but different day. I know being in love there are ups and down. How i wish those circumstances comes in different looks like pratically the same things i'll be facing before. Am i really really really not a good girlfriend? Honestly, i low down myself to a certain levels which somehow i think 'this isn't me' !i know i can be a lil tooo bubbly and very loud in expressing my words and emotion, and cos of that i it a crime to do so in relationship policy?? oh there such things as RELATIONSHIP POLICY? excuse me...i dont aware about it...

what i know and i look up for is LOVE COMES NATURULLY after lovers finally meet thier level of understanding and somehow leads to unexpected RESPECT! I donno where i can turn to when this issues of relationship arise between me and my other half....seriously i just donno... T_T....Sometimes i keep wondering am i not being a girl up to what he expected? or not even close to his dream girl ? How could i be that girl....? question that i cant even figure out the answer on my own......maybe i just let time decide for the truly answer...

This might be a lil bit to cliche or probably funny....i just dont wanna feel down too long after what i faced, so i decided to google some tips on Being a good girlfriend.haha

Suggestion on how to be a good girlfriend

1: Be real honest: Whereas self honest to you are helper, it is equally vital that you be honest to yourself and yes, in a grown-up relationship, honesty is the most excellent policy, as long as you are important other too is honest to himself and we all know it is pretty difficult to expect from anyone. (oh no! i'm lack of this value in me....but as far as i'm concern im still and always be honest to the one that i love and care)

2: Have a optimistic attitude: If all you say about him is a censure or an attack, he will not look onward to seeing you remember people don't want you to be honest with their inadequacy's. It is a improved plan in mature relationships. Be unprompted, but be careful in your impulsiveness.Be happy. (hmm..i can say, this is my narually born attitude)

3: Communicate regularly: Do not talk his ear off, he doesn't need your opinion, if he did he would read a book or something he respects. However, make positive that if you have any difficulty that will have an effect on your mood, he is made aware of the reasons for your problems. so that you do not come into view to just be a indecisive and bad-tempered creature. But if you have big problems, keep it to yourself, because then it may look like you are talking his ear off. (i communicating too much i guess >_< such a troublesome)

4: Build your desires, needs, and opinions: Still when they might disagreement with his. If they do, build certain that you should desist from talking too a great deal concerning them. You decision and needs definitely help you.

5: Be reliable: Such as being truthful first, then being diplomatic next. Such as having the desire to converse issues first, then shutting the torture up. If you want to be reliable, make sure it's well-matched with his/her desires. If you are reliably annoying, they won't have none of that.

6: Be patient: Please don't mechanically think he did not hear you when you said something. May be he was worried with not listening to you. Don't jump to end and don't be bitchy about being ignored all the time. Remember, they may be trying to be reliable with their egocentricism. ( this is another value that i'm lacking in....probably close fwens and love ones know about it but yeah of course i'm trying takes two to tango,thou)

7: Take an interest in his interests: Take an interest in his disinterests too. He may be disinterested in what you like, so at smallest amount try to understand why he is not interested respect it like the relationship saving, selfless person you are. ( he love music and obviously his super hawt guitar.....and yeah...i'm lovin it tooOo just that i dont hv any talent to do so:( but i can DANCE pretty amazing..ahaks!)

and.....................i did took a quiz on 'ARE YOU A GOOD GIRLFRIEND?' and the aswer is what i expected..tadaaaa.....

You are a Great Girlfriend !
When it comes to your guy, you're very thoughtfulBut you also haven't stopped thinking of yourselfYou're the perfect blend of independent and caringYou're a total catch - make sure your guy knows it too! ( i hope my bf realize this indeed) ^_^'

Last word from the bottom of my innocent heart....
Once me and my guy became exclusive and offcial, I will instituted a "hands off" policy for all the guys i know and that! thats my Vow ;)

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