Sunday, May 15, 2011

Future Me....

Dear Future Me,

I hope you are doing well in tour amazing world now. I wonder what you are going through at this point on time in your life, but i'm pretty sure the life we're currently living is all that you dreamt and imagine it to be.

Have you saved enough to get ya own place?Did you finally bring your family to a wonderful holiday that you been dreaming of before you get married? Do you now run ya own business together with your husband and have a nice room of ya own with a pretty window view? Have you FINALLY settle down with the man of your dreams? or probably you are happily married with cute twins to your current boyfriend. How the twins look like? just as cute as you are or so good looking like your husband? Dreams and aspirations aside. I honestly hope you have moved far from where we are now. But I do know that i want to remind you of some things you may forgotten...

- remember getting your heart broken by your first ever love, thinking you'll never recover? remember the many milestones you went on to achieve just so that you can prove you'll bounce back much better than before?

- remember the exhilaration and liberation of getting your 1st car with the help of Mama for down payment and then you gotta work hard to pay the car monthly with your own money?

- Remember the fear and anxiety when you decided to leave your 1st job and your amazing team mates?

- well i dont know if we have a family now with amazingly cute babies or if you are enjoying the single life after all you been through, the hurts,the fun and the tears.

I do know that no matter where you are now, you would have remained true to yourself. I hope and always forget you'll never forget who you are and the values you hold that make you who you are today.

Mostly I really hope you will keep on laughing uninhibitedly, give unsparingly and love unconditionally as i believes that you are a sweet happy-go-lucky girl.

p/s: current bf send regards to you...hope when you look to ya right where you can see ya husband at his fav sofa reading newspaper, it is still the same guy we use to know and love..... :)

Your Younger-you,
Linda Roos

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