Friday, May 11, 2012

Its time for us, the Gen-Y to think!

I am an asian Muslim girl. We dont do stoning in our peaceful country. I wish for people just dont judge one culture and use it to criticize the whole religion and everyone who believes the religion.
It's the Arab culture of doing so. From my country, women do not enslave themselves to men. We marry the one we love, respect one another. Not like what you see the Arabs do. Yes i can say that we are in the same religion but talking about religion is so subjective where by Islam have certain2 Mahzab and believes which oneself follow. 

This movie, The Stoning of Soraya M. , based on true story, somehow taught me to be more thankful to be born in such a peaceful country. Me , Myself and I actually been brought up in such loving and caring environment. Of course there will be a lil hustles here and there but thats part of nature and growing up. Where to justice stands for iranians women? When i watched this movie, i feel ashamed to see other Muslim actually doing such things to another Muslim. SubahannALlah~ what in a world this uncivilized people thinking? MasyALlah....look at US and some other developed countries, they are all lives in peaceful surrounding and trying their best to moving forward become more wealthiness. Yet, Muslims still fighting among each other.aish~.... i felt pity,sad and sorrow about them....
To think back, its almost the same which happen in my country..what i mean...political issues~ For example, i know that i been raised up in such a harmony community and nation but as i grow up i tend to figure out that most people lack of the meaning of APPRECIATION in their life. Look at me, my family, Siblings and others...Alhamdulillah, we pretty much went through an ordinary lives. We got want we want; education and job. Government has serves their rites to the nation but what do they get in returns??? Is this below email how we express out appreciation to the government? i leave it to you to think~

Shame to the MAX on their behaviors!! aish~ poor thang....

tua2 pon nk memberontak ke??? doesn't u feel shame to make yaself as elderly to the yougsters? pls dont confused us with ya behaviors? Kami Generasi yg inginkan kedaimaian and development~

So, let us think wisely before we react!! the election is just around the corner yaw~ think twice if u dont wanna be like Middle East Country where peace is beyond their knowledge! huh! 
I was in the middle searching for 'Women without Men' movie. the i accidentally found this movie as it produced and directed by the same amazing women, Shirin Neshat. She won the director for 2009 at film festival for best movie- "women without Men'. I've yet to watch this movie but from the trailer, i can say the cinematography and the storyline of the movie really captivate me as a women. the story is all bout 4 very different women from different angle of life, trying to get their personal freedom and independent against the backdrop of political war in Iran. She actually capture the movie in an arty democracy way. Its interesting and captivating. Seriously, me, myself and i are so eager to watch and to make a research on this creative film making by Shirin. Just Amazing~ 
Check it outttt~

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