Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another nite couldn't sleep

Gosh..lately i couldn't sleep...maybecos something stuck in my freaking head. i donno what..most probably work stuffs i guess......hmm..ntah la.maybe i'm missing my mom...she's been way to Dubai this morning..but feel like a week i didn't see her. Well linda...Wake up!!! ur not a lil girl anymore...damn! i hate that....used to be depanding on Mom ad siblings...sorry u guys..i'm jus being Linda who always making lots of troubles.hehe

damn!! 2moro i've a big meeting with client..and i think i'm gonna speak my own mind..cra crap crap*.. its 3 in da morning!!!! and i've to wakeup like...7.30am..oh noooo!!! i need 5 hours..atleast!!! k..better Shut down my self!!! i MUST SLEEP!! SLEEP linda SLEEP!!!



  1. hey babe! long time no see u..
    thanks a lot sbb drop by at my blog :)
    tak tau pon u ada blog, nnt i add u kat my blog list k..;)
    anyway, love ur photography..
    cantik! as always.. ;)

    oh ye yang, jangan la tak tido..
    kene tidoo..
    zaman mmu dulu takpe kalau tak cukup tido..
    kan kan kan ? :D

  2. helloooo=) no worries..dulu created this blog just t be view by myself..hehe. thanks 4 da compliment=) thanks to MMU to produced such a creative multitasking person..kan?;) same goes to u..nice collection=) u can do it!!! nanti buat gathering la...get to catch up with u guys..its been a while aite...?hii

    take care.