Saturday, May 5, 2012

nice archi? rumah pasang siap pon mahal ke?^_^'

My Dream Villa or should i say my weekend House*wish*.
I love the subterranean design, and the big glass, but again, everyhting's all white! 
White is, at best, WHITE is ME!
Since i'm a lil kid, i used to hold on my pollypockets all da time everywhere i go...
i love to decorate it wt nice and simple environment. 
and not forgetting, i'm actually make one of the room for myself to express my arts
sketching and coloring is my kinda world back then
worst case was, i actually dream to have an husband who is into Fine Art.
he draw me..he draw us.haha..
Thats about it on my fairy tale life back then...and now..
oh noo..i'm still working my ass out to achieve what i really want in life...
pretty much im getting there yaw~ looks horrible aite?..but guess what skeleton is looking Gojaz! ahaks!
And i've my love ones who always there to support me..i hope so~ hehe

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