Sunday, June 3, 2012

politics and drama...are they related?

Where is the Justice? i spend my time watching on my Sunday...somehow this lil mind come out with big question can have a look at it~ enjoy..

she is so convincing~ her look, her efficiency, her spirit and her good heart is all in her face ^_^' or is just a normal drama owns by politicians? 

His view and words somehow i can take it in someways. He did stressed up saying he look forward to have politic dgn seadilnya...cos of he been quite awhile with UMNO since zaman Arwah bapaq our PM lg, he knows how the perjuangan looks like. It is something valuable to our generation now, but all i know rite now, they have their own secret agenda and direction.

So, let us think wisely~ Again, election is just around the corner...huhu :)

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