Saturday, May 5, 2012

Madness Saturday~

Fix You cover song by Riana & Derik

U know how it feels when u actually stuck at home alone during weekend. serious it just MADNESS boring! well, basically 3 of the young gentlemen from this house is out dont no where about while my maid went back to her home town and mama want me to be at home..look after the house and she said she will coming back home.

so, i use my time wisely, watching all downloaded with my tab and so on. Till i heard my mom car engine coming into our porch. To me, i think that i can just take a time out of home for awhile just to go out and breath the air la konon...skali mama blk2 dh kena itu ini...aishhh~

Seriously, i'm not 10 anymore..perhaps i can look after 10 yrs old kid rite now! guess today not my kinda day...a bit of majok with her cos she always wanted what she wants at the time i believes i'm not able too. The fact she dont want me to go out just for awhile tu yg seriously buat myself a bit majok. aish~ told her that i'm out cos need some fresh air..just nk jejln kejap je pon..and she knows that i love driving alone just to see the world for atleast few minutes. Tp lain plak dia ari ni....and suddenly she accidentally slipped her words....'mama age 26 dh jaga your sista'..and i went la...uhh! not what?? what does she mean by that?...i rather stay silent~ in fact she trigger me to answer it...but well...hush2 linda~ nah..ur not getting my feedback cos x de menda pon nk tired,thou~ 

so..left me alone again at home di temanin my so kuncin manjaaa sekor ni. and to him i tell what i feel inside...but kind of cam nk gile la gak..sbb x dpt any feedback klo kite berckp ngan kucing tu...yg best my cat just buat muke blurr..argghhh!! lg rasa cam nk gegettttt je tangan tembam and perut montel dia tu~ 

Mama felt bad i guess, the time i woke up round 6ish in the evening...mama dah prepare tea and sausage for me. she left it infront of my la..kata merajok x nka turun2 mkn and not even bother to bgn pon from katil.wahhh....terasa diriku begitu berharga...but be true i eat it all alone. i couldn't imagine i leave alone in a big house in the future...all i always dream is living in such a BIG HOUSE with few of my own beautiful kids and a lovely husband...and perhaps cats pon ader skali. hehe... cam ne la if i were to be successful living in a big house alone?? daMN!! nausubillah~ rela aku ni amik anak angkat or get few of my close fwens to stay with me..huhu. more fun and happy life i guess kan kan...huhu

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