Wednesday, May 18, 2011

my alter ego speak..

I’m taking a little step back. Fucking look at myself. I”m a human. I’m strong. I’m so strong to survive and can be anything. I can be everything. I do not hate every guys because of a lousy guy broke my fragile heart, or cos a best friend betrayed me, my parents compare me with my other siblings, the bitch down the street called me liar, ugly, stupid, kiss ass, worthless. I do not concern myself with things i cannot control. Cry when I need to then let go when its time. I don’t hang onto painful memories just cos im afraid to forget and definitely will let go easily of things that are in the past and forget things that aren’t worth remembering. I will stop taking things for granted and start live for something better. Live for myself...each day praying to Almighty God to create and give a room to my lil heart to fall in love back again like i did before. Clear my mind not to fall out of love and keep on believes in it until I realise the beauty of loving someone.

Create, imagine,inspire,share something wonderful each day just to make someone’s day and at the end of it I might get develop a lil happiness in myself. So, I would live my life to its full potential~ Just live, dammit! I will let go of all of the horrible things in my life and fucking live. And one day, when I’m old accompany by my lovely cat, looking back to all the years i went through..i will never ever feel regrets.

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