Wednesday, June 20, 2012

this is what i'm thinking...

People say that I'm soOooOo POSITIVE and sumtimes its really hard for them to just talk to me. hehe.. Sumpah is someone told me sumthing not really good for me to hear..i somehow can feel the negative vibes circulate round me out of sudden. and that kinda energy will interrupt my own systems of my believing~  that really makes me choose who i want to chill with...  One had asked me on how i actually stay positive at all time?? i mean they saw that lil something is totally not a good thing to settle with..but as usual im always thinking the other way round. hmm.. Positive Minded Button automatically switch on!

ok..let me rephrase back...its all start with ourself. If we doesn't think negative about will automatically reflect to our self. Ntah la..maybe b3fore this i've closed minded those days la...but as we develop ourselves.. upgrade our life..experience things...we should adapt it and analyst in order for us to get the whole picture and message of it. Maybe i'm a lil bit of a thinker in certain point...of course you too can be one~ well at least practice it. insyAllah u will slightly feel the different from time to time...and the best thing is it will somehow effect ya lifestyle to become more better and better. thats just awesome!

And i always remember the said from my elderly,  less thinking and judge people as ourselves is also not as perfect as God. And in every of my pray, i will pray to just killed the negative feelings that runs thro me...i know human aren't perfect not to make is good if we actually pasang niat and at least God knows about it :)

This is a lil something to share and for you to think about those words which give us meaningful reasons for us to understand~ Well said! Human..yes, go on and keep on aint no power to stop you unless yaself.. ;) 

Pls.. sprat the positives vibes round u and in return may Allah grant u with more loves and happiness in life..InsyAllah  >:) 

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