Friday, June 15, 2012

Jom Kejar Mimpi pt2 : quick Escape to nature

Waking up to this week i feel and see everything is fine. I guess that lil feeling that seldom came into  my vain had somehow make me felt so great. Its been awhile after my Jom Kejar Mimpi part one story to Mekkah 4 months back, i thnk i choose to rejuvenating myself by back to nature and slow down my life tempo so i can take a moment to look around and i can say I was and i’m still amazed.... I think about the little things that make life great J

I took my time out from my bz ever schedules joining mama to Vietnam. Yes, again...another trip with Mama. Of course..we have so many things to share and to discover as if there are endless stories when it comes to both of us. From family thingy, lovers and business..somehow we just have lots to share. Hehe. As usual mama got a lil excited, when a week before we fly off , every nite she will remind me... “ linda..ready..another 5 days to go..”..and that phase went on and on till the final day comes.

VIETNAM here i comeee~ Main purpose of me went there was actually to teman mama for her business and such..i know i will end up back to nature and photography~ serius rindu to do such things...thats my kinda things to do out of my bz stress ...same lame surrounding...and the answer to that is TRAVELLING! Its a perfect time pon to travel as i been looking for a green surrounding and nature feelings lately..u kinda life sometimes i feel like soo stress out..but im enjoying my life as it is....biasa la manusia....not to say that i didn’t appreciate it but ntahlah...its about time to get one step behind and enjoy on another part of our life.

The day i touched down at Vietnam, is the the day i gotta settle my mission...cari kain and go for one day tailor made. Cam x caya kan....but yeah!! They have that kinda service..well...chinese kan keja laju..serious..tgk tukang jahit dia smua stok dh senja..ada la cam my they have a sharp eyes..jarum lubang kecikkkkk gilee pon mata dia ley npk lg nk masukkan benang. *respect*

Done wt my mission..the next day i persuade mama to let me join the tour discover Mekong Delta...some river side at Vietnam...i just need to go out to see the greeennnn and get the nature feelings. Huhu...nikmat dunia bagai terbentang depan mata je rasa to see such peaceful surrounding..sape yg x suke!! I’m crazy bout it...i wish i’ve my own house with a taman for me to just chill and enjoy it~ let it become my own taman larangan...shhhhuh..*stop imagination lindaa!!* wel...those some pictures i took using tabby....and share it via Instagram ! hoho..nk gak tu dlm sampan kicik and ujan lg tu..kluar kan my tabby and snap it! Lol

Romantik Escape...but wt Mama pon boley la...~ (tido x de prasaan) lol X-) 

this is not my style..this is pakai bantai~ baru sampai and no rest at all..mama just pull the blanket that i rolled in, woke me up (even thou mata baru la nk start pejam) and kerah me to dressed up and went out with her to the city~

This is the boat i ride on with ..i think approximately 15 others from over the world..canada, Australia, UK and US~

This is how they travel those days....sampan ye....when i was on the sampan...teringat plak zaman sekolah rendah baru belajar buat sampan then ajak my adik tu race our sampan kat parit depan umah arwah atok~  and now...look at on THAT SAMPAN yaw~ lol

smua kena pakai this Vietnamese significant topi while we were on that sampan...dh cam cina jual bukit~ and mama said i look so Mualaf in this picture... cis~

and this is our lunch! the waiter asked me i would like to have snake curry or crocodile soup...and i answered...i want to jump into the river and get bitten by those reptiles rather than i'm the one who eating them... *sick*

this is koleksi Vietnam photos yang telah di instagram kan..hehe..Not that awesome shot using my tabby...if ada rezeki tgk la i'll upload more professional shot..*i wish* hahaha...

quick escape to nature was a great feeling ever~ To think back, those experience went it so fast, which i think it was just a was the happiness inside that im feeling..i mean..the truthful green nature, spending time wt mama, did my baju raya tailoring and see those pity faces begging for help and money...its just beautiful and it makes me wanna cry with no reason..its just a state of bliss i hv this lil feeling inside hoping this brilliant innonence memories of that moment wont faith away with times....~ its just too beautiful... *all blessed*

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