Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just a thought of what happen on Love, Marriage and happily ever after~

What is to become of the institution of marriage? One goal is to have love, unfettered by the cold bonds of law. but another goal is to have family units into which the young can snuggle and from which they will take values, hopefully of the kind that will strengthen both the family and the state.

 It is really funny to think back I once adore the sincerity and tenderness of both this one loving couple. I witness his and her maturity of relationship till they tied a not 2 years ago. And between that 2 years of their happy marriage life, develop envy heart towards them. I mean the girl must be really lucky to actually hold the WIFE status at the young age of 26 yrs old. Well, once I was wish to settle down by that kinda age..but we as human just can rely on plans and of course the good planner for oneself is always be the Almighty~

The part I don’t really understand is how could a marriage come to an end if both at 1st agreed to get married and stay forever for the rest of their life? How could it possibly be? SubahannAllah~ when I think back all the beautiful memories it’s all done and past. How could a heart that been structured slowly towards a happy marriage life somehow collapse half way? Who gonna answer this? The person who actually face it or the people that close to them?hmmm….reality nyer, many people said that marriage is like another risk in life~ if we know how to handle things and deal with whatever come across in our life, insyAllah, with Gods will we entitle to owns the ‘happy ever after’ terms. Perhaps, it is more than happy ever after in normal Disney movies.

I’ve been thinking lately on the person that close to me, he actually facing some adults problem I can say. U know to compare me with him even thou we like 1 year different, but in reality he has jump to another stage of life. Which is MARRIAGE. I remembered on his wedding day, we once grabbed my hand and talked to me secretly saying..”my time has come..and I hope u’ll be the next one. Soon, perhaps”. How could I forget that moment…he who I used to quarrel from our childhood yrs, fight through some stupid things and envy each other in certain ways and now he officially a husband to someone. We actually matured with times.  And now…….along the way towards the happy vow made 2 yrs ago, it seems that jodoh telah tertulis buat mereka berdua~ Betul kata orang, Jodoh dan Takdir sesorang tu telah tertulis. Kalau Tuhan cakap jadi, maka it will happen. And destiny menentukan how strong we face it.

How well the husband trying to fix things out but if the wife literally stated that she is stuck with ‘the walkaway wife syndrome’ seriously I can say it is just waste of the Husband time. Cos if one party is putting so much effort while the other party just wanna give up and let go, everything will slowly collapse and comes to an end. Although divorce offers the illusion of happiness to people of all ages, races and personality types, there is one group that particularly liable to the sounds of divorce siren. It’s always be the WOMEN! Whats going on here?? Why are so many women throwing in the towel?

Woman are the one who are doing a daily temperature check. You know what I mean..even thou I didn’t happen to experience marriage life yet, but I adapt and learn from my elderly and surrounding. They always question themselves which I think guys sometimes couldn't tolerate with it.  Question normally always run thro married woman is “Are we spending enough time together?” and if the answer to that kinda question is “yes”, life goes on~ Often, instead of recognizing their wives needs, men simply feel as though they are being nagged and withdraw, emotionally and sometimes physically.  

Well, this is only my assumption on the person that I’ve yet trying to be close to, who is my sis in law. I think most probably bring her to an ultimate decision of being divorce was probably she keeps complaining about what ever matters her so much. How could the beauty of marriage life coming to her if the aura that circulated her is negatives. Of course, once the negative vibe running thro yaself and soon it will take over the positiveness of oneself… the answer will always be “GIVE UP”! and perhaps with the statement saying “ I went thro everything, divorce had got to be better conclusion of all this remedies”!! ~ huh!

SubahannAllah…doesn’t u know or learn basic things about Islam..(ni la nk jd ustazah ni..) heee…penceraian tu bkn kah sesuatu yg dibenci Allah.Mana x nyer…mendirikan sebuah Masjid tu kan indah, and now as simple and easy u demolish it. Tak smua org dpt peluang nk mendirikan MAsjid semudah tu, I don’t understand y is it so hard tuk ada a piece of rasa bersyukur~ yang zahir nyer terang2 we as women knows that by getting married, seorang suami tu adalah tiket bagi seorang isteri ke syurga. Tak ke indah…and seriously, InsyALlah if I’ve a chance to hv a husband rite now, the more focus I will do is to be obey and with full respect towards him to lead me to slowly bersiap sedia dunia lain and at the same time enjoy the beauty what we hold in this world. For me, I’ve seen…I’ve learned so many things in my life by my own experiences and if I were to tell everyone perhaps my kinda stories doesn’t have any values to others instead is always be a golden values to one selves.

I’m convinced if more women knew the truth about divorce, they might not be so quick to dismiss their husband’s offers to become better people and partners. They might actually stick around long enough to find out that their husbands really mean what they say about changing~ 

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