Thursday, March 26, 2009


For the love of MUSIC and FRIENDSHIP i hereby accepted the deal to be a photographer for Car Crash Hearts band. Well, this group was formed back in 2008. A great combination of 4 young talented musicians who have a same passion and derive on music. Car Crash Hearts was the initial brain child of Alda(Bass & Backing Vocals). Using the powers of the internet, He was able to find Collin(Lead Vocals & Guitars), Aliff(Guitars) and Waffiey(Drums) to form the band thru Facebook! all he did was put up a status update that his looking to get a band together and the rest they say is history.

Fusing their love for all things music the 4 set out to write and jam to see what they can come out with. the results? we'll let you decide.

alil punk, some rock and a lot of fun. thats the Car Crash Hearts

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

KPMG Comunity Day

It was truly a fun day for me. Even thou i've to woke up early in the morning but i'm all full with energy. Its a KPMG Community Day and my department choose to go Kuala Gandah, Pahang. Kuala Gandah is actually a place for elephants. KPMG wanted to raise some money and make people aware about those elephants. As usual, i'm always bz capturing good photos to be publish in KPMG newsletters and i will select my own photo for photography contest as well that organized by Communication team.

This was my 1st and last time joining KPMG Community Day. I love this kind of activities where we actually be more sensitive to our surroundings and widen our concern on certain things. Somehow it will help us to motivate and to be more caring with other living things in this whole world. We might be happy but think bout others..are they happy? Give a room for others to feel happy just what i felt. The return will be more than we expected;)
Well, i won best photo out of it and lil bit of appreciation from others..hehe. Here are some of the good photos for sharing..have a good look on it;)
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ARIP's convocation

MMU Convocation been held on 9th - 11th August. This time i'm the photographer for Arip. And guess what....this is my 1st time cover for convo. The day was freaking HOT but yeah...i became a photographer for the sake of wanna to take this guy which happen to be my Friend back in my Uni life;) So, here are some shots been taken through out the convocation. hope u like it dear arip.....hehe

Hana ♥ Faizal

Wedding reception Hana & Faizal was held at Bukit Teratai, Cheras and Dewan Kastam, Kelana Jaya, PJ on 21st and 22nd June 2008. This time i followed Sapex, Senior photographer. I dont really satisfied on this shooting because i didn't got what i wanted ;( Its ok..there will always be a room for improvement i believes.............

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Such a fantastic and enjoyful Saturday NIte. As a photographer, i really had fun capturing those people who attended this party and yeah..the surrounding makes me wanna join others dancing where the DJ keep on spining and did his DJ thingy!! Plus with the amazing colrful lighting!Superb!!Whoaaa........!too bad i can't join some of fwens partying cos i'm on assignment... huhu. btw.. i managed to have a picture with the DJ. Thats the interesting part being cameraGirL

I would like to thank Lokman and Howard for giving me a chance to be a photographer for that nite. And of course people who that i really would like thank is ALIFF. Supposed he's the one who should be the photographer but he passed this job to me cos he claimed that his not really confident to do so. I KNOW HIS GOOD indeed...but he don't wanna show his talent.kan aliff kan.........

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This time wedding was held at Banting, Klang. I reallyhad so much fun because its like back to my old days..saw village kids running round chasing each other, and all the so called 'org kampung' were really helpful...tolong-menolong jiran yg buat kenduri kahwin I like that kind of environment. Kebetulan Klang is a Javanese place. As for me, i've a Javanese blood running thro my body. it something that i feel like a home,thou..
Nway, wedding kali ni mmg what i can say...i did ALL OUT!(not really all out..but i think i'm trying):)cos y??? cos last critic session i've been polished with a very BOMBASTIC WORD! it is still there somewhere in my mind...keep on hearing it now and then.Well, i took that as my courage and determination to work more harder and keep believing in myself that I'm gonna success. For me, nothing really matters...all i wanted is to be in anything that related to weddings =)

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kutrun ♥ Hezrul

This wedding was back in Sungai Petani, Kedah. So, me and my other photographer drove to Kedah. We have to covered right from engagement till the wedding. So it took us 3 days on this event. Seriously its tiring.......^_^ but...the fact that i love taking photos of people happiest moment, no matter what i will try to captured it=)

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Ayu ♥ AMin

This time wedding kat Sungai Buluh. this time around bkn dewan or kite ke ala2 kampung site;) cam biasa me, opy and our senior gi captured for this wedding. Wedding kali ni lain skit cos ader ganti2 pakaian..sebaik 3 kali persalinan..kalu ikut johor nyer sistem serious terkadang bisa sampai 7 persalinan. This is called Mlm berinai..but pengantin buat siang hari.hehe

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another task for me to complete back @ KPMG...taking couple of photos of KPMG TOWER and its i choose to take it from the high angle which is from roof top!!! It was really a great experience climb up till roof top at Pelangi Utama which happen to be my sister house..its really HIGH..seriously if i happen to slipped..absolutely a FOREVER GOOD BYE for me.LoL. bley Mati kot. ...when i'm at the top, its like i'm rules the freaking world!!!
lots of photos taken but lets keep others aside cos i like this three.