Wednesday, May 9, 2012

critical month..and i gotta persue it~

Perfect song for my kinda feeling rite now..

SubahannAllah~ i'm stuck with this song since last weekend. This is the 1st song i tune in on my samsung tab every morning. i donno y but somehow it speak about my kinda heart. Life a lil bit rough few days..i mean the work loads is just madness.  maybe its pressure me much on the dateline of our financial year this coming June. A lot of pending proposal in my plate...and office politic is just killing me day to day. Astagfirullahazim.. i cant say much, every where we go pon still we gotta face on things like politic issues going on in an organization rite~ i doubt i will escape from that if im still working under people. 

I think i gotta focus more on my works rather then the interruptions or shall i say the small2 bits and pieces of piolitics and gossiping that going around in the office. Yesterday was the most pressure day ever till i cant control the emotion that running thro me. I tot i can handle it..u know being human we just need someone to talk to. someone that can deal with others situation and a place to share. All this while i've been keeoing it all to myself...Bestfriend? Friends? i think at this kinda age they all also have their kinda prob to handle and i dont tend to at more for them. I donno how it actually works for my stuation. My BOSS?? yeah...i used to talked to him bout job and such..but yeah..after sometimes i felt worst dealing with the whole heartless....heartless to office environment, dealing with people who doesn't stand for us as a team.....i'm sick! worst case is i even dont have chances to share with someone who i think i make him as important as my life rite now. Seriously i'm not a person who tells problem to anyone else unless if she/he ask me. at thats the time i open up my mouth to talk. . Well, its just me...really hard to find someone that can hear and understand someone situation.

How i wish people take me as serious as i wanted. People tend to see me a bit playful but the one who actually know me well, know where my serious button located. Kebengangan tahap dewa smalam made me  went to gym. I know that the only place i can get out from my without any further thinking, i made my way to Subang Truefitness instead of PJ. Just becouse i dont want to come across any of my colleagues who happen to go at the PJ branch. So, as i put my leg on the track-mile i rannn rannnnnnn rannnnnnnnnnnn fastttttt til at one moment i noticed someone is standing beside my track-mile. Dari ekor mata i tot he bout to start work out as buat donno la..

suddenly dia tegur...u lari laju sgt ni. i turn my head and slowdown my run. and he started asking me..'u train under G kan? dia kat PJ branch today' and i straight away answer, 'yes, I know. i saje ke sini. tenang skit jauh dari org i x kenal' ...and so, he replied..' u look so tensed. need any helps on today work out'...and i accidentally replied,' i think i cam nk tumbuk org or dinding skang ni' (sumpah i not referring to him)...and muke dia trus berubah~opppss...i didnt meant to. well...tu la..i couldn;t control the emotions that running thro me...benda dh lama sgt sabar cam tu la~ and he still nk gak bercakap ngan aku ni..'sorry la u, i tau u ngah tension..since u rasa cam nk tumbuk org kan..why dont u try punching bag..perhaps it can reduce the pressure in u'....huhu...and i'm smiling..."thanks....i would love to'

and soo...i jadi Captain America (try to imagine him in Avengers) haha....SWEET!~ well..its a worth the things to do if we are under pressure with our surrounding. And yes, in order for me to get use to the whole things ngan tangan berbalut bagai smua..i talked manly with me. HOw to handle pressure and such...he actually saw me couple of times when i've trained under G and  bla bla....seems like a nice guy... well atleast i've a space to just share to someone at that particular time. No wonder people said...time is just meaningless if we dont used it wisely...and make sure we actually share it on the surface je cos we should know that very someone deeply baru ley start cite kan...=)


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