Monday, June 18, 2012

show off!~

there definitely a MAIN reason i went to the gym..i mean i hire my own trainer. well, the purpose is to just making me even Fit. I'm a healthy kind of person..all this while i went to gym just to attend classes like Hot Yoga, dance class and kick boxing. Those are just for fun cos its just me that couldn't let go those beats and myself starts to pump together wt the beat~  *dancing*

But i guess, i'm done with all that...i know once a dancer it will always be a dancer. It is ok for me to enjoy music and hv this lil imagination in doing superb steps and dance according to the beat in my kinda mind~ ahaks! well..cukup je la till hv that pictures in mind...i enjoy it :)

Rite now i spend most of my time 3 times a week...(gotta be consistent) saje je nk discipline myself with healthy activity besides working 24 hours kan~ Really it change me here and there. Very energetic and sustain my energy till end of each day. 3 times a day going to the same gym ..of course ada yg mengenali. Well it because im the one who always wt hooded while work out...its a kind of trendy muslimah yg nk workout but dont wanna wear tudung biasa kan...hehe.

hee...this is how im going to the gym...same style diff color. well..used to wear those outfit when i was a r&b and hiphop dancer yaww~ lol

So this morning i went to the Gym. To day training kinda hard cos more into my tight full concentration. Adalah sorank hamba Allah ni...serious i dont even noticed him at all..till my trainer G ni starts to gossip about the Guy badan ketul2 tu. Then i'd a quick glance at him..he was sungguh2 ni tumbuk2 punching bag and he cam saje je makin nk tunjuk2 he punch kuat2. Then i told G that how come dia punch kuat gile kot...x sakit ke tgn dia...cos the other day i tried serius cam nk patah kot my

G then biasa la this shemale buat muke tersipu2 malu dia..*nyampah* and he pronounced.." u x pasan ke nok...he tried to impress u taw~ bkn ape...pls pls...tak moh pandang dia skang..nnt pasan plak dia...that dude dok usha u dr ari tu~"  ..and then i laugh like heLL.hahahahaha....Zaman bile plak nk impress girl guna body and punching kuat2... serius i told G..."geli nyerrrr kening dgr gossip u tu!!" LoL. then G was like..dah2 tak yah nk buat muke budget hello kitty ko tu~ hahaha... Then G asked me, whether i go for that type of guy ke?? hamboiii....~ kan main lg dia ni...nk kais2 my personal story plak..i cut it short..No. I come here to train under u klo nk gossip pon nnt2 lew...kite x sampai lg our mission ni..else i report kat manager u! muahahhaa...then G seems x puas ati dia told me that dude were asking him bout me...i gave him a "mind ya own business" kinda look. lol. and he went like..nyampah lew ckp ngan ko ni...lalalalala...*nasib la* ..its just me yg mmg susah nk di handle.kuang3.

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