Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life in KPMG

I started my 1st career in KPMG. It's a an accounting firm. I don't actually know how could i been in corporate company. All i know all this while i've been dreaming to be in Media/advertising line. Well...i always look on the bright side. Maybe this is my path for now...i thought.......So, i joined TOASTMASTER CLUB back in KPMG. And this is what i presented on my 1st speech ^_^

Hello and good evening to my fellow toastmasters. My name is Noor Fazlinda Roos Affandey, better known as Linda or Linda Roos. Some of my colleagues lately like to call me by the name of ‘Linday’ or ‘Linda Lohan’. Seriously, I don’t even know how did it came about..but as long as it sounds nice to me I’m kind of fine with it.

Why makes me choose this title- The colorful chapters of my life? Basically I always relate my life with colors where there are ups and downs along the way. I believe it also happen to you all. Maybe slightly different on the story line. I was born on 1985, July 30th at Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Yes! I am a city girl where I supposed everybody really proud of been brought up in K.L. But for me, there’s nothing really special, though except the exposure I had.

I have 5 siblings, the eldest is my sister; I have 2 brothers and a lil bro. That makes me a 4th child and the last daughter. I cant really remember my childhood years but the one that I can recall was when I entered kindergarden at 3 years old. I was the youngest kid in my kindergarden. After 3 years of studies in kindergarden I had 1 year off b4 heading to my primary. That was the time my mom introduced me with the colorful world of art.

Anyway, my mom is an interior designer. So, she realized that i’m the only one among others who inherit her talent in art and design. She introduced me with watercolors, color pencils, cryon, art block and some other art materials into my life. She even sends me to drawing classes and coloring contests. At the very young age, I’ve been exposed with this kind of things I wonder what would happen if my mom introduces me with doctor equipments….i might become a doctor by now, I guess. But.. too bad, its too late

I stepped into my 1st formal education at Convent Bukit Nanas, K.L or better known as C.B.N. C.B.N is famous with its rhythmic gymnastics. My primary was the finest chapter in my life. I went for gymnastic audition and I was chosen to be a school gymnast. At 1st I represented my school for the inter school competition (MSSKL), then interstate (MSSM) then to the next level which was representing Malaysia. My 1st international competition was at Budapest, Hungry for open championship rhythmic gymnastic competition. That time I was only 10yrs old. And it went on and on until I represent Malaysia to Hakodate, Japan, Denmark and Gotheberg, Sweden. So, for that I accomplished my mission in gymnastics where I set a goal that I’ll stepped down being a gymnast after I represent my country. For me gymnastic is not just about being pretty doing our thing on the center stage or trying hard to get attention to be a famous girl in school. But it’s actually more than that. I can say that gymnastic taught me a lot in terms of organizing my time schedules, make me to be independent person and most importantly is self discipline and full of motivation in life.

I found my new passion in my high school, after I completely stop my gymnastics. I was the captain for my school cheerleading team for 2 enjoyable years. The love of performing is all in me. And in my final year in high school, my team won champion in inter-school cheerleading competition. I’m going strong with cheerleading until now as a couch for my former high school. In fact, in 2005, I joined the pioneer Malaysian cheerleading team and we were send to Nottingham, U.K. for Open cheerleading competition. We won 1st place for dance category and 3rd place for overalls among others 50 states in U.K and 5 countries.

At the same time I was pursuing my studies in Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, in Creative Multimedia majoring in Media Innovation (Advertising). I know my destiny is to be in creative line someday. That’s why I choose that course. After all, what I been exposed since I was a kid brought me to become a creative person. Basically, I just enhance my creativity in art and design in MMU and I learn new things like photography and videography. But the thing which attracted me is the photography. I even try my luck in photography contest organized by tourism Malaysia. And to my surprised they like my photography work and managed to get consolation prize. From that moment, I make photography as my medium of expression.

Somehow I figure out, my life is full with striking colors which means lots of happiness and blissful moment happen through out my 22 years of life. However, something really tragic happen to me last year. Yes, it’s difficult. It’s horrible and yes it’s the worst thing that has ever happen to me in my whole life. Two days after my final presentation for my final art work, I collapsed. I collapsed in the arms of my sister. I’m not sure what happen to me. It was May 18 back then. I was admitted to Assunta hospital. The next thing I knew, when I open up my eyes for the 1st time it was June, 2nd. When I open my eyes, on my right, I saw this one lady standing beside me and she was crying. There were some other people scattered around me and there’s sadness in everyone eyes. I’m not used to this kind of situation.

Then I turn to my left and I saw 2 machines and one oxygen tank. And there’s a tube going through my nose, throat and end in my stomach. I tried to touch the tube but I couldn’t cos I was really weak. I tried to speak but I couldn’t cos it’s like my mouth being locked. I was all confused. I don’t who I am? Where am I and who are those people? The next thing I knew I was shifted to a normal wad. Actually b4 this I was in High Dependency Unit (HDU). The lady I mentioned earlier on is actually my mom, and the others are my siblings. I lost my memories after 2 weeks of my deep sleep. I’m like a new born baby with no memories. Well, basically I went for physiotherapy and psychiatrist to freshen up and get back all my memories. The time I was unconscious, I actually went through MRI brain scanning. The doctor detected there are virus scattered on my brain. This lil part of my life is called the ‘Black Dot’. I would never ever again wanna go back to that particular moment. I’m on medication and treatment for about 2 months after i discharged from hospital. I got back my memories really fast with the help of my family & friends. They showed me my art and photography works and I can say that it really helps me memorize things what I’ve been through all this while. This is why I think photography really meaningful to me. For me, capturing a good photograph is a skill that can be mastered by anyone but capturing a MEMORY and MOMENT OF OUR LIVES THAT WE WANT TO REMEBERED IS AN ART cos it’s a fine thin line between truth and deceiving lies.

I was lucky to get back on my track as I much as I’m ready to start my 1st career. Along the way b4 I made myself into KPMG, corporate line I supposed, I’ve been into creative and entertainment line. I know that I’m good in those lines but who knows I might be better in corporate line, right? So, here I am, slowly crawling up again making more colors into my life by joining KPMG and Toastmasters. I even bravely give my 1st ice braking speech where I add 3 more important colors which are Green, Yellow and RED.

For that I would like to thank Wei Hoong for accepting me being in KPMG and to Valerie thanks for making me be part of event’s team. For Muz, ur not forcing me to give a speech as much as you are not forcing me to be part of toastmasters but you just gave me an opportunity for me to shine and enhance my public speaking and communications skill.


p/s: Everybody was so impressed that night! After i gave the speech, they congrats me and looking forward on my 2nd speech. hihi^_^

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