Thursday, May 10, 2012


kids sometimes can be really a good released to ourselves as we faces such a chaotic day. i mean they really do....well, even thou i've no kids yet, but to see my sister's kids really make my day~ u know, people tend to say that kids is annoying..i 2nd that. But like hellooooo...we been there once upon a time. i've been the mosttt hilarious and annoying kid back then...mama couldn't even deal with it. The one who can control me is always my late dad. lol..

Here is sumthing i would like to share and to be remembered by those kids when they get bigger. Seriously, the eldest is really out of control, crying like madness when she got back from school..and My mom was too headache to handle my sis's kids..guess not her time anymore...probably she's more on the monitoring and so..yang kena sure la ME!

Actually, i'm innocently got back home during lunch just to have my lunch at home...on time la plak blk with the eldest sista~ and i was carrying her lil brother. She saw it and tend to get all jealous! and she started her own fav routine...&^^#%" wuaaaaAAaaAaaaa.....*crying the loudest as she could* (gosh! the attention seeker is back!!!). I turn my head towards her...gave a sharp look at her and open my eyes a lil big WIDE (saje nk takut kan dia)....guess what...she cried even louder! damn! x makan saman nyer bdk kicik....i think she knows her Aunty well~

i come to the point to just  layan kan je bdk2 ni lets get them on my webby...told the sista to sing to her adik on my webby and so...she! at last dpt pon settle kan bdk2 kuntuts ni..aiiishhh~ moral of the story...makin marah makin menjadi plak bdk2 ni...we gotta transform ourselves to be like a what they want us to be..but gotta be really strict and better be in a short time~ there goes my lunch.. i can say kenyang makan they both.burrpppppp~ !! lol

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