Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Lately im having such sleeping disorder :( well..had that once last time back in my study years...and when i jump into career world guess i pretty fine. work load is just another thing i gotta co-op with no biggie bout that. and of course few days i've been working late nite. I dont know why our of sudden ideas comes a lot at nite and i gotta stay doing my kinda proposal for my big client such as MOHE, MOE and of course the new one MITC. And the dateline is soOOoOo soon obviously! being in media and servicing line i can say all we need is SPEED. and thats kinda values which i guess mainly all my clients looking at!~

Seriously, half of my brain is consume wt work load and ideas, another half cramp with problems and lil bit of plans here and there. I seldom getting weird dreams and not even a good ones. Cos maybe my mind is always functional with high-speed while im awake and when i sleep..its like totally shut down. Unless there is certain things i didn't let it go and it stay on my mind for pretty long time..that's the course of me having sleeping disorder. And somehow it os true that brain and heart i just 2 organs that really connected to one another. It really does...i mean i experienced almost every time and worst thing is i Experienced the impact of terlalu makan hati and always keep the problem beneath my heart and end up having virus in my brain. oh~ poor thang. Sumpah...i'm scared when ever thinking of it and ya......i think it slightly going to happen.

hmmm..this is my story in a really bz week. And its all about work and mixed up feelings somehow i couldn't remember which part of my brain is actually handling the action that i take. I know that we have a segment in out brain which actually do certain things without ourselves construct to do so. I think the part called sereberum~ my doctor said bout that part  but for sure i know my doctor said that amazingly i can actually control that kinda part which somehow pressure my brain a lil bit too much. *Pelik* klo dalam tido pon i always thinking im actually working on something...and this is totally not good!

and it just happen~ dah la kurang tido for few time i've been presenting and do consultation on my kinda proposal to my clients on a very strategic media demand. Hell yeah...its a really tough things to handle while u were like half sober. feels like my body is awake but my mind is half sleep. And today i SUCKS BIG TIME! gosh~ i never said to myself ..but ...i really am...just for today. is the deal i did with my panel media events. My client briefed me on their event gimmick and such..and i'm the one who actaully need to come out on ideas gimmick suit with their event which gonna attend by PM and some other high profile people...bla bla bla...

it was plan last week to meet up by 2day and present the whole freaking ideas. Been texting and email with my panel over the weekend just to notify on latest updates. here come the cliche my surprise i got a fon called from my panel said he wanna meet me proposal 2moro and bley tanya bile nk present to client?? i'm like whattt?? its freaking me out at that particular moment. and i know i can handle this...i said to supposed to be another 1hour time....i'm here edy in putrajaya..i gotta settle my things 1st with MOHE stuffs then i will me the media panel and present it together. and i asked him that he doesn't read email ke??or my sms? and all he replied i didn't stated that today is the DATELINE!!

WHATTT??? to my surprised.....i check back all messages and email...and there is non that i tot i send it to the panel. and i'm stunt! Ya Allah....Astagfirullallahalzim...whats going on here?? oh God~ serious..i dont understand...i'm not talking about a day nyer text here...i'm talking about over the weekend things that i tot i did and send out to him. Nausubillah~ mmg x der lansung..and i dont really understand how can it possibly be. and i stopped my car.........nothing on my mind....nervous....panic....Stunt....buntu!

and so i prayed for a short my eyes i look at my watch..anothe 30mins to meet the Pengarah~ all i know is....i sucks BIG tIME! i'm dead! i calm myself down....listen to a balinese songs on my iPod~ phewww....that particular moment i dont even look back what i search and think is the solution. Should i just meet my client and face it or create excuses?? for the 1st time in my life aku buntu.....

then on my way back i called my personal doctor.... i cry to her teelling i dont understand...and all she said is..

'my dear, u been pushing it to the limits of any human can do...less trouble yaself. remember i said to you, working hard doesn't give u eternal happiness. You hv smart mind and good heart...please do take care of yourself. your mom and siblings really loves u..u know...'..

aww Doctor~ i feel like really need a big hug to calm me down. and tears started falling down my cheek~ automatically the images and memories comes on my mind...the hard time i gotta bangkit blk and face the world...i have to wake up my mind after 3 weeks of sleeping......Ya Allah....penat nyer~ in every of my pray i will always pray to protect the 2 powerful organ in me...and for me to be strong.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hati yg tak tenteram

Laa ilahailolohu wahdahu la syarikalah, lahul mulku walahul hamdu wahuwa alaa kulli syai in qodir~

