Saturday, June 2, 2012

And so its JUNE...

its officially half of the year 2012...gosh! time really fly~ What do i achieve through out this half year..? well..what i been plan all this while, alhamdulillah far everything slowly comes into structure puzzles and yet still give sometimes for those lil pieces to come into a nice picture. InsyAllah. Of course, there are lots of hustles here and there, but to think back its all the juice of LIFE.

Recently, i met my good fwen, Helamah just to renew her investment. I took her our for lunch quite long just to catch up on each other. You know married women, lots of stories to be told...and with and ope arms i welcome. I just love to hear her kinda stories where by sometimes while i'm driving i can just laugh by my own to think back what she told me. She's one of my funny friends who easily put a smile on my face. lol. It was a good chat, from mommy talk, friends gossiping, marriage and kids~ its just so nice being her i guess~ but we actually envy each other life more or less i can say....huhu

And today, i've my own time spending wt my sweet niece~

She is a grown up girl now...aww~ Glad she still manja and kinda shy2 lg when ever she's with me. But i can say, the way she's thinking its similar to me~ and yes..she have her OWN kinda MISSION in life. thats about it. i send her for casting under the 1st production house which had spotted my talent in advertising line. huhu...Glad they all like Sarra pretty much. I love to see her nervous face when she was on camera..and she will start calling my name...'aunty lindaaaa.......what am i suppose to do??' (sambil sipu2 malu)....and i  went like...'you go girl..u know what u want of luck. muahh~ '...and she will end up...'auntyyyyyyy' hahaha....

then she teman me went to this urban muslimah bazaar somewhere at the Strand Amcorp. There was my TV9 Ex-colleagues did some cover shooting for that event. Wanted to interview me as i was all funkily dressed up with my turban~ haha...ehem* "no camera pls*  heehe..i went there just to support my fwens on organizing that particular event. It was awesome!!

we end up eating our lunch at 4 in the evening~ sian si Sarra tu...lapar x mau ckp. aishh~ we end up eating western!! burppp~  we talked a lot over our, siblings, fwens, lover and future...sometimes i think its really nice to have a talk with younger kids just to run from our pathetic adults life. Give it a room to us to chill and remember on some part of life that once we actually deal with~ who knows our experience can tot them in someways...:)

on my way back sending her home, she said she had the most best day during school la mana x nyer...her daddy who is my abg is bz wt outstation work and mummy dia plak sarat pregnant..nasib la ada aunty yg still available to entertain her teenage life...hehe..bring it on, girl~ lol .

what an openin for my 2nd half of the year. Wish nothing but a bright future to me, family and people that close to my heart~ insyAllah...way to end this year with more wealthiness and blessing. amin~

(TUHANku, ampunilah aku....)

(Sayangi aku..)

(tutup la keaiban-keaiban ku...)

(Angkatlah darjatku...)

(berikanlah aku rezeki...)

(berikan aku pertunjuk...)

(sihatkan aku...)

(Ampunilah aku....)

Amin. :)

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