Monday, May 21, 2012

try and error..turban style :p

This morning i woke up as energetic as usual~ knowing that its a Monday and its a 1st start of the week. So, i didn't plan what wear but i definitely have an eager to wear my hijab , Turban style??shall we. hehe.. before i went to sleep last nite i was downloading my research video from youtube and i accidentally clicked on this one Urban style of wearing it. Ahaks~

And lagi...try try la balut kepala tu sbb last time that i remembered i bought a 'Yuna' tudung where it has 2 3 functions gak la...siap dia ajar pakai style turban but last time not my kinda fashion to wear that. i donno how do i actually look but this is it.....tadaaaaa~ hahahaha

hehe...ieuuu..npk weird la suppose to be like...erkk..YUNA~

nah...jauh panggang dari api klo nak nampak cam Yuna kan..haha
dlm byk2 org nyer feedback there always 1 feedback yg totally lain...and it came from my bf plak

eh eh...sama ke ngan erica bado ni? ciss~ dari idung pon dh sah2 nampak lain..haha

And today i met my ministry client and everybody like.." style...kena la ngan u" haha...padahal main balut2 je tu.huhu. well, seriously its not about style yaw...its about me who dah abis idea actually but still wanna look good for the meeting. Guess what..Alhamdulillah~ i sealed the deal and to add on...dpt another project to be develop up with MOHE. yay...looking forward for it yaw..but kena lepas kan hari Belia.*cant wait*

my day end up x der moooooood gileeeeee cos i got a phone call from office. trus down ok!~ but we gotta move forward and face it. damn!! i've been surviving all this while..standing on my two cold feet praying everything is gonna be just fine...barakAllah~ teserlah la....what ever happen me gotta stay strong as normal~ huhu..insyAllah...

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