This is the doa i always lafazkan di saat i have lots of confusion inside me, doa aku untuk dibukakan pintu rezeki, hajat yang di pinta...well actually this doa is so powerful sometimes when i recite it somehow really can disburse a lil tears in my eyes T_T...i mean at this particular moment. I felt sumthing so uncertain that create such a sad emotion running thro me. adoii....pening plak bile pk kan blk. 

i always trapped between 2 different world. SubahannAllah~ jika inilah ujian yg turunkan buat aku, aku terima seadanya selagi masih boleh berfikir wisely, and with full respect and guidance ..insyAllah i will face it as it is. I should not stated the story here as i isnt really sure on its truthfulness. and so i remain silent....let the Almighty settle on behalf of me as i know i'm just an ordinary people who seek for more guidance and forgiveness. May Allah will protect me, my family and my love ones from being betray in this world and in the world after. InsyAllah....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

this is what i'm thinking...

People say that I'm soOooOo POSITIVE and sumtimes its really hard for them to just talk to me. hehe.. Sumpah is someone told me sumthing not really good for me to hear..i somehow can feel the negative vibes circulate round me out of sudden. and that kinda energy will interrupt my own systems of my believing~  that really makes me choose who i want to chill with...  One had asked me on how i actually stay positive at all time?? i mean they saw that lil something is totally not a good thing to settle with..but as usual im always thinking the other way round. hmm.. Positive Minded Button automatically switch on!

ok..let me rephrase back...its all start with ourself. If we doesn't think negative about will automatically reflect to our self. Ntah la..maybe b3fore this i've closed minded those days la...but as we develop ourselves.. upgrade our life..experience things...we should adapt it and analyst in order for us to get the whole picture and message of it. Maybe i'm a lil bit of a thinker in certain point...of course you too can be one~ well at least practice it. insyAllah u will slightly feel the different from time to time...and the best thing is it will somehow effect ya lifestyle to become more better and better. thats just awesome!

And i always remember the said from my elderly,  less thinking and judge people as ourselves is also not as perfect as God. And in every of my pray, i will pray to just killed the negative feelings that runs thro me...i know human aren't perfect not to make is good if we actually pasang niat and at least God knows about it :)

This is a lil something to share and for you to think about those words which give us meaningful reasons for us to understand~ Well said! Human..yes, go on and keep on aint no power to stop you unless yaself.. ;) 

Pls.. sprat the positives vibes round u and in return may Allah grant u with more loves and happiness in life..InsyAllah  >:) 

Just a GF??

JUST A GF????... i cant stand it when people say, "you're Just a GF ?"! Yes, I am a GF as in for now (well at least a DAMN good one in becoming a real WIFE/MOM or whatever more official i supposed)! That really ring my bell to get to use on being LOYAL, RESPECT, TRUST, RESPONSIBLE, INDEPENDENT, PERSONAL ASSISTANT and i definitely in my situation rite now i will scare away the boogie man who trying to come and steal my respectful and trusted heart. I dont get paid holidays, sick pay or days off in loving someone and at the same time working my ass out for a better life/future. I don't even remember when is the last time i just sitting round without doing nothing. As far as im concern, i'm always on the moves and create sumthing interesting out of my simple life regardless being wt my Guy or not. Thats just me BEING A GF!! I may not be anything to you, but I am everything to someone!! eat that~ And pls rather than u do much of ya kinda talks why just u focus wt ya own life. My ears not a place to hear such rumors. and u know it hurts me!! it really does..DAMN! Dear God, wish for more peaceful heart and soul. Ameen.

Monday, June 18, 2012

this is hilarious...

U know what...i've been in front of my lappy for an hour just to find delete button on my FB page..till now i couldn't find it! i guess its about time to delete my previous photos. Last nite i saw the whole picture of my life back then...and today i've a strong guts and will to just delete it all. i know some part of memories are still there in my mind but heall yeah..atleast people, family and love ones doesn't know it more that i like it~

hmm....i private FB albums and even my profile album cos i couldn't find the delete button to each photo :( i'm done and to look back to what i went thro its just awesome and i can say i done enuff. Well, to be truth.....i've distance myself for quite sometimes with people that used to be really close to me. Not that i dont wanna hang out and be friends wt them anymore..its just myself feel uncomfortable and to be frank i'm scared. I'm scare of lots of things...i've seen worst things, dark life and experience hippie life wt no boundaries before. MasyAllah... i'm scare to these days. I know somewhere and someone its yet to come and safe me from these confusion and coldness~ Meanwhile i never ever stop in finding the 'Nur' and learning and seeking guidance in lots of things...

