Tuesday, May 8, 2012

path in finding a rainbow?

hmmm ...my day starts pretty late 2day. Me and boyfie supposed to attend this one dentist appointment but we turn up late. >_<' ...and the doctor went off. DANG! we are pretty late i guess...bout 40mins late. well, poor thang...lesson learned! think we gotta plan for next time...depending on my other half. for me, as i make my time, i definitely will commit to it. huhu..

So, i went to Ministry of HIgher Education. as my meeting start at 1030am. Guess what?? i left my IC that attached together with my licence at the front desk! gosh!! tu la susah nya x cukp tempat dh kot kat my brain ni  nk ingat benda so i accidentally used my kepala lutut. haha..nampak nyer kena la gi Putrajaya 2moro...arghhhhhh....so fraking lazy to drive and i always wish that how cool if i were to have my own driver~ InsyAllah...one fine day.......aminnnn.hehe

and so i find to a very good ending of a day...i got a phone call from Kalman saying that alya was searching for my number. ok chup!! Who's the hell is Alya again>> haha...its my looooonnnggg lost mmu's fwen. and i went like..oowhhh,,...whats up? Kalman told me that she's inviting me to this port of AL-Qadeem. I heard it before from Kalman....like......1 year ago....and find out that severals of my fwens or colleagues actually went to the classes. Talking bout ceramah2 agama ni is really my kinda thing to listen to regardless how bz i am with my everyday's super bz schedules. I will always make time to this kinda things.

U know..somehow i always look at things in different angles...When people are stress out with their work loads and job, most probably they go to gym or lepak with fwens. I did that before and still doing it but u know the best medicine to kill ya stress of moody mood is to find the clear path. So, the question is..HOW and WHERE actually we can find it. Try to look beyond your knowledge and yaself..what u lack inside....for me i always think i've lots of things that i lack inside myself...that is why i always welcome new insights. Therefore, i made my way to just attend this one talk at Al-Qadeem. Its an association which i think some kind person initiative in giving people a good depth about Islam and Sunnah.

Its a one and half hour insightful talk..and it was SUPERB! besides pack with info that we dont even know it also comes with humor elements. Thats even make the audience interested to hear~ ntah la...nothing to comment much but this is my 1st time pegi, and i felt so welcome je. Rasa aura cam ala2 time nk gi Umrah few months back. dalam hati aku slaloo impressed dengan org2 yang bley bg smua manfaat ni pd mereka yg memerlukan..cam aku la ni~ npk je huha huha..but seriously i do appreciate this lil element of life..it might be such a small portion in our life but as i said...try to look beyond ya knowledge..it will give you MUCH VALUE than u ever need it. SubahannAllah...barakAllah~ its just a nice and peaceful moment to hear sumthing good for ya ears after a long stress day hearing such chaotic life; people bitching about other people, people scolding other people and so may negatives talk! uhH! pls..i got enuff of that yaw~...let me, myself and i make peace upon my ears...i just wanna let it hear sumthing good to be given and tanam inside my lonely heart ni...eceyh~ sudah! lonely plak kan katanyer......hehehe. well, pokok pangkal nyer, we gotta open our heart to welcome those majlis2 ilmu in oneself, and klo diberi hidayat insyAllah, Tuhan will open our heart and eyes to see sumthing different from everybody else...i did and i hope your time will come soon~ InsyAllah~

This is a video of how well the GREATNESS of ALLH SWT~ interesting and nice...hee.


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