Sunday, May 6, 2012

i think i give it a 7 out of 10

Seriously super hero movie is my last resort if i were to chose a movie to watch..not my kinda genre anyway. AVENGERS had somehow open my mind in accepting that...super heroes arent that horrible and '18SG' after all..u know girls when watching a bit ganas nyer movie..they will go like.. it all the sickness sounds la basically cos we GIRLS watch movie with eyes and EMOTIONS,thou..haha.

but what i figure out in this whole AVENGERS movie was SUPER FUNNY!! i laugh a lot but sometimes cam rasa ngantuk pon ada..*yawning*. In this movie it has few of my Fav handsome tough heroes...should i name it..hmm..captain america, captain america, captain america, i keep on repeating the same hero?? haha..maybe he's the one catches my eyes the most...but seriusly..i kind of like the character of Iron man. I feel if i were to be a super hero..i'll be something like him. Smart but a lil bit koo koo in the head. ahaks~

Robert Downey Jr

Robert is the most suitable cast for Iron Man!! In fact he is the one of the best actors of this generation!! He's FUNNY and the one who actually brings up the whole movie to an interesting humorous stage. Not bad to capture viewers like me who is not really into Super Heroes movie,thou. And pls..i dont really go for good looking ones or even who have the most sexy and Hawt body...i mean...i do..but less interest about it. The cast character kill me the most i guess...haha~ it was for those who actually didnt watch it yet..grab the DVD and watch it with ya guy or girls should be really fun. and yes...if u plan to watch it among girls only...pls pls pls...always do the rewind button and play it again. lol! the movie is just tooooo AWESOME to just watch thro it without any .....STOP..REWIND AND PLAY..haha..and

have fun u ols and hv a great spending time with this hilarious super heroes movie~  

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