Those pretty faces and friendly person last nite somehow remind me of the other me that i used to be. Ya Allah~ life pretty hard when i'm actually trying my best to rephrase my life back with sumthing good. I did shared my own personal kinda values on my talk to this one event which i think my words and tots had touched the audiences heart. Its feels so amazing when i saw those eyes dropped a lil tears...they felt what i'm trying to deliver. Alhamdulillah~ I believes every people sees life in their own perspectives. but its about how we appreciate it its the most important things.

The most thing that really touched my heart was when i actually joined these kinda hippie groupies...they are all seems to the same :( i'm sad ...i'm reluctant to just see them ..gosh! SubahannAllah~ came this one guy...we talked before...he know me back then..and impressed to see me once again in totally different appearance and personality. And so we talked.....he still with his kinda life. I did lil chat here and there with those people on that events...this is my 1st catch up wt them after several of invitations. I'm glad to see them and as i turn and say good bye..deep in my heart i pray....May one day u all see what i see and feel the real things is not about what u searching in this world,,but in the other world~ May Allah grant such happiness to u all...insyAllah... ;(

show off!~

there definitely a MAIN reason i went to the gym..i mean i hire my own trainer. well, the purpose is to just making me even Fit. I'm a healthy kind of person..all this while i went to gym just to attend classes like Hot Yoga, dance class and kick boxing. Those are just for fun cos its just me that couldn't let go those beats and myself starts to pump together wt the beat~  *dancing*

But i guess, i'm done with all that...i know once a dancer it will always be a dancer. It is ok for me to enjoy music and hv this lil imagination in doing superb steps and dance according to the beat in my kinda mind~ ahaks! well..cukup je la till hv that pictures in mind...i enjoy it :)

Rite now i spend most of my time 3 times a week...(gotta be consistent) saje je nk discipline myself with healthy activity besides working 24 hours kan~ Really it change me here and there. Very energetic and sustain my energy till end of each day. 3 times a day going to the same gym ..of course ada yg mengenali. Well it because im the one who always wt hooded while work out...its a kind of trendy muslimah yg nk workout but dont wanna wear tudung biasa kan...hehe.

hee...this is how im going to the gym...same style diff color. well..used to wear those outfit when i was a r&b and hiphop dancer yaww~ lol

So this morning i went to the Gym. To day training kinda hard cos more into my tight full concentration. Adalah sorank hamba Allah ni...serious i dont even noticed him at all..till my trainer G ni starts to gossip about the Guy badan ketul2 tu. Then i'd a quick glance at him..he was sungguh2 ni tumbuk2 punching bag and he cam saje je makin nk tunjuk2 he punch kuat2. Then i told G that how come dia punch kuat gile kot...x sakit ke tgn dia...cos the other day i tried serius cam nk patah kot my

G then biasa la this shemale buat muke tersipu2 malu dia..*nyampah* and he pronounced.." u x pasan ke nok...he tried to impress u taw~ bkn ape...pls pls...tak moh pandang dia skang..nnt pasan plak dia...that dude dok usha u dr ari tu~"  ..and then i laugh like heLL.hahahahaha....Zaman bile plak nk impress girl guna body and punching kuat2... serius i told G..."geli nyerrrr kening dgr gossip u tu!!" LoL. then G was like..dah2 tak yah nk buat muke budget hello kitty ko tu~ hahaha... Then G asked me, whether i go for that type of guy ke?? hamboiii....~ kan main lg dia ni...nk kais2 my personal story plak..i cut it short..No. I come here to train under u klo nk gossip pon nnt2 lew...kite x sampai lg our mission ni..else i report kat manager u! muahahhaa...then G seems x puas ati dia told me that dude were asking him bout me...i gave him a "mind ya own business" kinda look. lol. and he went like..nyampah lew ckp ngan ko ni...lalalalala...*nasib la* ..its just me yg mmg susah nk di handle.kuang3.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

mind wondering..heart singing...soul searching~

O! How thy worth with manners may I sing,
When thou art all better part of me?
What can mine own praise to mine ownself bring?
And what is’t but mine own when i praise thee?
Even for this, let us divided live,
And our dear love lose name of single one
That due to thee which thou desev’st alone
O absence! What a torment wouldst thou prove,
Were it thy sour leisure gave sweet leave,
To entertain the time with thoughts of love,
Which time and the thoughts so sweetly doth deceive,
And that thou teachest how to make one twain,
By praising him here doth hence remain
- Shakespeare

this is just for sharing tots and wanna let my mind speak on its own~ Personally, we see and experience things in our life. Happy, sad,, family, relationship and such moments~ All bring to a very memorable things to oneself. the part i'm about to discover is between 2 souls and 2 hearts that practically trying them self to merge in becoming one. 

