Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nenek and Nenda in KL!!!

Last weekend is the finest weekend ever. Its been quite sometimes doesn't meet my grandma. well, even thou its not my real grandma but i always treat them as one. Real grandma passed away when i was small..and mama said i was the last grandchild she hold a week after i'm born then...God loves her more they everyone else... x sempat aku nk kenal dia,hati budi and lihat muke dia. Photographs showed it all to me...

They were here for my cousin's wedding...i know i'm quite bz with works..but for the whole week i make my time available to have dinner with them. And as usual Mama cooked a lot every nite...

This is my Nenda~ She's singaporean and very the styLo~ biasa la...kata dulu peragawati..but now peragawati penjen.haha. Always catch me on my bz time...nk keluar umah time tu la dia ajak borak..well, if borak skit2 x pe...but seriously i couldn't find a comma(,) nor fullstop(.) kalau ckp ngan dia ni...huhu..(byk ckp)...but all the said was pretty amazing to me. Ye lama...from life till marriage la dia bg nasihat to me..(even thou nasihat tu is the same nasihat over the 5 yrs ago..) knowing me..i lyn kan aje..cos after all she's my grandma..elderly yg dah makan garam way back then. Now its time for me to listen and learn thro her experience. Yang paling best intipati nasihat dia ni sure leads to marriage....Al-maklum la...kata nyer keturunan they all girls plg2 pon kena kawin at 27yrs old...if i were to began rephrasing her kinda statement sure dia ckp.."dont say that my zaman is not the same as now....we have adat and budaya..its good to see my grandchildren happily married before my time is up"....aww....nenda~ pls.....dont say such thing....i just that u gotta have faith in me...i fine day..insyAllah. hee :)  ( ngan nenda ku yg glamor ni..and ala2 manja skit kena speaking abis....she and her glamarous world till now maintain) ;)

I always said to mama that mama somehow look a like aas my Nenda. Gank baik la tu...and sure mama when old look like Nenda~ hihi

This is my Nenek Sedara...a sister to my real grandma. Sitdown with her she always go on and on about  those days when i was just a baby. By looking at her eyes, there are lots of loves and the age i just feel like..its really good to just hold that wrinkle hands and have deepest conversation with her...her words of wisdom always be my guts to go thro my stormy days...story she gave me baru2 ni saying that she gotta go back to kampung soon rite after the wedding cos nkk tolong2 tgk kat nenek satu lagi kat kampung. I mean my nenek sedara(nenek som) satu lagi now terlantar uzur. Last time i met her she can walk with her tongkat not lying down..mkn,minum and solat smua atas katil. And nenek ckp that nenek Som couldn't recognize people and hear voices dh. aww..poor thang~ So, pesan nenek...selagi mata and telinga masih boleh berfungsi, ingat la Dia yang Maha Agung. Sumpah saat tu aku rasa ajal cam dekat sangat bile2 masa... while she was here i did mengaji wt her..and biasa la...i told he my mad2 smua stok berterabur recite Quran cam kejar keta api...hehe...and all she said that ur lucky you can still read it. God will understand..Dia lah yang Maha Mengetahui~ guulpp! *telan liur* 

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