Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hati yg tak tenteram

Laa ilahailolohu wahdahu la syarikalah, lahul mulku walahul hamdu wahuwa alaa kulli syai in qodir~

This is the doa i always lafazkan di saat i have lots of confusion inside me, doa aku untuk dibukakan pintu rezeki, hajat yang di pinta...well actually this doa is so powerful sometimes when i recite it somehow really can disburse a lil tears in my eyes T_T...i mean at this particular moment. I felt sumthing so uncertain that create such a sad emotion running thro me. adoii....pening plak bile pk kan blk. 

i always trapped between 2 different world. SubahannAllah~ jika inilah ujian yg turunkan buat aku, aku terima seadanya selagi masih boleh berfikir wisely, and with full respect and guidance ..insyAllah i will face it as it is. I should not stated the story here as i isnt really sure on its truthfulness. and so i remain silent....let the Almighty settle on behalf of me as i know i'm just an ordinary people who seek for more guidance and forgiveness. May Allah will protect me, my family and my love ones from being betray in this world and in the world after. InsyAllah....

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