In life, everything i can literally say is hard regardless if we trying very hard in making certain things happen as we wanted. basically it will measure on our strength and patient in getting to our destiny. I always wondering and actually been facing it ..i mean everybody does. One said that the toughest things in man kind is to connect 2 souls become one. Pretty much by saying is easy...but as we in that situation, i can say its hard. this part i never ever discover yet. I know it will comes to each and every single people in relationship. No matter how long u were with ya other half, there will always have miss-communication, misunderstanding and  uncertainty. Yeah..this part I'm talking urge to create full force towards making the gentleman understand women's world and for women to understand men's world. I know at certain point, me couldn't understand...and women always do is to ask themselves once again, " Are we(the relationship) heading the same direction...our other half is thinking the same thing as me?" did some reading about men and women's world and so forth...seriously, there's no specific answer to it. Its always reflect to oneself..I mean i couldn't even have my bf's mind and so did him. But the part of understanding oneself is a key to develop a healthy respectful relationship. I think the more we trying to understand is the more we actually mess up! ........ Not to say i just let it be....i'm more into welcome a good and deepest communication among our self.

I'm a believer as i'm believes in what ever i do regardless on my works, family and relationship..its always back to the Almighty. For me, to get 2 souls become one its pretty hard. People who married for years also still juggling in understanding their partner emotions and feelings. I'm amazed with one of my mom quote saying...

" Although sometime Mama and Abah quarrel because of something small, but at the end between us we always have this feeling to Tolerate ...usually Mama la yg Tolerate pon.. but Abah a true gentleman for me cos he welcome what i want to say. Its good to just let it out to your husband ...make it your husband like your best friend..InsyAllah lagi diberkati" 

Seriously when Mama told me that, somehow it makes the lil confusion inside my tiny heart comes to an answer...No matter how ages its gonna take for us to understand each other, we need to know that we are heading a same direction. Minded and heart will come into picture when our soul automatically connected by its own...Believes it will happen and it will. InsyAllah ~ Basically, is going to be an amazing ride to one couple nway in discovering each other flaws and fun from time to time, isnt it? :) 

"Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given one more (strength) than the other and because they support them from their means. Therefore, the righteous women are devoutly obedient and guard in (the husband's) absence what Allah would have them guard" (Ali Imran:34-36).

Just an accidentally thought -the end 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Jom Kejar Mimpi pt2 : quick Escape to nature

Waking up to this week i feel and see everything is fine. I guess that lil feeling that seldom came into  my vain had somehow make me felt so great. Its been awhile after my Jom Kejar Mimpi part one story to Mekkah 4 months back, i thnk i choose to rejuvenating myself by back to nature and slow down my life tempo so i can take a moment to look around and i can say I was and i’m still amazed.... I think about the little things that make life great J

I took my time out from my bz ever schedules joining mama to Vietnam. Yes, again...another trip with Mama. Of course..we have so many things to share and to discover as if there are endless stories when it comes to both of us. From family thingy, lovers and business..somehow we just have lots to share. Hehe. As usual mama got a lil excited, when a week before we fly off , every nite she will remind me... “ linda..ready..another 5 days to go..”..and that phase went on and on till the final day comes.

VIETNAM here i comeee~ Main purpose of me went there was actually to teman mama for her business and such..i know i will end up back to nature and photography~ serius rindu to do such things...thats my kinda things to do out of my bz stress ...same lame surrounding...and the answer to that is TRAVELLING! Its a perfect time pon to travel as i been looking for a green surrounding and nature feelings lately..u kinda life sometimes i feel like soo stress out..but im enjoying my life as it is....biasa la manusia....not to say that i didn’t appreciate it but ntahlah...its about time to get one step behind and enjoy on another part of our life.

