Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What i want in my Freaking Life!!

Well well..its like another 8 days i'll b offiicially 24 years old. I set a goal in me what i want in my life. 1st of all i want a car of my own...and eventually it came out about a year ago right after i start my very 1st career at KPMG:)

This is my super duper cutY MiVi SE Pearl white. Baught it with my own money and pay it by my own ok!.fuh...i can say that i become more adult each day :) hehe

So...what i would like to have now....not really now next mission are....Buy a House!!!! Property Investment...thats what i'm looking for rite now...its not 2 late aite at the age of 23 just started to actually think to get involve with property investment..hmm..... I would say my dream house would be at Bali, Indonesia...but not to think soooo freaking far! I'll stick to...SINARAN TTDI.heee.... i always passed by SINARAN TTDI on my way to work..even thou its slightly out of my way to office but i make my self pass that House.huhu..its actually still under costruction/developing.hehe. Here it is....

Then..this is soooOo gonna be my Dream car!! BMW X6!!! Do yo guys think i can have it one day?? i know what u guys actually been thinking over there...heLL NO! i'm not gonna marry a RICH DUDE just to have all this....i'm a person who always go for my own money and obviously it pays all my HARD WORK! no matter what...its such a satisfaction if u actually acheive what u want in life ;) and yeah....its good to dream for something we desire about right? ON LINDA^_^...hehehee

And last but not least...of course...i always wish for an eternity love:)


  1. hahaha...i always do.but well..nasib x menyebelahi i. But wont give at all..i just wont;) heeee

  2. hey how are you??? wana know who r u?

  3. hello=) I'm linda.thanks for viewing my uninteresting blog=) hehe...