Monday, June 18, 2012

this is hilarious...

U know what...i've been in front of my lappy for an hour just to find delete button on my FB page..till now i couldn't find it! i guess its about time to delete my previous photos. Last nite i saw the whole picture of my life back then...and today i've a strong guts and will to just delete it all. i know some part of memories are still there in my mind but heall yeah..atleast people, family and love ones doesn't know it more that i like it~

hmm....i private FB albums and even my profile album cos i couldn't find the delete button to each photo :( i'm done and to look back to what i went thro its just awesome and i can say i done enuff. Well, to be truth.....i've distance myself for quite sometimes with people that used to be really close to me. Not that i dont wanna hang out and be friends wt them anymore..its just myself feel uncomfortable and to be frank i'm scared. I'm scare of lots of things...i've seen worst things, dark life and experience hippie life wt no boundaries before. MasyAllah... i'm scare to these days. I know somewhere and someone its yet to come and safe me from these confusion and coldness~ Meanwhile i never ever stop in finding the 'Nur' and learning and seeking guidance in lots of things...

Those pretty faces and friendly person last nite somehow remind me of the other me that i used to be. Ya Allah~ life pretty hard when i'm actually trying my best to rephrase my life back with sumthing good. I did shared my own personal kinda values on my talk to this one event which i think my words and tots had touched the audiences heart. Its feels so amazing when i saw those eyes dropped a lil tears...they felt what i'm trying to deliver. Alhamdulillah~ I believes every people sees life in their own perspectives. but its about how we appreciate it its the most important things.

The most thing that really touched my heart was when i actually joined these kinda hippie groupies...they are all seems to the same :( i'm sad ...i'm reluctant to just see them ..gosh! SubahannAllah~ came this one guy...we talked before...he know me back then..and impressed to see me once again in totally different appearance and personality. And so we talked.....he still with his kinda life. I did lil chat here and there with those people on that events...this is my 1st catch up wt them after several of invitations. I'm glad to see them and as i turn and say good bye..deep in my heart i pray....May one day u all see what i see and feel the real things is not about what u searching in this world,,but in the other world~ May Allah grant such happiness to u all...insyAllah... ;(

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