The day i touched down at Vietnam, is the the day i gotta settle my mission...cari kain and go for one day tailor made. Cam x caya kan....but yeah!! They have that kinda service..well...chinese kan keja laju..serious..tgk tukang jahit dia smua stok dh senja..ada la cam my they have a sharp eyes..jarum lubang kecikkkkk gilee pon mata dia ley npk lg nk masukkan benang. *respect*

Done wt my mission..the next day i persuade mama to let me join the tour discover Mekong Delta...some river side at Vietnam...i just need to go out to see the greeennnn and get the nature feelings. Huhu...nikmat dunia bagai terbentang depan mata je rasa to see such peaceful surrounding..sape yg x suke!! I’m crazy bout it...i wish i’ve my own house with a taman for me to just chill and enjoy it~ let it become my own taman larangan...shhhhuh..*stop imagination lindaa!!* wel...those some pictures i took using tabby....and share it via Instagram ! hoho..nk gak tu dlm sampan kicik and ujan lg tu..kluar kan my tabby and snap it! Lol

Romantik Escape...but wt Mama pon boley la...~ (tido x de prasaan) lol X-) 

this is not my style..this is pakai bantai~ baru sampai and no rest at all..mama just pull the blanket that i rolled in, woke me up (even thou mata baru la nk start pejam) and kerah me to dressed up and went out with her to the city~

This is the boat i ride on with ..i think approximately 15 others from over the world..canada, Australia, UK and US~

This is how they travel those days....sampan ye....when i was on the sampan...teringat plak zaman sekolah rendah baru belajar buat sampan then ajak my adik tu race our sampan kat parit depan umah arwah atok~  and now...look at on THAT SAMPAN yaw~ lol

smua kena pakai this Vietnamese significant topi while we were on that sampan...dh cam cina jual bukit~ and mama said i look so Mualaf in this picture... cis~

and this is our lunch! the waiter asked me i would like to have snake curry or crocodile soup...and i answered...i want to jump into the river and get bitten by those reptiles rather than i'm the one who eating them... *sick*

this is koleksi Vietnam photos yang telah di instagram kan..hehe..Not that awesome shot using my tabby...if ada rezeki tgk la i'll upload more professional shot..*i wish* hahaha...

quick escape to nature was a great feeling ever~ To think back, those experience went it so fast, which i think it was just a was the happiness inside that im feeling..i mean..the truthful green nature, spending time wt mama, did my baju raya tailoring and see those pity faces begging for help and money...its just beautiful and it makes me wanna cry with no reason..its just a state of bliss i hv this lil feeling inside hoping this brilliant innonence memories of that moment wont faith away with times....~ its just too beautiful... *all blessed*

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nenek and Nenda in KL!!!

Last weekend is the finest weekend ever. Its been quite sometimes doesn't meet my grandma. well, even thou its not my real grandma but i always treat them as one. Real grandma passed away when i was small..and mama said i was the last grandchild she hold a week after i'm born then...God loves her more they everyone else... x sempat aku nk kenal dia,hati budi and lihat muke dia. Photographs showed it all to me...

They were here for my cousin's wedding...i know i'm quite bz with works..but for the whole week i make my time available to have dinner with them. And as usual Mama cooked a lot every nite...

This is my Nenda~ She's singaporean and very the styLo~ biasa la...kata dulu peragawati..but now peragawati penjen.haha. Always catch me on my bz time...nk keluar umah time tu la dia ajak borak..well, if borak skit2 x pe...but seriously i couldn't find a comma(,) nor fullstop(.) kalau ckp ngan dia ni...huhu..(byk ckp)...but all the said was pretty amazing to me. Ye lama...from life till marriage la dia bg nasihat to me..(even thou nasihat tu is the same nasihat over the 5 yrs ago..) knowing me..i lyn kan aje..cos after all she's my grandma..elderly yg dah makan garam way back then. Now its time for me to listen and learn thro her experience. Yang paling best intipati nasihat dia ni sure leads to marriage....Al-maklum la...kata nyer keturunan they all girls plg2 pon kena kawin at 27yrs old...if i were to began rephrasing her kinda statement sure dia ckp.."dont say that my zaman is not the same as now....we have adat and budaya..its good to see my grandchildren happily married before my time is up"....aww....nenda~ pls.....dont say such thing....i just that u gotta have faith in me...i fine day..insyAllah. hee :)  ( ngan nenda ku yg glamor ni..and ala2 manja skit kena speaking abis....she and her glamarous world till now maintain) ;)

I always said to mama that mama somehow look a like aas my Nenda. Gank baik la tu...and sure mama when old look like Nenda~ hihi

This is my Nenek Sedara...a sister to my real grandma. Sitdown with her she always go on and on about  those days when i was just a baby. By looking at her eyes, there are lots of loves and the age i just feel like..its really good to just hold that wrinkle hands and have deepest conversation with her...her words of wisdom always be my guts to go thro my stormy days...story she gave me baru2 ni saying that she gotta go back to kampung soon rite after the wedding cos nkk tolong2 tgk kat nenek satu lagi kat kampung. I mean my nenek sedara(nenek som) satu lagi now terlantar uzur. Last time i met her she can walk with her tongkat not lying down..mkn,minum and solat smua atas katil. And nenek ckp that nenek Som couldn't recognize people and hear voices dh. aww..poor thang~ So, pesan nenek...selagi mata and telinga masih boleh berfungsi, ingat la Dia yang Maha Agung. Sumpah saat tu aku rasa ajal cam dekat sangat bile2 masa... while she was here i did mengaji wt her..and biasa la...i told he my mad2 smua stok berterabur recite Quran cam kejar keta api...hehe...and all she said that ur lucky you can still read it. God will understand..Dia lah yang Maha Mengetahui~ guulpp! *telan liur* 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

politics and drama...are they related?

Where is the Justice? i spend my time watching on my Sunday...somehow this lil mind come out with big question can have a look at it~ enjoy..

she is so convincing~ her look, her efficiency, her spirit and her good heart is all in her face ^_^' or is just a normal drama owns by politicians? 

His view and words somehow i can take it in someways. He did stressed up saying he look forward to have politic dgn seadilnya...cos of he been quite awhile with UMNO since zaman Arwah bapaq our PM lg, he knows how the perjuangan looks like. It is something valuable to our generation now, but all i know rite now, they have their own secret agenda and direction.

So, let us think wisely~ Again, election is just around the corner...huhu :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

And so its JUNE...

its officially half of the year 2012...gosh! time really fly~ What do i achieve through out this half year..? well..what i been plan all this while, alhamdulillah far everything slowly comes into structure puzzles and yet still give sometimes for those lil pieces to come into a nice picture. InsyAllah. Of course, there are lots of hustles here and there, but to think back its all the juice of LIFE.

Recently, i met my good fwen, Helamah just to renew her investment. I took her our for lunch quite long just to catch up on each other. You know married women, lots of stories to be told...and with and ope arms i welcome. I just love to hear her kinda stories where by sometimes while i'm driving i can just laugh by my own to think back what she told me. She's one of my funny friends who easily put a smile on my face. lol. It was a good chat, from mommy talk, friends gossiping, marriage and kids~ its just so nice being her i guess~ but we actually envy each other life more or less i can say....huhu

And today, i've my own time spending wt my sweet niece~

She is a grown up girl now...aww~ Glad she still manja and kinda shy2 lg when ever she's with me. But i can say, the way she's thinking its similar to me~ and yes..she have her OWN kinda MISSION in life. thats about it. i send her for casting under the 1st production house which had spotted my talent in advertising line. huhu...Glad they all like Sarra pretty much. I love to see her nervous face when she was on camera..and she will start calling my name...'aunty lindaaaa.......what am i suppose to do??' (sambil sipu2 malu)....and i  went like...'you go girl..u know what u want of luck. muahh~ '...and she will end up...'auntyyyyyyy' hahaha....

then she teman me went to this urban muslimah bazaar somewhere at the Strand Amcorp. There was my TV9 Ex-colleagues did some cover shooting for that event. Wanted to interview me as i was all funkily dressed up with my turban~ haha...ehem* "no camera pls*  heehe..i went there just to support my fwens on organizing that particular event. It was awesome!!

we end up eating our lunch at 4 in the evening~ sian si Sarra tu...lapar x mau ckp. aishh~ we end up eating western!! burppp~  we talked a lot over our, siblings, fwens, lover and future...sometimes i think its really nice to have a talk with younger kids just to run from our pathetic adults life. Give it a room to us to chill and remember on some part of life that once we actually deal with~ who knows our experience can tot them in someways...:)

on my way back sending her home, she said she had the most best day during school la mana x nyer...her daddy who is my abg is bz wt outstation work and mummy dia plak sarat pregnant..nasib la ada aunty yg still available to entertain her teenage life...hehe..bring it on, girl~ lol .

what an openin for my 2nd half of the year. Wish nothing but a bright future to me, family and people that close to my heart~ insyAllah...way to end this year with more wealthiness and blessing. amin~

(TUHANku, ampunilah aku....)

(Sayangi aku..)

(tutup la keaiban-keaiban ku...)

(Angkatlah darjatku...)

(berikanlah aku rezeki...)

(berikan aku pertunjuk...)

(sihatkan aku...)

(Ampunilah aku....)

Amin. :)